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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Tide Is Turning: Call Your Senator NOW!

The tide is now turning towards real financial reform:

  • In a major development, Senator Harry Reid is now supporting breaking up the giant banks and auditing the Fed
  • Number two Senate majority leader, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), came out Tuesday in favor of a far-reaching amendment that would break up big banks and cap their size (the Brown-Kaufman amendment)

  • Senator Feingold has announced that he will filibuster and financial regulation which does not include serious banking reform

I asked a friend on the hill - a top aide to a very important Congress member - whether people would be wasting their time by calling their Senator. I explained that many people called and demanded that the U.S. not invade Iraq, but that Congress just ignored us. I said that many people feel that traditional political activism, like phonecalls, can't work, as the level of political corruption is too high.

He responded that given the bipartisan support of many congress people and the American people for financial reform, this is very different from Iraq.

He urged everyone to call their Senators and demand the giant banks be broken up and the Fed be audited.

Senator Sanders' bill to audit the Fed will probably be voted on today. Please call your Senator now.


  1. Long if we can just get those criminal charges against the Wall Street frauds moving faster.

  2. Time to play Humpty Dumpty on the corporations. And don't give them any glue to put themselves back together again.

  3. Yes, call your Congress representatives today and demand that the Federal Reserve be audited today. No more secret shadow government of Trilateral bankers; lets see where all the taxpayer money hidden in the “rolling 700 billion bailout at one time” was spent.
    To hell with Wall Street, being self sufficient and solvent does not mean that you are an isolationist.
    Main Street Capitalism, Competitive Market, and Free Enterprise are America’s tried and true standard. Our economy and government can recover from this treachery if we act now by getting back to our roots of industry, manufacturing and technology instead of being smothered by the Multinational Banking Corporate Empire, by proxy, by our government.
    Treason is the appropriate criminal charge, big money lawyers will be SOL, and Justice will be served. A lesson will be given and the slate will be clean to move into an enlightened 21st. Century of green energy and Humanitarianism.

  4. I'll believe it when the President signs it. I seriously doubt whether any sort of reform can actually render captalism benign. The only certain effect of it is to concentrate more and more resources into fewer and fewer hands which is evil pure and simple.


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