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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bodies in the River

There's a well-known myth in India about bodies in the river.

Villagers notice a body floating by, and they take it out of the river and bury it.

Then more bodies float by, and the villagers take them out and bury them.

Soon, so many bodies are floating downriver that the village can't keep up. They run to the village elder to ask him how to fish all the bodies out.

The elder tells them to stop fishing out bodies, and instead tells them to walk upstream to find out why bodies are falling in the river in the first place. He tells them that unless they stop it, they won't solve the problem.

They do so, find out why people are dying and ending up in the river, and stop the whole mess.

Politicians are acting like the villagers. Their spending trillions in bailouts and gaming the markets is like trying to pull bodies out of the river and not being able to keep up.

Until we "walk upstream" and see what is causing the slaughter of one segment of our economy after another, and stop it, things will get worse.

So what's causing the financial mayhem? Derivatives - especially credit derivatives such as credit default swaps. No more half-hearted measures. Deal with them. Cancel all credit default swaps before the world is plunged into depression.

And the driving force of political mayhem? False flags. Please learn your history.


  1. It is a planned collapse, the collapse of a system that was doomed to fail from it's inception. Just wait until after the inauguration Right now the market and the economy are being propped up after the baton is handed to Obama, the market will start an out of control downward spiral, this is nothing...

  2. Been thinking the same thing myself, cancel the derrivatives. Who gets hurt most fat cats, hedge funds (with cat investors) and the bad part a lot of pension funds (who should have know better), but at least it would be over. Then the banks could lower their credit card interst to prime +3 and maybe the folks could meet their payments. For more of the same visit

  3. The cause of this is our fractional reserve banking system and it is the federal reserve which continues to artificially cause a boom and bust cycle that so plagues our economies.

    Until we the people start to print our own money instead of a private corporation this will continue.

    The fed prints a hundred dollar bill for a penny of cost then buys a t-bill with it. Right from the begining we owe more money than is in circulation. The fact is there's not enough money for us to pay off the debt in the first place.

  4. Scott,

    I agree that fractional reserve banking and the fed are huge problems. But unless we cancel credit default swaps (or value them at $1 each), the world economy will be plunged into depression.

    So I agree with you on fixing the long-term problem, but I think CDS are a more immediate problem.

  5. See that hungry hoard of men coming over the ridge? They want to kill us and take our food! Maybe if we cancel all credit default swaps they will let us alone.. You think?


  6. Great idea. One small problem is that canceling the CDSs would require a US Government that wasn't owned by the same Wall Street bankers that originated the CDSs. Any idea how to go about that?

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  8. what ru talking about grandmother?

  9. Could you ever imagine... "a made-up myth"???

    I think it's the story, not any "fact" that may be behind it, which is important.

    Grandmother, do you cut down the trees for a better view of the forest?

    Besides, I thought Hindus cremated.

  10. "They made us many promises, more than I can remember--they never kept but one:
    They promised to take our land and they took it!"

    Native American Chief Red Cloud

    These days, just substitute the word money and freedom for land and you'll know what you're up against.

  11. Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money, for money is men's protection, and the base of a moral existence.

    Ayn Rand

  12. The non-elite, non-political, non-bankers are the new Native Americans. We should expect the same treatment, right? We have the same mentality; believing that our leaders and heads of corporations (then personified as the white man) are sort of evil but would never do anything to harm us, it simply would not be allowed to happen in this perfect world we live in.

  13. Personally I have always believed the the elite had no interest in my welfare. My job was to figure out what I could have without having them find ways to take it away from me. You know like a house, a car, food to eat, and a decent retirement. I guess we crossed the line because what we see now is them coming to get what little we had.

  14. I believe you can say the same thing about anti-war/peace movement. Many of them don't want to see the origin=9/11 at all, and are just trying to see the dead bodies floating on the river.

    Why they refuse to see the bottom problem(cause) is a big question to me...

  15. Hi George,

    The link at the end "learn your history." takes me back to this blog entry.

    Is that what it's supposed to do?

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