Leaked CIA Report: "Public Apathy Enables Leaders To Ignore Voters" In Waging Endless Wars → Washingtons Blog
Leaked CIA Report: "Public Apathy Enables Leaders To Ignore Voters" In Waging Endless Wars - Washingtons Blog

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Leaked CIA Report: "Public Apathy Enables Leaders To Ignore Voters" In Waging Endless Wars

A leaked CIA report says:

Public apathy enables leaders to ignore voters.

The report is discussing apathy among the French and German people to their countries' involvement in the war in Afghanistan, but the same is true to the apathy of Americans towards the Iraq and other wars as well.

For a little background on the manipulation of public opinion, see this and this.

CIA Afghanistan


  1. Apathy,(1) the ability to see some one else taken it in the ass, as long as its not you.

  2. interesting and revealing. part of the apathy
    comes from being bombarded with b.s. from these
    "intelligence" sources and their spokespersons.
    the public seemingly lacking a coherent thread
    of self or intellect to properly assimilate information. ? mis educated? blinded?
    so afghan stabalization is the goal? when?
    after destabalization is complete or do we call
    instability stability now, same thing? nation
    building with no idea how to do it or if it is
    possible, but send in the boys and start issuing
    no bid contracts to relatives and insiders.
    and the cia is spending it's time trying to sell this madness to domestic and foreign populations.
    thinking, observation and intelligence should be
    part of a coherent and articulated whole based
    in reality which may and does differ from opinion.
    intelligence void of the truth is pretty much just
    bullsh.t. the madison avenue version of intelligence, as they see it as a marketing job, a
    pathetic narrative, you see they have lost the
    main plot! but they don't even get "it".

  3. Money and the Central Banks run the world its been like that for a long time and will be so till the Lord returns!

  4. It would seem to be a good idea for all of the dissidents from countries involved in this war, like Germany, France, USA, etc...to share information between ourselves.Coordinating activities around gathering information about how to critically protest these wars, troop movements, etc:, from several countries at the same time, would, or might at least, stir things up a bit!
    It's called information sharing.
    We should all work together, regardless of where we live, too make our governments quit making wars!

  5. Hum...which Lord is that? Where is he hiding might I ask? Is he on Nibiru? Venus? I guess he gets his kicks in letting people die needlessly for several thousand years...

  6. Wiki Leaks is an oasis smack dab in the middle of a inky black cauldron of deceptions and secrets! This kind of information getting out to the public really pisses the "intelligence" sector off I bet.. lol


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