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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Debunking the 9/11 "Dust" Theory

Some peripheral folks in the 9/11 truth movement claim that exotic high-energy weapons were used to bring down the Twin Towers. The overwhelming majority of credible scientists, engineers and others in the movement do not believe this.

The proponents of the star wars weapons theory argue that video footage shows metal spires "turning to dust", which they think proves that futuristic weapons were used.

Many of us have pointed out that the spires actually fell down, and that dust from the pulverized concrete simply fell off the spires as they were falling, hiding the fact that the spires were falling and creating the visual illusion that the spires were "turning to dust". For example, Reprehensor posted this video clip last year:

This matter has now been settled. Specifically, the following newly-released video shows the spire collapse from a different angle. the video proves that the spires of the Twin Towers merely fell over:

(12 seconds into the video)

This video - shot by the same person as the one above - shows that World Trade Center Building 7 did not have any big fires when it suddenly collapsed:

The government's theory that fire alone brought down Building 7 makes about as much sense as the argument that high-energy weapons brought down the Twin Towers.


  1. i'm fairly aware of the competing theories but i don't ever recall hearing this one pop up.

    I don't believe the official story and i'm leaning heavily towards cheney being the government controller of the 9/11 project.

    it was most certainly an inside job.

  2. It is indeed amazing how Scholars split up into the BEAM (exotic weapons - Judy Wood) and TERMITE (explosive cutters - Steven Jones) camps. The split itself is deplorable and bad for the movement.

    With Judy Wood the no-time-for-bomb-placement issue is solved and with Steven Jones the black-budget-above-top-secret issue is solved.

    Judy Wood goes over face value photo observations (best choice of source however authenticity question always applies) of the day from above and in Manhattan and surroundings and aftermath without explicit conclusions.

    Steven Jones gives a chemical analysis of the dust (best choice of source however authenticity question always applies) and explains the technique for melting steel blocks by use of a chemical compount.

    For both of them the identical way and speed of the two buildings collapsing and desintegrating beyond recognition supports their approach.

    However, the common people still aren't listening, let stand interested. It's just beyond a war protest, which is already to tough for the infantile consumer career chaser.


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