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Friday, August 20, 2010

Are We Humans Or Ostriches?


  1. I'm afraid that is a charitable reading of many humans.

    I posted a link to Washington's blog interview with Dr. Robert Bea at the Oil Drum and the first response by posters there was to discredit the source (i.e., Dr. Bea). After I established his credentials, the second response was to assert that he knows nothing about the Gulf geology.

    Are these people industry shills or does their arrogance stem simply from an over-inflated ego?

    The sad fact is that ego and greed together produced this disaster and appear to be impairing honest discussion about its scope and severity.

  2. Majia-

    "The sad fact is that ego and greed together produced this disaster [...]"

    Ego, greed, and a fantastically blind species unable to see its own massive and growing incompetence in altering the world's natural assets in vain efforts sold-to-all-of-us as being done to improve our surroundings. (This is why we drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico.)

    Take a look around, fools.

    Both Ostriches and Humans can be herded, like Lemmings.

    And we're already off the edge of this most recent cliff.

    In the Eighteenth Century the historian Edward Gibbon in "The Decline and Fall [...]" noted that the Roman Empire had in it more than 120 million people, "more" -he noted for his Eighteenth Century readers- than the then current population of all Europe.

    In a faintly similar way, history is repeating itself.

    The collapse of human populations worldwide -has begun again-.


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