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Friday, May 20, 2011

Disinformation-Fighting Toolkit

In order to combat disinformation, we have to remind people again and again of the basic tricks. While the information in this links might be old-hat to you, many Internet surfers haven't seen this information before.

Indeed, psychologists and sociologists say that people won't even look at something unless they've seen it a number of times ... and even if they look at it, they won't learn it or understand it until they've been exposed to it again and again.

So copy the following 2 links and paste them each time someone posts disinformation on the Web:

All modern web browsers can copy and paste links. Just highlight the links, and then paste them wherever you want.

1 comment:

  1. Great tools, G; thank you.

    The fact that corporate media is a disinformation/propaganda arm of unlawful political and economic oligarchs is easily proven in the trillion dollar categories of war and economic fraud.

    Americans understand 20th Century history that major powers engaged in imperialism and wars of aggression with complicit media in "those other" countries, but American Exceptionalism and cognitive dissonance damages their ability to see it here and now in the US, despite the evidence being clear to see.

    I do my best to explain and document in this article: Open proposal for US revolution: expose corporate media propaganda. 4 of 4


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