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Friday, July 11, 2008

9/11 Truth and the Reality-Based Community

Liberals like to say they are in the "reality-based" community, and not living in a "faith-based" or Neocon delusion.

But many liberals form their belief about what happened on 9/11 based on faith . . .

  • Faith that Bush isn't smart enough to have pulled off so large an act of treason
  • Faith that our government wouldn't murder thousands of its own citizens for political gain
  • Faith that they have the basic information about what really happened that day
  • Faith that scientists and military experts verify the official explanation for 9/11
Is their faith well-founded? Well, in reality:
  • The government willfully lied about the need for war against Iraq and about the air quality at ground zero, and those lies have resulted in the deaths of many more people than died on 9/11
  • The truth about 9/11 has been methodically suppressed -- not only by the mainstream media, but also by an army of internet users hired by the Pentagon
Indeed, if you believe that no prominent liberals question 9/11, you simply don't know you're facts.

Note: This essay applies to conservatives as well as liberals. Leading conservatives also question 9/11.

In addition, this essay is not meant to criticize people of faith, many of whom question 9/11.
Prominent Christian theologians state that 9/11 was an inside job. Moreover, many people of Jewish faith question 9/11. Indeed, prominent Jewish scholars and rabbis say that uncovering the truth of 9/11 has the power to bring positive, lasting change to our nation and to our world. As do many Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.

The point is simply that liberal atheists who assume that those who question 9/11 truth are not in the reality-based community are wrong.

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