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Citigroup: Nationalized or Internationalized? - Washingtons Blog

Friday, February 27, 2009

Citigroup: Nationalized or Internationalized?

The U.S. now owns about 36% of Citigroup.

The Government of Singapore owns around 11%.

The Kuwaiti government owns about 6%.

And a Saudi prince owns about 5%.

That totals some 58% owned by governments and foreign royalty.

Whether or not Citigroup has been nationalized or internationalized, one thing is for sure: it is no longer a private bank.

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  1. Completely off topic, and sorry for that, but I was thinking about this last night and found this brief exchange between us:

    It is down about half way in the comments. Seems we might be coming around to that.


    Steve Demetriou


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