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Sunday, June 27, 2010

American Academy of Pediatrics: Children Should Stay Away from Oil

Given that parents are letting their kids play in the oil, please note that the American Academy of Pediatrics has released the following statement on the Gulf oil spill:

  • Children should be directly supervised and should not be allowed to play in or around areas where the water or beach contains oil or sludge.
  • Children, and whenever possible teens, should not be involved in clean-up efforts but should only return after the area is cleaned up. Children should be the last group to return to areas impacted by oil or other toxic substances.
  • Children should not be involved in swimming, boating, or clean-up activities in areas impacted by the oil spill.
Please pass it on.


  1. I saw the kids playing on the beach too... Sicko!

  2. It is a lie to tell a story and leave out of the story 1) important information you already know, 2) important information you should know, or 3) important information someone else relates to you subsequent to your reporting a story.

    The lying Kenyan impostor has decided to have the scientific experts at the CDC tell us crude oil contains "some of the most toxic chemicals that we know."

    The lying scientific experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics are saying, "Children should stay away from oil."

    And chemical scientists from the oil industry have long failed to report the true nature of the toxicity of crude oil.

    Crude oil contains raw and unadulterated PCBs and Dioxins.


    The big lie has been hidden -by scientists.

  3. @Don - I am confused by your post. Are you saying Crude Oil is not toxic? Or toxic? If you are saying it is not toxic, you are wrong. I am a doctor and you are simply wrong. Crude Oil is extremely toxic especially if mixed with Corexit as the ingredients of Corexit are well-known in boating communities that deal with oil spills from boats all the time but in much, much smaller amounts. If you are saying it is toxic then no one is lying. I remain confused with your statements as they do not make any rational sense.

  4. "I am a doctor and you are simply wrong."

    Oh, boy... -Now you have done it.

    I am 60, Voices Bahamian. I haven't seen a doctor in over 25 years. I will die without ever seeing a doctor again, -because the practice of medicine is quite nearly categorically immoral -as it has developed throughout history, -causing far more harm -as it does- to the future, than any ephemeral benefit it imparts to the present.

    Medicine is made of immoral gambles, where the wager placed on the Devil's betting table is all-too-often the well-being of the future.

    Read my words more carefully.

    Let me apologize, if English is your second language, -because I am not "simply wrong" as you assert. And I am going to take you to task severely, because I don't like doctors.

    And I like doctors less, who are as insolent as you are.

    Re-read my post. Did I ever once say, that "Crude Oil is not toxic," -as you seem to want to take from my very clearly written words?

    No. I did not say that, -quite the contrary.

    I said, those who say something and leave out the important part about what they are saying are liars. These are intentional liars, is my point, lying this way ONLY to benefit themselves.

    The toxicity of crude oil is quite extreme and the danger is recognized much more easily when we mention the better-known toxic agents found in crude oil, Dioxins and PCBs.

    This hideous and heinous lie I discuss in my original post -is meant to smooth over the potential for personal disaster by the failure of those I mention to point directly to the more easily recognizable toxic agents involved.

    It would be the equivalent of a lie that happens many times every day in the medical industry, when a doctor tells a patient that Oxycontin is a very strong pain killer, -without telling their patient -it is also the synthetic equivalent of Heroin that has been historically the scourge of humanity over many centuries and many continents.

    The truth is, Oxycontin was developed by Perdue Pharma to make money by conducting their own Opium War upon the world. It has been a capital success.

    Perdue Pharma has succeeded with the help of ignorant doctors who prescribe the poison with the lying advice to their patients, "This will kill the pain," when in fact it has every potential to cause unbearable pain and suffering, death, and even the destruction of entire families.

    Move along, doctor. There is nothing more to see here.

  5. Not all doctors are as you describe although I know of what you speak of probably more than you. You make many assumptions sadly without foundation or factual knowledge. You wrote that liars said the Oil was toxic. That would insinuate what? You also made rude inflammatory statements which are typical of people who think "they know it all". None of us know it all. As for your comments about language, etc. your road is yours that you must travel. The language of the Bahamas is English or are you unaware of that fact? Your anger and frustration get us all nowhere towards solutions and I do hope you find peace one day. Good night.

  6. And I will leave you with this....

    "Only a fool leans upon his own misunderstandings."

    I do wish you well and do hope you find peace. Again, good night.

  7. By the way, Don, I am one of those rare doctors that does not believe in extensive pharma. There are some of us. I don't prescribe heroin-based drugs such as the type that you mentioned. I am just a lowly surgeon. I fix valves and take out broken organs and remove tumors, etc. The rest is up to others. In the Bahamas, we have to do a more natural approach out of necessity but I do like having a good trauma center for serious accidents that do occur. We are working on that. American medicine is very interesting indeed.

  8. Quite shocked of stories of pregnant mothers or parents allowing their kids to play in that muck. Are people that plain dumb?


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