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Friday, July 18, 2008

Barack All Talk

Was it all talk?
The message of change
Just a crock?

Its a crying shame
America's in flames
You're more of the same
A new face ... same game

Will you even provide us a comma?
In the serial campaigns to bomb a
Region that has what we want?

Guess he was bought
With the nomination locked ...
The peace act's been dropped
(Brzezinski told him to stop?)

Bait and switch
By the very rich
They get everything on their wish-list
Guess who pays for it?

While liberty is dying
And the Founding Fathers sighing
You're okay with spying?!
Then your act ain't worth buying

You promised to fight for justice
But as usual, I guess its "just us"
No matter who's sworn into office
Only the people can defend the U.S.

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