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Watch the Expression of the Tecpo Official Discussing the Nuclear Situation - Washingtons Blog

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Watch the Expression of the Tecpo Official Discussing the Nuclear Situation

If you think that dumping 11,500 tons of radioactive water into the Pacific is nothing to be concerned about, look at the facial expression of the Tecpo official announcing the procedure:

(starting at 27 seconds into video, and continuing to 1:00 minute in). Yes, I believe he's crying.

The footage and English translation are both courtesy of NHK TV's English language addition.


  1. He should be crying. This unfolding disaster is far from over. It will not be over in our lifetimes, or the lifetimes of our great great grandchildren. And that's just the way things stand now. There are three, perhaps four reactors melting down, and five and six may even be joining them. The impact has already surpassed Chernobyl, no matter what industry flacks, and they are numerous, say.

  2. He should be crying. This disaster has already surpassed Chernobyl and is still unfolding. It's going to get a lot worse, and it will never get "better" in our lifetimes, or our great, great grandchildren's lifetimes.

  3. The Japanese have a very strong sense of shame, and the emotional distress shown by this gentleman is perhaps a result of this. Japan has the highest national rate of suicide in the world, and it can be argued that it stems from this.
    Watching the congressional hearings relating to the financial crisis, it is interesting to contrast the attitudes of many of the bankers (which was generally arrogant and belligerent) who seemed to feel no sense of wrongdoing or failure.
    I think it is important to remember, however, that there was a somewhat larger, and more 'hazardous' release of radioactive material in Japan... about 65 years ago...

  4. Arnie Gunderson's latest video, expressing concern that TEPCO has been equivocating and/or outright lying.

    Same goes for the NRC and a report produced by the French nuclear energy agency AREVA.

    Gunderson says that the NRC privately fears the building's weight might be a problem in an earthquake, leading to re-criticality.

    The NRC also fears buildup of hydrogen again, leading to another explosion.

    Additionally, Gunderson says the NRC is concerned about plutonium ejected several miles from reactor.

    Gunderson claims the AREVA report has fallacies in it but the main take away point is that the person who presented the report finds this to be one of the greatest disasters in modern time

  5. Why is Rac 5 and 6 flooding in it's basements?

    They were shutdown prior to the quake?

    Did the Quake damage piping there?


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