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Where The Jobs Are - Employment Tips for the Depression - Washingtons Blog

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where The Jobs Are - Employment Tips for the Depression

Leading trend forecaster Gerald Calente gave some tips for where to look for work and what areas students should study to prepare for the future. This is especially relevant because Calente is convinced that we are going into the worst depression of all-time. So these jobs may not only be recession-proof, they may also be depression-proof.

Specifically, Calente says:

  • Health care jobs will be plentiful. Even in bad financial times, people need to see the doctor. Any health care related profession is a good area to be in, especially elder care-related jobs
  • Alternative energy will be a growth field, especially for engineers [my comment: energy efficiency - including the reduction of energy loss across power lines - will probably also become a hot area]
  • Anything which helps people save money will be in demand


  1. How about government jobs? Sure, no welfare cheques or income tax for Californians or Kansanites, but there still seems to be plenty of money for government jobs and employees.

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  3. Health care growth assumes people have money to pay for health care. Does this logic apply to poor African nations? The health care industry is also in a bubble due to widespread availability of money through insurance. This source of funding will soon disappear. In the end, there may be health care jobs, but not the high paying ones we know today. Consider a doctor in China supposedly makes $20K/year.

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