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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thom Hartmann: The Mob Killed Kennedy

Popular radio host and author Thom Hartmann and historian Lamar Waldron have reviewed newly-discovered evidence, and concluded that the mob killed JFK, with the CIA's help. Even if you don't buy CIA involvement, the mob evidence is compelling, so keep reading.

In their newly-released book Legacy of Secrecy, Hartmann and Waldron spin a story very different from the government's "official" explanation of the lone nut gunman.

Specifically, Hartmann and Waldron argue that:

New evidence with the help of “more than two dozen associates of John and Robert Kennedy” and access to “thousands of recently released documents at the National Archives,” [make the] case that the Kennedy assassination was a contract killing organized by top mob leaders working with the CIA and Cuban exile groups in response to Kennedy's crackdown on the mob and his secret 1963 plan to support a military-led coup in Cuba that promised to assassinate Castro.

Stunningly, Legacy of Secrecy claims that three mob bosses confessed to the murder while their conversations were tapped in prison:

The operation also generated hundreds of hours of heretofore secret prison audio tapes of Marcello discussing his crimes, recorded using the FBI informant's bugged transistor radio. Yet the FBI and Justice Department withheld most of that information from the public and Congress for years, until its revelation in this book.

Carlos Marcello wasn't the only mob boss who confessed his involvement in JFK's murder to a trusted associate. Legacy also uncovers new important new information about Marcello's partners in JFK's assassination, Tampa godfather Santo Trafficante and Johnny Rosselli, the Chicago Mafia's man in Las Vegas and Hollywood. Shortly before their deaths, both mobsters admitted their roles in JFK's murder to their attorneys. Two of their associates, with documented ties to the secret JFK-Almeida coup plan, likewise confessed.

Hartmann and Waldron argue that the reason that the U.S. government went to tremendous lengths to cover-up the multi-person plot against Kennedy, so as to prevent a nuclear confrontation with Russia, since the Cuban missile crisis had pushed the two superpowers to the brink only a year before, and the U.S. feared that exposing Kennedy's plan to assassinate Castro might have pushed the U.S. into war with Cuba's close ally, Russia.

Again, even if you don't buy CIA involvement, the fact that it was a mob hit is important information, and all records must be released.

Contrary theories: I know very little about the JFK assassination, and I am not saying Hartmann is right and everyone else is wrong. For example, key Nixon ally E. Howard Hunt supposedly confessed that he had a role in the assassination, and that he knew for certain that LBJ ordered Kennedy's assassination. And there is some evidence that the Secret Service "stood down" and stopped protecting Kennedy before he was shot.

I am just reporting on Hartmann's evidence.

The only thing I know for sure is that all of the records concerning the Kennedy assassination must be released.


  1. There were many parties involved in the JFK assassination. Dealey Plaza was swarming with CIA, FBI, the mob, and anti-Castro paramilitaries. The mob were just hired hit men. One of their shooters, James Files, delivered the final head shot that killed JFK. But to figure out who is responsible you have to go to the top... only those in high positions of power could have ordered a Secret Service stand down, divert JFK's parade route, and coverup the whole event.

    JFK and RFK were killed because they went against the establishment that wanted to invade Cuba and start a war in Vietnam. There were more reasons, but those are the ones that got them killed. Had they conceded to become puppets, like every other President since, they would still be alive today.

    Go here for the best evidence I have seen yet on who was involved:

  2. I also would like to add, that one must understand the assassination of the Kennedy's to understand the world and events of today. The day JFK was killed was a Coup d' etat of the highest order. The powers, or the military industrial/banking crime syndicate as I like to call them, that took over that day, have never released their grip of power. They control both parties and they are the shadow government. The CIA is their strongarm and does their dirty work. The Fed Reserve is how they control the economy and our monetary system. Until you get rid of both we will never be free.

    It is this same group that is responsible for staging the Gulf of Tonkin to start the Vietnam War, for Nicaragua and the Iran/Contra affair, for the Panama invasion, the Gulf War 1, 9/11, Gulf War II... and more to come!

    LBJ, Nixon, Ford, and George H.W. Bush were all involved in the plot to kill and/or cover up the murder of JFK. Because they of course are all minions and puppets of the elite.

    For more go to:

  3. I like Thom Hartmann a lot. I listen to his shows quite a bit.

    Unfortunately, I'm afraid Thom had a bunch of manufactured propaganda dropped in his lap and fell for it on this one.

    I mean... "secret government evidence" that was previously withheld that magically clears said government of suspicion of some act of wrongdoing? Come on. Who'd believe that in any situation. Well... unfortunately, Thom did. To believe it, you'd have to also believe Castro's #3 guy for decades plotted to overthrow Castro in the early 60's, but nobody found out, and he remained one of Castro's top people for decades, too?

  4. Another reason that may have added to the desire of powerful people to eliminate JFK...

    In 1963, John F. Kennedy issued Executive Order 11110 which would have removed the power of money creation from all US private banks, including the privately-owned Federal Reserve, and invested that power in the US Government. Unfortunately, Kennedy died suddenly a few weeks later and his plans died with him.

    Similarly... In 1865, Abraham Lincoln introduced the original ‘greenbacks’, which were paper money issued by the US Government, largely to pay for the Federal war effort during the civil war. It was ‘fiat’ money, money made legal tender by Act of Congress. Unfortunately, Lincoln died suddenly a few weeks later and his plans died with him.

  5. Blazer said it best. And I'd note that Hartmann told a booksigning crowd of his previous work for the CIA. Interesting.


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