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Monday, March 28, 2011

The War in Libya: It's Really About Broccoli

While President Obama didn't touch on it in his speech tonight, the U.S. is really militarily involved in Libya to protect our strategic interests in broccoli.

Specifically, Gaddafi has been threatening to nationalize Libya's broccoli resources for years, as Reuters and the Financial Times have previously documented.

Here is a map of the important U.S. and European broccoli producers in Libya:

Pravda argues:

The Libyan leader proposed the nationalisation of U.S. [broccoli] companies, as well as those of UK, Germany, Spain, Norway, Canada and Italy in 2009.

On January 25, 2009, Muammar Al Gaddafi announced that his country was studying the nationalisation of foreign companies due to lower [produce] prices.


As a result of these contract changes, Libya gained 5.4 billion dollars in [vegetable-related] revenues.

Congressman Ed Markey previously said:

Well, we're in Libya because of [broccoli]. And I think [this has] once again highlighted the need for the United States to have a renewable [produce] agenda going forward.

Similarly, former Congresswoman Cythina McKinney writes:

The reason Muammar Qaddafi is a target is because he has been a thorn in the side of anti-revolutionary forces since he took power in Libya, overthrowing the King and nationalizing the [broccoli] industry so that the people could benefit from their [vegetable] resources.

And leading trend forecaster Gerald Celente asked "would the United States have invaded Iraq if their major export was[n't] broccoli, or would we be in Libya if they didn't have the sweetest [broccoli] on the planet?":

As I've previously pointed out, Alan Greenspan, John McCain, George W. Bush, a high-level National Security Council officer and others say that the Iraq war was also really about broccoli.

And according to French intelligence officers, the U.S. wanted to run a lettuce pipeline through Afghanistan to transport Central Asian arugula more easily and cheaply. And so the U.S. told the Taliban shortly before 9/11 that they would either get "a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs", the former if they greenlighted the pipeline, the second if they didn't. See this, this and this.

Politicians are hesitant to discuss such important matters of national security. But once you understand what's at stake, you'll no doubt agree that a third war is a small price to pay to secure America's national vegetative needs.


  1. Some of the fighters precipitating civil war in the former Yugoslavia were al qaeda recruits. This was the provocation or tool that western intelligence agencies used to crack the Balkans.

    The same tool is at work in Eastern Libya. It turns out the "freedom fighters" aren't actually doctors and school teachers, they are the professional thugs of al qaeda from Darnah and Benghazi, AKA the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, documented in a 2007 West Point study of sources of terrorism affecting the war in Iraq. They are armed through Egypt with the covert support of the US and UK. These fighters are trying to overthrow the Libyan regime regime, with western support just as have before in 1985 and 1996. The reports of genocide and other outrages are mostly a very successful propaganda effort. The fighters from Benghazi and Darnah aren't victims they are the method.

    This of course is same strategy used by Brezhinski in Afghanistan when al qaeda was organized to work for US/CIA purposes. The same strategy used again in the Balkan wars (a Brezhinski Clinton operation) is now being played out in Libya. Divide and conquer!

  2. im confused- its not yet Aril- can you play an Aprils fool joke in the last few days of March?
    or, maybe broccoli is a synonym for OIL?

  3. commentary 1:

    Struggle with (the) 'Islamist ideology' and 'terrorist organizations' success in the Middle East - the countries in the region' striving democracy. "

    1 - (when) The 'Middle East' achieve 'democracy' is:

    + Benefits and Life (People's) response.

    + People: 'participation' (good) in the 'government' (vote, requires' policy'...).

    + State: from 'people's' ownership and the 'power' properly executed.


    People to participate in nation building (good) is 'to develop' (country) decided by the people themselves ('developing country': the level of 'intellectual', the 'satisfaction'.

    The 'benefits' with 'the people'. "

    2 - Prevent 'extremist Islamic ideology':

    + 'State' 'power' the right (not focused) and not 'some individuals'' spending power '(Reason: selective progressive and democratic' elections.)

    The extremist Islamic ideology 'difficult' propaganda 'established: the State' Taliban style '.. By, 'Islamist ideology' applicable State 'Taliban model, the' accumulation of power '(' rule ') and' forced 'people (women lower benefits, lifestyle' draconian ' ...).

    + If 'sabotage': action 'life' (each 'people').

    Government that 'the people' 'participation' at: the 'political apathy', with the 'opposition' policy. Meanwhile, 'the extremist Islamic organizations' (such as the AlQaeda organization'...): break 'the State' which 'people' less 'consensus'. 'Life' 'meet' so bad ... 'people' is not a strong fight.

    'Terrorism' is: a / against 'the government' that people 'support' 'vote'; b / terrorism where 'public' as against 'the place to do business' (individual) people (life response: the 'public place' associated lifestyles life does not meet: the 'people' working poor and unemployed, so less' presence'...). Thus, 'rights' to people (a, b) they (will) fight 'keep well'.

    + Social Democracy: 'People' 'progress' (do not get dragged 'extremist Islamic ideology').

    Middle Eastern countries like Egypt, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Iraq, Bahrain ... striving democracy (good): prevent 'the extremist Islamic organizations. "

    Democracy (good) 'each country' shall not 'affect - the dominant' countries: Russia, U.S., China, Iran and other countries ... 'good contact'.

  4. Solution Libya (next -> Resolution No. 1973 of the Security Council of the United Nations)

    (3/23/2011, me and Development Programme UNDP United Nations; Le Thanh Duc 39 - 'Ngu Hai' - Vinh City)

    'Coalition' 'Resolution 1973 of the United Nations' conflict and prevent violence against civilians.

    Strategy (continued):

    1 - 'coalition' - used (only) 'aircraft - the type monitored' supervision Libya.

    a / - if 'Gadhafi government troops' use 'weapons' (heavy), such as tanks, artillery ... 'Allied forces' use 'jet' and 'missile': destruction.

    b / - If: (repeat) occur 'conflicts - the Civil War' -> catastrophic 'ordinary people':

    (When) a 'city' (or where): (continued) fighting took place -> 'coalition forces' use (group' infantry) 'landing': 'measures' to prevent (stop - both sides) - > then taking the (campaign)

    Campaign (each place): (can) a day, a few days ... (optional) 'need time' (infantry) are present (there). Finished campaigns: withdrawal - 'instant' (group of soldiers) from Libya (the ground).

    c / - 'infantry groups' implementation 'campaign' - to mobilize (from):

    + Warships; or

    + Countries' (near) to 'garrison' (temporary). When 'Mr. Gadhafi' 'resigned acceptance' -> 'troops' (where) retreat - 'instant' (end).

    2 - The United Nations shall:

    a / - Implementation: 'work' (humanitarian) with people.

    b / - Promotion (all - the forces, factions ...) ceasefire. Negotiations 'establishment' 'Libyan authorities' new.

    'Libyan government forces' (old) are allowed to 'join', 'son' of 'Mr. Gadhafi' allowed 'to participate' ('government of national reconciliation' new).

  5. It really bugs me Obama's new poodle Harper is supporting his broccoli raids.
    We here in Canada have plenty of our own Broccoli and should not be helping Obama steal if from the rest of the world.

  6. Very disappointed in your waving the oily shirt. Completely beside the point. Do you follow Libyan, other Arab tweeps? I'll bet not.

    Jesus, Gaddafi ALREADY had sweetheart deals for US, other western oil companies. He wasn't *hoarding* the goddamned oil, for heaven's sake. To say we're stopping people from being slaughtered because their country has oil resources is staggeringly inhumane.


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