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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oil Gusher Worse Than Ever

(BP's underwater cams periodically go offline, and the angle may change so that you can't see the plume. When I posted this, there was a straight-on shot showing huge amounts of oil gushing out. Click here to see all of the underwater video feeds)


  1. GW - my report from being there this week.


    Thanks for all you do,


  2. Shouldn't you be able to lower a boom or a cap/hat over that thing with a hose attached to at least trap all that oil flowing up. Seems like they aren't even trying.

  3. GW -

    I just want to express a continued thank you for your excellent efforts - especially in regards of the oil leak.

    You are performing a very honorable service for the greater good.

    Many thanks, always.


  4. I also noticed that it seemed to be gushing more and it seems the last few days the containment cap appears to be moving freely from the riser pipe, before they moved as one piece. When they put it on the 2nd time it was tilted quite a bit but seemed connected. They also collected less oil.


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