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BP Is Hiding Dead Animals to Avoid Fine of $50,000 Per Dead Animal (and the Bad Publicity) - Washingtons Blog

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BP Is Hiding Dead Animals to Avoid Fine of $50,000 Per Dead Animal (and the Bad Publicity)

BP has been trying to hide dead birds and other sealife.

Fox News reports that BP is trying to keep animal carcasses away from public view:

Local Gulf Coast residents and those monitoring turtles say that BP is removing carcasses at night to hide them from the public:

Jerry Cope and Charles Hambleton report:

The numbers of birds, fish, turtles, and mammals killed by the use of Corexit will never be known as the evidence strongly suggests that BP worked with the Coast Guard, the Department of Homeland Security, the FAA, private security contractors, and local law enforcement, all of which cooperated to conceal the operations disposing of the animals from the media and the public.

The majority of the disposal operations were carried out under cover of darkness. The areas along the beaches and coastal Islands where the dead animals were collected were closed off by the U.S. Coast Guard. On shore, private contractors and local law enforcement officials kept off limits the areas where the remains of the dead animals were dumped, mainly at the Magnolia Springs landfill by Waste Management where armed guards controlled access. The nearby weigh station where the Waste Management trucks passed through with their cargoes was also restricted by at least one sheriff's deputies in a patrol car, 24/7.

Robyn Hill, who was Beach Ambassador for the City of Gulf Shores until she became so ill she collapsed on the job one morning, was at a residential condominium property adjacent to the Gulf Shores beach when she smelled an overwhelming stench. She went to see where the odor was coming from and witnessed two contract workers dumping plastic bags full of dead birds and fish in a residential Waste Management dumpster, which was then protected by a security guard. Within five minutes, a Waste Management collection truck emptied the contents and the guard departed.

Independent biologists are also being blocked from investigating wildlife.

What's the reason for this cover up?

I had assumed that all such shenanigans were just to keep the dead wildlife away from public view.

But as the Christian Science Monitor pointed out in June:

Federal laws makes BP liable for up to $50,000 per dead animal on the endangered species list, such as a Kemp's Ridley turtle.

It's not just the Kemp's Ridley. Sperm whales and hawksbill turtles are also endangered animals living in the Gulf.

So are Brown pelicans, which have been hit hard by the oil spill.

In fact, the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service lists 29 endangered species in the Gulf which could be harmed by the spill.

You already know that BP is trying to hide the amount of oil which has leaked into the Gulf in order to reduce the amount of fines it has to pay under the Clean Water Act (see this and this).

Similarly, BP is also trying to secretly dispose of endangered animals killed by the spill in order reduce its fines under the Endangered Species Act.


  1. What should we do without Fox News .

  2. LOL, way to go BP, way to go!


  3. So now we all know that we what suspected all along is true. Now what? We keep tsk-tsking, writing endless articles, comments and critiques on endless blogs, FB groups, etc. expressing our outrage and it hasn't gotten anything done. Nada, zip, zilch. The bad guys are getting away, correction, have gotten away aided and abetted by our own government. The Gulf, already more polluted than most people realize is now VERY polluted, sea life will die, livelihoods are destroyed and the coastal wildlife is further stressed. And it goes on, same as it ever was, same as it ever was.

  4. Wow, thats downright scary dude, I mean really.



    The animals will come back.

    I'm sick of $3 gas, we need it CHEAPER!

  6. So who ARE the sick fucks taking the jobs and following orders, acting to help shield BP's moral and economic culpability in exchange for a paycheck in these troubled financial times? Buncha lowlife anti-humanity scab parasites. Why, they're our neighbors and friends, selling their souls for a pittance, little realizing the damage they are helping to cover-up, and which might well come to hurt THEM or their families by-and-by.

    Almost as sick as the FDA and NOAA denying the heavy-metal and poisonous toxins they aren't testing the fish stocks for -- The better not to FIND any. (Bastards).


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