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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You've Bin Conned

A lot of us said that Bin Laden was being used as a prop in the propaganda effort to promote the "war on terror".

We said that Bin Laden might very well be dead, with the U.S. covering it up so Americans remain scared. If he wasn't dead, we said that the U.S. is intentionally letting him run free in order to keep their "boogeyman", in order to sustain fear among Americans (so they'll support the "war on terror").

Well, CBS interviewed one of the top special ops commandos who confirms that special forces had Bin Laden in their sites and could have taken him out, but the political "higher ups" gave a thumbs down.

And a highly-regarded former CIA officer says “Of Course Bin Laden is Dead”.

Ladies and gentlemen, you've Bin conned.

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