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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obama Won't Stop the Collapse of the American Empire

Political insider and veteran reporter Kevin Phillips has documented that every major empire over the past several hundred years has undergone a predictable cycle of collapse, usually within 10 to 20 years of its peak power.

The indications are always the same:

- The financialization of the economy, moving from manufacturing to speculation;

- Very high levels of debt;

- Extreme economic inequality;

- And costly military overreaching.
Will Obama rebuild America's manufacturing base, reduce our debt, restore economic equality, and reduce military adventurism?

So far, indications are that he wants to increase the debt with massive "stimulus" programs, instead of letting the raging financial inferno and deleveraging process burn itself out.

He has also promised to expand some areas of military spending (such as the war in Afghanistan). Unless he brings all American troops worldwide home from all military adventures, the U.S. will keep going down the tube.

Obama hints a lot about reducing inequality. But his key economic advisors are fat-cat insiders, so this may largely just be hot air.

And these advisors are virtually all financial - not manufacturing - people, and it is doubtful that he will significantly push to move away from "financialization" and towards rebuilding the manufacturing base.

Admittedly, he has made some noises about moving towards manufacturing. For example:
He proposes an Advanced Manufacturing Fund that would identify and invest in the most compelling advanced manufacturing strategies in places that have been hard hit by the decline in manufacturing.

Rather than slashing funding for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership as the Bush Administration did, Obama said he would double it. The program helped create and protect over 50,000 jobs in 2006 alone, and has helped to increase the productivity of small and midsize manufacturers by up to 16%.

“That’s the kind of smart investment that will help us rebuild American manufacturing and make America more competitive,” Obama said.
But these are mere campaign promises, and I have seen no evidence to date that he intends to do much to rebuild the manufacturing sector.

Bottom line, the collapse of the American empire appears to be irreversible, even with a new president, because the root causes of the collapse are not being addressed.

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  1. The Seven Warning Signs of Bogus Science


    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is investing close to a million dollars in an obscure Russian scientist’s antigravity machine, although it has failed every test and would violate the most fundamental laws of nature. The Patent and Trademark Office recently issued Patent 6,362,718 for a physically impossible motionless electromagnetic generator, which is supposed to snatch free energy from a vacuum. And major power companies have sunk tens of millions of dollars into a scheme to produce energy by putting hydrogen atoms into a state below their ground state, a feat equivalent to mounting an expedition to explore the region south of the South Pole.

    There is, alas, no scientific claim so preposterous that a scientist cannot be found to vouch for it. And many such claims end up in a court of law after they have cost some gullible person or corporation a lot of money. How are juries to evaluate them?

    Before 1993, court cases that hinged on the validity of scientific claims were usually decided simply by which expert witness the jury found more credible. Expert testimony often consisted of tortured theoretical speculation with little or no supporting evidence. Jurors were bamboozled by technical gibberish they could not hope to follow, delivered by experts whose credentials they could not evaluate.

    In 1993, however, with the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc. the situation began to change. The case involved Bendectin, the only morning-sickness medication ever approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It had been used by millions of women, and more than 30 published studies had found no evidence that it caused birth defects. Yet eight so-called experts were willing to testify, in exchange for a fee from the Daubert family, that Bendectin might indeed cause birth defects.

    In ruling that such testimony was not credible because of lack of supporting evidence, the court instructed federal judges to serve as “gatekeepers,” screening juries from testimony based on scientific nonsense. Recognizing that judges are not scientists, the court invited judges to experiment with ways to fulfill their gatekeeper responsibility.

    Justice Stephen G. Breyer encouraged trial judges to appoint independent experts to help them. He noted that courts can turn to scientific organizations, like the National Academy of Sciences and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, to identify neutral experts who could preview questionable scientific testimony and advise a judge on whether a jury should be exposed to it. Judges are still concerned about meeting their responsibilities under the Daubert decision, and a group of them asked me how to recognize questionable scientific claims. What are the warning signs?

    I have identified seven indicators that a scientific claim lies well outside the bounds of rational scientific discourse. Of course, they are only warning signs – even a claim with several of the signs could be legitimate.

    1. The discoverer pitches the claim directly to the media. The integrity of science rests on the willingness of scientists to expose new ideas and findings to the scrutiny of other scientists. Thus, scientists expect their colleagues to reveal new findings to them initially. An attempt to bypass peer review by taking a new result directly to the media, and thence to the public, suggests that the work is unlikely to stand up to close examination by other scientists.

    One notorious example is the claim made in 1989 by two chemists from the University of Utah, B. Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann, that they had discovered cold fusion – a way to produce nuclear fusion without expensive equipment. Scientists did not learn of the claim until they read reports of a news conference. Moreover, the announcement dealt largely with the economic potential of the discovery and was devoid of the sort of details that might have enabled other scientists to judge the strength of the claim or to repeat the experiment. (Ian Wilmut’s announcement that he had successfully cloned a sheep was just as public as Pons and Fleischmann’s claim, but in the case of cloning, abundant scientific details allowed scientists to judge the work’s validity.)

    Some scientific claims avoid even the scrutiny of reporters by appearing in paid commercial advertisements. A health-food company marketed a dietary supplement called Vitamin O in full-page newspaper ads. Vitamin O turned out to be ordinary saltwater.

    2. The discoverer says that a powerful establishment is trying to suppress his or her work. The idea is that the establishment will presumably stop at nothing to suppress discoveries that might shift the balance of wealth and power in society. Often, the discoverer describes mainstream science as part of a larger conspiracy that includes industry and government. Claims that the oil companies are frustrating the invention of an automobile that runs on water, for instance, are a sure sign that the idea of such a car is baloney. In the case of cold fusion, Pons and Fleischmann blamed their cold reception on physicists who were protecting their own research in hot fusion.

    3. The scientific effect involved is always at the very limit of detection. Alas, there is never a clear photograph of a flying saucer, or the Loch Ness monster. All scientific measurements must contend with some level of background noise or statistical fluctuation. But if the signal-to-noise ratio cannot be improved, even in principle, the effect is probably not real and the work is not science.

    Thousands of published papers in para-psychology, for example, claim to report verified instances of telepathy, psychokinesis, or precognition. But those effects show up only in tortured analyses of statistics. The researchers can find no way to boost the signal, which suggests that it isn’t really there.

    4. Evidence for a discovery is anecdotal. If modern science has learned anything in the past century, it is to distrust anecdotal evidence. Because anecdotes have a very strong emotional impact, they serve to keep superstitious beliefs alive in an age of science. The most important discovery of modern medicine is not vaccines or antibiotics, it is the randomized double-blind test, by means of which we know what works and what doesn’t. Contrary to the saying, “data” is not the plural of “anecdote.”

    5. The discoverer says a belief is credible because it has endured for centuries. There is a persistent myth that hundreds or even thousands of years ago, long before anyone knew that blood circulates throughout the body, or that germs cause disease, our ancestors possessed miraculous remedies that modern science cannot understand. Much of what is termed “alternative medicine” is part of that myth.

    Ancient folk wisdom, rediscovered or repackaged, is unlikely to match the output of modern scientific laboratories.

    6. The discoverer has worked in isolation. The image of a lone genius who struggles in secrecy in an attic laboratory and ends up making a revolutionary breakthrough is a staple of Hollywood’s science-fiction films, but it is hard to find examples in real life. Scientific breakthroughs nowadays are almost always syntheses of the work of many scientists.

    7. The discoverer must propose new laws of nature to explain an observation. A new law of nature, invoked to explain some extraordinary result, must not conflict with what is already known. If we must change existing laws of nature or propose new laws to account for an observation, it is almost certainly wrong.

    I began this list of warning signs to help federal judges detect scientific nonsense. But as I finished the list, I realized that in our increasingly technological society, spotting voodoo science is a skill that every citizen should develop.

    Robert L. Park is a professor of physics at the University of Maryland at College Park and the director of public information for the American Physical Society. He is the author of Voodoo Science: The Road From Foolishness to Fraud (Oxford University Press, 2002).

    Posted by Biology224 at 8:39 AM


    And in the continued spirit of such claims- i have solved the energy crisis-period-:)Hello, my name is Solomon Azar- I HAVE FOUND THE ROAD TO SAFE CLEAN NUCLEAR FUSION- When this is found and understood- the energy crisis will end- I have been looking at this system since 2002 and it is perfect in every way. I finished my experiments April-2007. I have since that time tried to the best of my abilities to inform many people upon the net- there is no question I have done so in an unorthodox manner- but in time it will be found my road traveled to solve this energy crisis was unorthodoxed -all my motives are for the betterment of mankind- you have your way- I have mine- it will make complete sense when heard in public of my approach- have faith :)

    I have performed an experiment never done before in science- I used a Tesla coil for its use in high voltage high frequency and apply its discharge plasma not upon the dielectric of free air- but to the dielectric of water itself- specifically I used ultrapure reagent grade water from manufacture NERL-this is to establish the high degree of insulation needed for plasma (you cannot have contaminants for conductivity)- I doped my water with heavy water from the manufacturer UNITED NUCLEAR-(however- a full concentration of heavy water is desired)- I built my 1 million volt Tesla coil entire tunable- every aspect of it- as it must be done to TUNE THE OUTPUT DISCHARGE OF THE TESLA COIL to the water itself- once the arc is stable- the voltage may be increased- I have written in my pdf file in my website of noblefuse.com that a prerequisite of 750 kv is needed as an electric field gradient about the charged particles used in fusion( in this case the hydrogen bound in the water molecule) because of voltage drops as expected as in all electrical systems upon the load (load here is the water)- a much higher voltage is needed in order to distribute the voltage gradient upon entire arc plasma length between electrodes in water- THUS- THE HIGH THE VOLTAGE- THE BETTER- within my website you will find a link to youtube showing my primitive experiment- BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS- THIS IS THE FIRST TIME EVER DONE BEFORE - I propose nuclear fusion of water/heavy water- my little experiment IS THE ROAD TO NUCLEAR FUSION- we must universally connect the dots- put two and two together- and conclude this- MY EXPERIMENT MUST BE REPEATED ON A LARGER SCALE- my system is a direct replacement of nuclear power plants particularly of the pressurized water reactor which uses heavy water already - a vessel already built for gamma radiation and other high energy flux which will emit with the plasma arc-

    Power reactor in which the heat is dissipated from the core using highly pressurized water (about 160 bar) to achieve a high temperature and avoid boiling within the core. The cooling water transfers its heat to the secondary system in a steam generator. Example: Grohnde Nuclear Power Plant in Germany with an electrical output of 1,430 MW.

    Replace the rod assemblies and use electrodes to conduct the Lightning bolt! High Voltage High frequency will create the magnetic pinch to slam the isotopes of hydrogen together which is bound in water- helium and oxygen are the outgassed products recaptured by expansion tanks-it is absolutely perfect!

    _ I HAVE FOUND THE TRUE PURPOSE OF THE TESLA COIL- the answer was always in the lightning bolt- understanding of gamma bursts from lightning discharges have only been recently vindicated from satellite in late 90s—

    CA 94305 United States
    Said, R ( ) , STAR Lab, Electrical Engineering, 350 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305 United States
    Smith, D M ( ) , Physics Department and Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064 United States
    Lopez, L I ( ) , Astronomy Department and Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720 United States

    The observation of brief (<1 ms) bursts of intense γ-rays, the so-called Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes (TGFs), by the BATSE γ-ray experiment was one of the most unexpected discoveries by the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory.

    Let me try to give another analogy to make the point. think about striking a match, if all conditions are proper , one knows that to strike a match, you must go a minimum speed- you cannot strike the match too slowly- this is understood as more speed is more friction and thus more activation energy necessary to create combustion of the match material. the same applies to this fusion system, first, imagine my system as inside a pressurized water reactor used in fission plants- the moderator is already heavy water- we shall use it as the fuel. I have said the plasma arc looks exactly like our friend the electric lightning bolt- but I talk about in my pdf file- that the so called lightning bolt must be understood in regards to high voltage and frequency- just like the minimum speed needed for the match- so it is with the combination on high voltage and frequency to not only resonate with the dielectric molecule of heavy water- but more so- to create a minimum velocity upon charged particles in the fuel water. this velocity is also exhibiting itself as a magnetic field-think of the cathode ray scope- in a snap shot instant in time for analysis, look at when the maximum energy is being applied on a per strike basis of the input cycle- or shall we say the highest amplitude of the ac signal. if for example- an input energy of one megawatt was injected into the strike of the arc- a magnetic pinch shall be directed upon the charged particles in transit of the discharge- in a thermodynamic extraction process such as this - we need at least 5 times more energy out of the system to recoup our initial energy input- and a surplus for commercial energy supply- thus- via fusion of hydrogen to helium- with each strike- a minimum voltage and frequency SHALL give the minimum activation energy required for magnetic pinching and fusion of the isotopes of hydrogen. to increase the q of the reaction in this system- a magnetic toroid may be used around the plasma arc for increased efficiency= such as used in tokamak devices. I hope this analogy helps those who question this system- THANK YOU–

    Here is a thought experiment for electromagnetic fusion with Einstein in mind

    Pretend you are water-you are an oxygen atom- you are stable- you are noble- 8 protons-8 neutrons-and 8 electrons- there are only 5 magic shell nuclear elements of the periodic table- oxygen is one of them- it is very stable-

    Therefore- you are stable and noble- you have no need for fusion- yet it could happen- but the probability of another element such as hydrogen and its isotopes would be made to fuse together in some kind of fashion mankind tries will occur way before oxygen does- - ok-so now you are this noble one and you have outstretched in your hands a hydrogen atom and or its isotope deuteron and you hold it out to mankind as a gift-

    Man understands the gift of fusion for many years and is desperately trying to do such-

    I propose electromagnetic fusion- I propose the BENNET pinch used in poloidal currents used in plasmas of tokomaks- but much further-

    Here we go – the thought experiment- you are this oxygen atom with two hydrogen’s and you stand amongst your friends similar in nature. You are placed in a large vessel filled of your kind-now imagine that two walls opposing in this vessel are the plates of a capacitor- who cares what is applied to the capacitor plates (electrodes of system)-for all you know as a noble oxygen and the hydrogen you have in your hands is nothing more than the electric field upon the plates-

    You are composed of charged particles- thus you will interact with the applied electric field of the plates-this is common electronics and electric knowledge-

    However, I speak of dielectric breakdown- I speak of the lightning bolt- let us now assume we have made the capacitor plates oscillate at 1 million volts peak to peak as way of a tesla coil

    Think of the electric field- everything will be controlled by this field- a dielectric breakdown will occur- and all discharge current will begin to flow and oscillate as a function of the applied voltage-

    Now- you are in the heart of a lightning bolt- you who are noble as a oxygen probably lost all your valence electrons due to the magnitude of such a high electric field- every charged particle in transit of the discharge current is surely ionized and talks of being a complete water molecule should be erased- the state of this plasma current is nothing more than ionized hydrogen and oxygen and a complete sea of electrons-

    Let us think first of the electrons- 1896 times smaller than protons- no question it will oscillate much faster as a function to the applied voltage- remember the cathode ray scope- basic physics also will say this charged particle will also have a magnetic field about itself because of the electric field that has driven it-thus- this oscillating electron current will have an intrinsic magnetic field

    Let us now think of the protons- oxygen has 8 and surrounded by 8 neutrons and is far less likely for reaction than isotopes of hydrogen for fusion- this should merely be understood by refereeing to atomic tables of elements and known theory- but this hydrogen is a singly bound proton with mass one- unless we speak of a deuteron- it will also be controlled exactly the same way as the electron is affected by the external applied voltage- however- it is opposite to the electrons motion-and much slower by its mass – however-its magnetic field will add to that of the electrons- this is standard knowledge of magnetic field generation of charged particles by way of electric fields-

    Thus, in this thought experiment- within this state of dielectric breakdown- I like to say the lightning bolt- can you now see the oscillation of the charged particles by such a large magnitude of the applied voltage plates- can you now see the probability at a certain moment in time- particularly when the applied ac signal is greatest- that all magnetic fields of charged particles in transit can have the power to be magnetically pinched-

    Magnetics have push and pull- it is well known that high frequency causes a constriction upon electrical currents- whether in copper lines and forcing such to the surface- or in plasma and made use to constrict it - high frequency is known to constrict the currents- thus- do you see the forces I am referring to as this dielectric breakdown has occurred upon the most perfect fuel of the heavens- water- this oxygen atom holds the hydrogen for us- we shall apply a high voltage (high is relative- I have stated 750kv in the vicinity of the hydrogen for fusion- I come to this by way of understanding the beta decay of a free neutron- if it can disintegrate- it can come together- made into a deuteron- then made into helium)-

    Thus –we make helium and oxygen is then unbound and must also be recaptured- this is easy in expansion tanks- the byproducts are helium and oxygen-truly noble-

    To increase the q of this system- a simple toroidal magnet as used in tokamaks for plasma control may be used for additional pinching-

    I hope this helps- however- you must always think of the applied electric field and its magnetic inducement upon the charged particles- we will stably run the Tesla coil upon the dielectric of water itself (more appropriately heavy water) and turn up the voltage for greater acceleration speeds and thus magnetic fields- we can control pressure in this vessel- we can control electrode spacing and so much more-

    that is my thought experiment for you to understand it is my intention to use all input energy by way of oscillating a very large electric field which will induce the proper magnetic flux density in units of Tesla for a pinching- not established hot fusion whereby all energy input is chaotic and the probability of fusion comes by way of statistics from a gas equation- no- high voltage and high frequency in an orderly manner by the construction of a man made lightning bolt with controllable parameters inside an existing pressurized nuclear reactor- everything is off the shelf- the world will run on steam power again globally-from trains-factories-ships-and all power plants- I offer the Watt steam engine again- not with two sticks to make fire and boil the water- but electromagnetic fusion with two electrodes to induce fusion of hydrogen isotopes to boil water and make steam- it is absolutely perfect.

    To the CEO’s of nuclear power plants-or pressurized coal fired- you have spare reactors in the back yards of your plants- take a 1 million volt tesla coil and do what I have said- you will measure its fusion reactions and you will conclude this - I have found the road to safe clean energy.

    I speak plain science- please connect the dots and let us end this energy crisis for a world that desperately needs energy- May the light of God shine upon all our actions for the betterment of mankind

    Solomon Sami Azar

    Your questions about fusion…..answered

    First, some fundamental questions:

    What is fusion?

    See our introduction to fusion, click here.

    What is the likely environmental impact of fusion power?

    See our feature on fusion and sustainable development, click here.
    The following are some questions that we have been asked about fusion power, mainly by sixth-form students, and our answers. If you have a question to ask, email Culham Public Relations

    How is the plasma contained?

    A helical magnetic field of typically a few Tesla is sufficient to provide good insulation from the material surfaces and to balance the plasma pressure. This allows the low density of plasma to be heated to the very high temperatures required for fusion. The combination of very high temperature and low density leads to a plasma pressure comparable to atmospheric pressure.

    How are the very high temperatures achieved?

    The magnetic field provides insulation some 40 times better than loft insulation and is up to 10 times thicker. With such good insulation, the application of high power (in the Megawatt range) leads to very high temperatures, above 100 million Celsius.

    Why are toroidal devices used?

    The effect of the magnetic field is to confine the charged plasma particles by applying a force that opposes the motion across the field. There is no such force in the direction parallel to the magnetic field so, if the magnetic field lines were to connect the ends of a linear device, for instance, particles would be able to escape rapidly to the ends. In a toroidal device, the particles primarily spiral along the field lines, travelling around the machine typically a million times before escaping.

    How do charged particles escape from the magnetic field?

    Although the forces applied to the charged particles are such as to prevent them moving to the plasma edge, the effect of Coulomb collisions and turbulence is to lead to a random walk of particles, reaching the plasma edge on a timescale of order 1s.

    What are the dominant costs foreseen in a fusion power plant?

    As you might expect in a magnetic confinement system, the largest cost item is anticipated to be the superconducting magnets. The next largest cost is anticipated to be the buildings needed to house the plant. These two items together are estimated to make up more than half of the cost of a fusion power plant. There is the expectation that the cost of superconducting magnets will reduce with time.

    Are the fuel costs significant?

    The fusion energy obtained from each kg of fuel is very high (10 million times higher than from fossil fuels) so the fuel costs are a very small part of the expected costs. Using present costs, the fuel would contribute much less than 1% to the cost of electricity.

    How is deuterium obtained from water?

    The conventional method of concentrating deuterium in water uses isotopic exchange in hydrogen sulphide gas, although more advanced techniques are being developed. Separation of different isotopes of hydrogen can also be done using gas chromatography and cryogenic distillation, which use the differences in physical properties to separate the isotopes.

    Where is lithium found?

    Lithium is a light alkali metal found in several different minerals, e.g. spodumene. It is presently of particular interest for use in batteries.

    Is any use made of advances in superconductors?

    Most experimental devices do not use superconducting magnets since the required experimental plasmas, lasting less than 1 minute, can be achieved without the additional complexity. Those experiments that do use superconducting magnets have so far relied on conventional technology.

    Is the depletion of water significant?

    Deuterium represents approximately 0.015% of hydrogen in water. Even so, there is enough deuterium to generate present levels of energy consumption for billions of years. Depletion of water is not an issue.

    Is the atmospheric pollution due to helium significant?

    Because of the large amount of energy produced per unit mass of fuel, the production of helium is rather low, 10 million times less than the CO2 production of an equivalent fossil fuel power plant. If the whole world’s energy requirements were met by fusion, the helium production would still be small compared to the present helium production of around 25,000 tonnes per year.

    What is the power input to the fusion reactor used for?

    The best existing experiments need as much power to heat the plasma as they produce in fusion power. In a power plant, which would be larger, the fusion power would be around 20 to 30 times higher than the heating power.

    How is electrical energy created from the reactors (heat)?

    In a future power plant, it is envisaged that the heat from a fusion power plant would generate electricity in just the same way as existing plants e.g. coal, in which the heat is used to raise steam, driving turbines. The possibility of using the plasma energy more directly has been considered but never seems practical.

    Are there any negative safety/environmental implications of a fusion reactor?

    It is an intrinsic property of fusion that powerplants can be designed that are inherently safe with low environmental impact. Extensive studies over the last decade have shown that no internally-generated accident could result in the need to evacuate public from around the site, and that the waste products from fusion power will not be burden of future generations.

    Do you think that fusion is a viable energy resource for the 21st century?

    Fusion provides one of the few options for future baseload electricity generation and it is essential that we develop it, along with other sources, particularly renewables. We cannot reliably predict the future, but the trends towards less polluting energy sources are clear and we must do our best to establish ways of electricity production that are consistent with those trends.

    How much energy could you get from a litre of water compared with a litre of petrol?

    One litre of ordinary water contains enough deuterium to provide the energy content (when fused with tritium) of more than 500 litres of petrol.

    What is the calculation that shows, in terms of binding energies, that 17.6 MeV of energy is released per colliding D-T pair, and why is it split 14.1/3.5 between the neutron and the alpha particle?

    The masses of the particles concerned, in terms of the proton mass are:
    D 1.99900
    T 2.99371
    alpha 3.97260
    neutron 1.00138

    The gain is that the alpha is more tightly bound. The net energy gain is mc2, where the mass difference is 0.01873 proton masses. This gives 17.6 MeV (or 2.8×10-12 J) per reaction. In order to conserve momentum, the heavier alpha particle must take a smaller part of the energy (smaller by the ratio of alpha to neutron mass, that is 1/4).

    Could fusion be powered by other hydrogen isotopes or other light elements?

    Yes. We concentrate on fusion of deuterons and tritons for energy production as it is the easiest way we know of getting a net energy gain. We have also investigated D-D and D-3He. Other reactions are demonstrated in the sun, for instance p-p, D-p, 3He-3He. There are a large number of possible fusion reactions, other than D-T, that produce energy. However, their usefulness in a terrestrial power source remains to be demonstrated.

    How much fuel would a fusion power plant consume in a day?

    A large power station generating 1500 MW of electricity would consume approximately 600 g of tritium and 400 g of deuterium each day.

    Can the economic cost of fusion’s environmental impact be estimated, including the costs of constructing and dismantling the power plant?

    Yes, estimates are made using the method developed by the EU’s ExternE project. This considers the total environmental impact of power production, from the original extraction of materials, through to the operation and subsequent recycling/dismantling of the facility. This is done by associating a cost to everything from CO2 emissions to accidents at work. The conclusions in published work have been very favourable, with fusion estimated to be considerably less harmful than conventional oil, coal, and gas.

    When can we expect electricity generated from fusion to be available?

    Experimental fusion devices have now produced fusion powers of more than 10 megawatts. We are presently awaiting approval for a new machine, called ITER (just one in the world), capable of 500 megawatts of fusion power. ITER is expected to take 8 years to build.

    Although that is on the scale needed for a power station, there will still be technological issues to address to produce steady, reliable electricity, so it is anticipated that a prototype power station will be needed after ITER. Electricity generation is expected in 30 to 40 years, depending on how focussed the research and funding decisions remain.

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    November 5, 2008
    HOPE- has change come?
    Filed under: — Solomon @ 9:59 am Edit This

    Beautiful speeches, well written and executed by a colorful and charismatic man now president elect of the united states of America. there is no question whatsoever many people feel a great sense of hope for unity and change by the election of Barack Obama. In the words of Barack himself, the time has now come for YOU Americans to be volunteers and progressive activists in Americas future. the time is now for YOU to do something as America faces very severe problems in economy,war,global warming and more.

    My opinion, in my 19 straight months on the net amongst all the Americans as i try desperately to uncover my science experiments to end global warming-war for oil- alleviate costs for energy- I have found no Hope and assistance from fellow Americans. I believe the change all ask for is because they all know inside something is very wrong all around them- it is YOU. YOU are the problem, and YOU are the solution. In my opinion America drifted into an atheistic secular dog eat dog attitude towards one another and may the best man win.

    To all who have shed a tear for Obama win in the feeling of hope and change, here is your chance. i don’t want your money, just your actions as an American trying to find a solution for our country. I risked my life to hand build and survive a one million volt experiment for all of us. I feel successful and the only way to be proven true is to have my dangerous experiment repeated by a credible university for truth. Since it is very dangerous and only several universities even have the proper equipment, i have narrowed it down to Princeton university to provoke.

    If you care for a possible solution to alleviate most of the crisis president elect Obama is running for, if not the world, pressure Princeton university(or something you feel) and do something. I try everyday and it is ridiculous and disheartening the amount of no support but rather abuse and ridicule for people who try.

    Your choice. Free will. do something for all of us and we all win. do nothing for all of us and the problems get worse.Here is YOUR chance to implement change- what will you do.


    Solomon Azar-19 months to a deaf non caring america-what has changed?


    post stock market open was a big drop and unwelcome for barack obama- wouldn’t it be nice if during the presidency of barack his administration finds the solution to the energy crisis- greenhouse gases-the MAIN reason we are in war and economy collapsing- well i did it- get past your ignorance for my one man campaign efforts and uncover my science deeds if you want this to happen- in 19 months on this net- noone does anything- no wonder America collapses- people need to CHANGE- submit to god with Christ as king as you might have a clean chance in life-otherwise- you are nothing more than an animal- worse than the dog as it is far more noble to its own pack
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    October 23, 2008
    greenspan:prophet to pariah
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    So now the great prophets and leaders of the American economy found on cnbc and other news outlets call the recent founder of American wealth Alan Greenspan the Pariah as he comments in congress today. Greenspan was “amazed” at the reality of his wildest nightmare scenario. I wonder how long it takes before people realize this whole global slowdown is from energy. I believe just two heating payments in the course of this winter of 2008 will fully align all the heads of society to the culprit, and thus, appropriate actions to solve such as the price of energy is the only variable for a global world to reduce in order for continued growth-unless of course a major war and acquisition of assets occurs such as Iranian oil fields. as i have written in times past, because of my bold advertising campaign to promote my experiments to end this crisis- i have been attacked and ridiculed by intrinsic instinctive animal behavior of others to great truths- thus- i will left to the end of this crisis- and accordingly the crisis will last as long as the uncovering of my deeds.

    Time will tell
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    October 6, 2008
    The state of Israel has one chance to survive
    Filed under: — Solomon @ 7:42 am Edit This

    The state of Israel has one chance to survive- speak English.

    Pick one amongst your group- at work or play and watch how some within the group will abuse and ridicule the chosen one. This is exactly what has happened to the Jewish tribe of earth. All humanity has been endowed by inalienable rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, however, how does the universal state of these qualities actually be implemented in a world with competing tribes/nations for fixed resources.

    There is no question our lives are cultivated with faith, as faith is the greatest test of growth for the greatest entity of the universe with GOD as the declared highest form- man is a child to such. In the course of our growth upon this planet have been communication through the ages to guide and gather the peoples of the earth to effectively live in harmony and attain our inalienable rights.

    In the course of our several thousand year quest to cultivate this planet from absolutely nothing to such a wealth of information gathered thru the ages, it seems clear to many we come close to our initial goals of completion by heaven- THY will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

    Heaven is a Utopian world. one in which perfection is attained. no border disputes or prejudice, these are the ailments man imposes upon man as we compete to propel our race to global security and peace. we are close.

    Now the time has come where the chosen people have now returned to the very center of the earth- The middle east. pitted against their ancient brother by words of god bound in the holy bible. an amazing story of the descendants of Abraham and his two children. one to carry a story thru Christianity and the other for Islam- how wonderful god has worked his magic on this planet for man to debate and analyze.

    The time has come in the age of enlightenment for brothers and sisters to unite. This is in the heart of all human beings. However, being raised within a group as a human being brings opposition to other members of another group. differences amongst man only surface when resources are limited and conflicts arise- therefor causing members of a group to gather together to protect its survival. a group may be religious-race-culture-whatever- it may exist within the same race-culture-anything. Nevertheless, enough strife and learning and pain has been waged through the ages for man to now witness by the very own technology he has mastered in media, we are one and enough is enough. man is truly anxious to finally declare the words of early twentieth century as man headed towards world war one– “the war to end all wars”.

    How do we attain this? In the formed state of Israel in which its members were scattered amongst the nations by the first Roman empire, many have returned with eyes of blue and cultures of mixed peoples that clearly demonstrated a love and desire for unity between people. This is clearly seen by all people within the new state of Rome- America- a land where all the children of the earth have now gathered for an opportunity to live in peace and prosperity for their lives and children. All peoples will unite and marry as a family with any race on this planet as clearly shown in America. The nation of America speaks the spoken tongue of English. America is the victor of a war in my opinion was Armageddon itself. look what has occurred right before our eyes. a war provoked by Adolph Hitler to bring forth the ills and stupidity of mankind with eugenics and prejudice. one nation with an ideology shared by many so called enlightened peoples that one race may be greater than another- in conjunction with abusing and ridiculing the tribes of Israel- WHY- to demonstrate to the world clearly the truth shall be found in its outcome- prejudice is wrong-and to finally push the tribe of Israel home to initiate global unity of all nations. America brought this war to an end-

    Therefor, for a world that is desperately seeking solutions to move on for the sanctuary of our children in the realm of god under heaven, it is our duty as children of god to understand what is next for us to judge and debate in order to perform an action for global security and peace all man desires.

    Israel is the key to global peace and unity of all peoples. Israel must accept a national language of the new Rome- English- the spoken tongue by all the peoples of the earth as they live in America itself. This act alone will create an environment which will demonstrate to their Arabian brothers the will for better world for all of us.the descendants of Abraham- the descendant of the prophets- the peoples of the earth are looking for peace and stability and an answer for our world to come together and live in peace and harmony. The world of god is saying to you UNITE. demonstrate in the very center of the earth in a land in which two brothers that seem so different yet the same as all peoples of the earth. one with words of god in Hebrew- the other with words of god in Arabic- let these two people come together in the global language of the world- English-in a unified state of the spoken tongue of English-0 this act alone shall create the foundation of communication for a world to officially begin global unity.

    Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven


    Solomon Sami Azar

    the messiah:)
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    ALL scientists truly are blind
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    ALL scientists truly are blind as they are confused by god and atheism which thus leaves them very abusive and non helpful to one with strong faith in god. no wonder jesus was beaten and crucified.. even the so called unbiased thinkers are emotional and prejudice. The following is the typical response by peer reviewed journals- they don’t even bother to review it in the competition for pages within the magazine. They are well paid, belly’s are full and usually without fear of losing home and security- thus, they are arrogant. The world is about to collapse over energy and scientists still have their head up their ass. they dont even suggest a journal that would at least review it. no one ever has in 17 months. So called scientists are not even smart enough to deduce I am willing to be the scapegoat for humanities ignorance towards one another in all religions, including the religion of atheism, that I offer my name and entire life for judgment that we may move on together with a possible messenger which unites all religious parties- instead in 17 months- all scientists no different than any simple uneducated human being simply acts like a typical human monkey and quickly judges negativity as they are superior and I am not in order for themselves to move on- all the while the greatest experiment to uncover the global energy crisis is right under their noses- this has been a very disappointing experience be9ng the messenger- My heart goes to jesus- for I believe it completely- that a human being of innocence and purity would walk among us with words of unity and peace and love only to be ridiculed-beaten-and crucified- I see Guantanamo bay today as the example by wonderful civilized atheist America and I say YES- we are still the monkey- no wonder an advanced civilization has never officially visited earth- it is occupied by wolves–when the global economy fails as it has begun- dont ask why.

    They say the rejection of the 700 billion bailout plan the first time was because the republicans were disturbed by the democratic leadership pelosi remarks and thus killed the bill in party protests-even at the expense of the American nation. I would say in 17 months, this is exactly what is happening with me- all who watch are arrogant enough, to shut me down, ignore me, don’t like my beliefs,ridicule the possibility/etc etc whatever- all the while our economy and earth drift into decay over the energy crisis- no wonder it took all these years for the children of god bound in the cousin of the monkey body to cultivate this planet so long from beginning.

    Dear Dr AZAR

    Thank you for submitting your manuscript “Lightning Fusion” which we are regretfully unable to offer to publish.

    It is Nature Physics’ policy to return a substantial proportion of manuscripts without sending them to referees. Decisions of this kind are made by the editorial staff when it appears that papers are unlikely to succeed in the competition for limited space.

    In the present case, while your findings may well prove stimulating to others’ thinking about such questions, I regret that we are unable to conclude that the work provides the sort of firm advance in general understanding that would warrant publication in Nature Physics.

    I am sorry that we cannot respond more positively on this occasion.

    Yours sincerely

    Nature Physics Administration

    The arrogance of man

    Let us start at childhood. First and foremost children are the light of the earth- bright and colorful and full of energy- and every human being beginning as a child desires the rights of every other human being- we all agree to this- we try our best to teach our children between right or wrong- but many times the child needs to learn on their own- how many times do we hear “ I know that- I know this-don’t tell me’- we have a laugh at the ones closest to us and a snicker for the ones not so close and just mumble- they will learn

    And all of us have some slight degree of arrogance to ourselves as we grow older- it never leaves- it seems each generation looks at the one before it as older/slower/ancient/ and behind the times- they have this opinion until they get older-J

    Did you ever try to give your opinion to another human being- unless you are in some formal debating club- it gets ugly with slanderous remarks with no relevance to the topic whatsoever- just a weak attempt usually by the person losing the argument and just wants the last word-

    They say we are made in gods image- this must be true- for the majority of all human beings are some kind of god/king/queen –everyone is an expert to some degree- unless you are someone’s boss that controls their paycheck- you will probably get into an argument with someone who WILL ALWAYS BELIEVE they are more aware than you are-

    Its human nature to some degree to believe in yourself- when it comes down to it- we trust our own judgment and actions to get us thru this life- this is understandable-

    There are many levels of this earth we may attain- if we are healthy and of means- the world is unlimited to some degree- thus, there is a level of knowledge and awareness every human being may find them selves in the course of life

    I believe I have solved the energy crisis by using a man made lightning bolt and a special type of water itself- my position is that my lifes journey in the realm of god has led me to this because I was given messages of unity and peace as their messenger upon this earth with a sole purpose to begin formal talks of unity amongst the earth in particular in the middle east in which it shall begin

    Hello, my name is Solomon Sami Azar, and I am above every human being on this planet with awareness of my science deeds and revelations of the heavens

    I have said these words in one fashion or another for 11 straight months upon the net with sole purpose someone will take my scientific deeds and repeat them-why-it is the energy crisis- it is energy which is the foundation of civilization

    To this date- my actions are seen as typical human behavior towards one another- arrogance of man- unless of course I am right-

    update-nov 11-2008= today i was deleted by so called scientists and engineers at the forum http://cr4.globalspec.com/ why? here is comment from admin This discussion was “closed” on 11/10/2008 2:18 PM. No new comments are allowed.
    Message from admins:
    User has been asked two simple questions which would make his claims possible. He refuses, claiming all manner of persecution. We’re done here.

    but the reality was i was replying to posts and the auto robot or whatever would only allow so many return posts- and i thus got this message “You (or someone else on the same network) has done this operation too many times.
    You will have to try again tomorrow.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.”

    but it never would reset- obvious the admin deleted me because of my personal beliefs-

    fascinating monkey tribe of the earth- they babble the words of god all day and yet a messenger comes only to be killed again- looks like global war to me
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    September 27, 2008
    Lightning and Water- its absolutely perfect-time will tell
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    To produce thermonuclear reaction it is necessary, firstly, to have nuclei with a large quantity of neutrons available, for example, deuterium nuclei, and secondly, these nuclei should possess sufficiently high velocity and merge together upon collision, having overcome the Coulomb barrier. It turns out that all these conditions are observed in the course of a stroke of lightning - such a conclusion is evident from calculations by B.M. Kuzhevsky, Ph.D., head of the neutron research laboratory, Skobeltsin Scientific Research Institute of Nuclear Physics (Moscow State University).

    Deuterium is always present in water: on average, a molecule of DHO (water, where one of hydrogen atoms is replaced by deuterium) falls to 6,800 molecules of H2O. That means - taking into account the quantity of water vapour available in the atmosphere (i.e. 5х10^-4 g/cubic centimeter) - there will be 10^15 deuterium atoms per cubic centimeter. In lightning, these atoms turn into ions and are capable of gathering speed up to considerable energy.

    With the lightning canal diameter varying from 2 millimeters to 5 centimeters, and discharge duration making the ten-thousandth of a second, it proves that billions of deuterium atoms will have time to start reacting with each other and to generate precisely two times less atoms of helium-3 and neutrons. These neutrons already possess enormous energy - 2.45 MeV. However, in the atmosphere of our planet they are capable of living at most for 0.2 seconds, during which they will inevitably meet with nitrogen atoms and be absorbed by them. This time period is sufficient for neutrons to fly a distance of one or two kilometers.

    The calculation has been also confirmed by experimental data. The DYAIZA facility developed at the Institute and installed in Moscow at the Vorobyevy Hills repeatedly recorded neutron emission peaks during thunderstorms, their magnitude exceeding that of the background by hundreds of times.

    Several important conclusions can be drawn from the above effort. Firstly, this helps to solve a long-standing puzzle: why cosmonauts on board the MIR space station observed high neutron background in the area of the equator. Keeping in mind that thunderstorms permanently burst out in this region, it is easy to guess where high neutron background comes from. Secondly, the same mechanism should also work in the atmospheres of Venus and Jupiter where thunderstorms are also frequent and sporadic neutron streams should arise there. That means that investigation of these planets’ neutron emission should take into account this particular fact not to confuse by accident “thundery” neutrons with some other neutrons.

    Source: Informnauka (Informscience) Agency

    Higher electricity use per capita correlates with a higher score on the Human Development Index (1997). Developing nations score much lower on these variables than developed nations. The continued rapid economic growth and increase in living standards in developing nations with large populations, like China and India, is dependent on a rapid and large expansion of energy production capacity.
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    I believe atheism is the root of all evil
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    I believe atheism is the root of all evil. In modern view a general consensus amongst the “norm” believe the state of mankind has progressed from a more barbaric period of mans struggle upon the planet to something “more civilized”. Even in recent events witnessed by television in America, a modern invention of the 20th century, many witnessed the growth of American prejudice with racial conflicts. many laws were enacted for civil liberties and equal rights and man progresses.

    Many would say man was akin to simple caveman description of long ago. no books or any learned material for one to hone and strengthen the mind, these works of literature and knowledge a product of 15th century mechanics and printing presses. thus, prior to such a time, a human being was simple compared to one which studies the world around them by collected works and observations of others in order to form a “worldly view”. however, even in today’s world of achievements, there are many tribes still living as any so called “pre-civilized” society. as a matter of fact, only in early summer of 2008 a hidden tribe of the Brazilian rain forest was uncovered to the shock and amazement of researchers who strongly believed all was uncovered by mid 20th century. still many stones are left unturned.Thus, one may easily see the behavior of simple man as he would have existed thousands of years ago with simplicity of existence. Truly, one may make an informed judgment of the state of mans behavior towards each other as a function of living together without any tools of modern living in comparison to mans finest cities and all the amenities it offers for civilization.

    Now let us ask a simple question to ourselves. given the choice, where would you live, in a city with all the advancements of mans struggle to harness nature;plumbing/electricity/true health care/etc etc or living in the jungle as one with nature as exhibited by some tribes to this day. it is evident most human beings choose modern forms of living. thus, there seems to be a consensus amongst mankind. it is good to strive for a level of civilization that grows in knowledge and awareness for mankind’s mastery of the elements around him in order to provide added comfort and security to their lives as opposed to the lives lived before them in a somewhat “darker time”.

    Now let us ask ourselves the question of spirituality and its effect upon a human population and its relevance. It should be readily apparent that the so called civilized nations that have endured thru the centuries were those with a common form of worship amongst their members in order to provide discipline-love and understanding for a human race that not only wants to find answers about nature in order to tame her- but also mans existence in why we are even alive and where are we going after death. these questions have been a part of our mind in all lands and peoples as clearly exhibited by observation of every tribe of people on this planet. all people on this planet have some form of worship and respect to god. let the definition of god be so general that it incorporates all peoples beliefs on this planet, i give no details except to honor all peoples dignity and respect of their own desire to honor something they personally believe might have given them life, might greet them in their own death, and comfort and regulate the after life for our forefathers and our time after death of a physical existence. Thus, it is apparent, the vast majority of the planet will not deny the possibility of such an existence of a greater power that has given life to all things.

    Now let us ask ourselves amongst all the peoples of the earth, why is there a code of conduct and ethics between mankind. The so called golden rule described in so many ways- do unto others as you would have done to you. there is no question in all the lands of the earth, society has setup some form of government between people in order for advancement in peace and stability. I believe i do not have to debate this in detail nor describe it- it is a no brainier. WE CALL THIS LAWS. you may say laws of government over the people have nothing to do with any spirituality whatsoever and may exists in a purely atheistic society, however, i have never witnessed a society ever in history of mankind that fully abolished the laws of god(in whatever forms they have deduced from their own messengers) for a population to be only atheistic. there is not one nation on this earth that is purely atheistic-why- it would have killed itself off. what exists today is the byproduct of many thousand years of mans struggle upon the planet and a direct reflection of war and peace between one another.

    Let us look at western civilizations best friend, the dog, i cannot say this for eastern peoples, as they have dogs as meals. However, so much can be learned from mans belief that his so called best friend is a dog, a descendant of the wolf. why not the wolf itself? can you walk right up to a wolf today, i don’t think so, and in many years of breeding from the most gentle wolf in ancient times, man has breed out much of the angry disposition of some breeds. More importantly for this discussion, who is your best friend, is it not something that listens and obeys your every wish(usually but with a treat), is there for you when you need them(where else can they go as you house them), is a trusted friend and companion when you are alone. I would say if man treated any human being as they do their canine friend, they would have a great possibility of a best friend in human form. feed and house them for free and treat them with respect, i believe a human being may achieve many best friends and not just one. Thus, who is to say, is the dog truly mans best friend by many years of taming the wolf to a dog, or is it the fact you feed and take care of this animal, i wonder if you would not feed your dog for two days and leave your infant child in the room with them, would your mind be at ease, or would you say that is unfair, and a dog must be fed. here comes my argument of man and spirituality. if man was not fed for a day or two, what will man do. can man be trusted when the pressure is on- when the struggle is hardest, can man be trusted as a friend or a civilized person to behave accordingly between one another in order for the entire tribe/group/society of common peoples survive TOGETHER. THIS IS THE HEART OF THE QUESTION. what will man do when the struggle of life is so enormous, who will resort to honor and dignity in a civilized fashion, or savagery like the wolf.

    Thus, life is life for all man. nature will surely treat all without prejudice. the struggle of life will impact all peoples of the earth with equal proportions. Thus, when put to the test of life, what quality of man is beneficial not only to himself, but to the collective will of his own family, his tribe, his society. All man is equal upon this earth, America has shown this clearly as all races of people may perform the same tasks, what man thinks they cannot do what another man can do. However, i speak not of deeds and tasks anyone may strive for like a simple dog doing tricks, i speak of evil and bad amongst man. who will “break down” in the so called internal struggle man has to be civil to one another- the atheist or the devout follower of an afterlife.

    This is a very easy test, take away the possessions and stability of a man and watch what he does. The truly devout person with a strong belief in an afterlife and god will be humble and continue to struggle in a humble fashion for stability, the atheists on the other hand will live to their mottos may the strong survive-dog eat dog-its nature and natural-etc etc- simple behavior by simple animals are the atheists. in today’s prison system is a vast pool of knowledge that clearly shows man without boundary’s, an example of a man who will infringe upon your boundary. over and over again many will try to tread on others in a violent or non caring fashion, we find them and imprison them, sooner or later and only be their own judgments and an enlightenment by others, man will “hit rock bottom”, and be born again into a new light. I have personally witnessed by friends and example by media so many human beings who lived a life for themselves in an atheistic fashion, it is only the salvation of a higher power in which one puts their trust and faith into they can be saved as a human being with a belief they are a child of a higher god. I have never witnessed a born again convict find the words of the atheists - there is no growth in it, only confusion and a limited peak may be reached as one believes they are simply the the descendant of an animal ape. those of faith understand the possibility of being here by a far greater entity, thus, the growth in mind and spirit is unlimited, as our belief in a higher god is one of infinity in space and time.

    But why do the atheists exist since time immortal. These individuals that do not conform to universal laws of the state government and spiritual houses. i believe they exists because of mans state of existence on this planet. i believe we are all the children of god with a duty to cultivate and grow upon this planet. i believe our duty is THY will be done on earth as it is in heaven. i believe heaven is a Utopian advanced civilization in the universe. i believe the highest form of civilization exists somewhere in this universe, i believe we are here with the obvious fact given absolutely nothing by ways of tools to cultivate this planet, only our free will and mind and an opportunity to show our creator what the children can do together. i believe the atheists are neglected persons who have been hurt in early childhood by abuse in physical or verbal means, i believe atheists have been hurt by their fellowman and are disgusted by the actions of others who call themselves followers of a higher power, i believe those who did hurt the atheists sometime in their lives were no strong followers of faith in god, but in fact, like them an atheist, hurt too somewhere in life and the cycle continues. i believe the atheists are a function of mans behavior towards one another. i believe when man is mans best friend, we make sure we are all fed, all housed, all educated, all loved, when all man no matter what struggle is place upon them, they will fight and defend their fellowman as children of god, i believe when this day comes, there will be no atheists upon this earth. why, because the days of faith will end upon this planet as man has performed his initial goal as children of god- THY will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I believe this world will be visited by an advanced civilization, one which is our connected family within this universe, i believe answers for our existence will come, they will come when man continues to struggle to fight for the life and dignity of all the human race. I believe it has been said by the Christ- my kingdom is not of this world- this implies our roots are not only from earth, but another place in the universe and all is connected. i believe the supernatural events depicted by the Christ is an example of power that has been respected by many cultures in pyramids in ancient societies, i believe when man places his soul in a higher power with faith we are far greater than we can comprehend at this stage of our growth upon this planet, your soul will find comfort. it is clear we have division in today’s world with spirituality and who is right or wrong, what language do we speak, what culture, who is true, who is false. I believe life is a struggle, since our time in inception from swimming amongst our brothers to find our mate;) to life itself the struggle, i believe god has given us a wonderful place for all of us to come together and struggle to make peace on earth. i believe we will succeed as children of a higher god.
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    September 25, 2008
    america-war and financial collapse- i had enough
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    America-financial collapse and War-I had enough

    Today on September 25-2008, i had enough of negative talk, something i have never been a part of my entire life as i have been blessed with genetics, luck, whatever that since high school one of my descriptive nicknames was Mr. positive. I was also blessed with good deal of physical strength, so much so several years after i find myself in my personal Disney land- marine corps bootcamp and the infantry- an environment not for the faint of heart and will place a bar very high for you- i have enjoyed jumping over it with a smile:)

    I graduated the marine corps with the understanding of discipline, coupled with being introduced with a beautiful form of religion-Christianity- i embarked upon life with a very bright and illuminated trail. there was never darkness- not in over 2000 solo hiking trips in the mountains day or night- rain or blizzard - to the darkest corners of cities and mans behavior in order to explore and investigate our fellowman- there is never darkness when one walks with the Christ in his heart.
    for me-the story of the Christ is completely opposite to what many see as reality on the ground. life can be very hard. most of the earths inhabitants don’t have electricity to filter and pump water- to keep warm in winter and cool in summer and so on. many die prematurely of diseases from the most simplest ailments in life.Living in such a life gives many an excuse to infringe on others for their own sustenance and life. In the understanding of the Christ, here is an example of the life one should live in the eyes of god, this is the highest form of life- to attain such in one life’s time is a struggle indeed as children of god are bound on earth in animal bodies subject to hormones, frailty of daily living with abuse and conflicts, it can be very hard at times for some of us. Yet we know even in our own lives we know people like the Christ to some degree. a warm spirit to console with, a friend when you need it, someone who is there for you when most others fail us.

    They say the art of positivity adds to the health of a human being. what doctor would even debate the truth of placebo pills. the power of the mind is infinite, and maybe some day all man will perfect the ways to teach our children to be strong as steel in adversity, and kind as the Christ to one another in any circumstance. maybe that day will come universally as we see some amongst our lives that come close to being that soft gentile spirit to calm the savage beast at times. That is the Christ to me, there is much more i see in the life he lived- yet at this moment, the story of his life for the betterment of mankind even up to the day he is crucified and yet prays for his assailants as the Christ surely knows man knows not what he does. such an example of faith-the highest form i have ever witnessed by description. some say made up, maybe most of the things we hear on anything in life are twisted in some manner. for me and many Christians i believe, is faith, for a human being to place his soul in absolute faith for the life lived by a human being is a great leap of faith and action. man has the free will to love and live the deeds of anyone they wish- mighty Caesar of Rome- Ganges khan of Mongolia-whomever- or even positive speakers like tony robbins and others have their fan clubs. To place our soul in trust with an entity such as the christ- the type of behavior any parent wishes upon their offspring. the opposite of dog eat dog and mans thirst for barbarism as he struggles for life on a planet with enemies both human and not-from animals to simple bacteria and viruses- life is a struggle. The Christ is a spirit with unlimited compassion and strength to endure thru prejudice-hatred-stupidity-why- for he knew the way-the truth-and the life. here is a story of a human being communicated by god as his precious messenger.

    In a world where many go to fortune tellers-palm readers-spirit talkers-etc etc, everyone is aware this life is some kind of test of growth amongst many other things as we live a great gift if healthy and stable to enjoy it, as much as we declare boldly we know what is going on- we know very little- and an answer can come from anywhere- from the homeless person on the street- to some spiritual talker that maybe tunes in at times with the spirit world all man will someday revisit after death. The Christ was given great strength-and thru him we too can find great strength merely by faith.I am not sure if i explained this properly, as i have never been a writer, more a science person my entire life, but i want to describe what was my primary drive in the core of my soul as i embarked upon the earth in my life.

    I believe this core of understanding was in place since the age of 17 for me, and the decades came on as i struggled,lived and loved as many do in our lives. at the pinnacle of the age of 42,last year, i believe i have succeeded with an experiment and ideology never before conceived of in science. an experiment which maybe in time will prove to be the end of the energy crises with no greenhouse gases. sounds wonderful doesn’t it, maybe it will turn out like that during my lifetime, but now is more than one year later from such a discovery, what has occurred in the meantime?

    First, it is important to understand my drive during this past decade as a disciple of god, a follower of Christ, and a man of discipline with a full devotion and admiration for all the peoples of the earth that have come together in this fantastic country- America, and made such a wonderful environment for all of us to enjoy and prosper like no other generation EVER IN HUMAN HISTORY- Thank you america and the peoples within. I believe i have been on some kind of mission since the age of 17 with an intrinsic drive to find a scientific miracle for mankind to alleviate the ailments of society. life is good-but very hard for many- it should be apparent for those with eyes to see the sick and poor- and ears to hear many complain from hunger and abuse- and with our talents and compassion for one another if we posses the energy- let us come to one another s aid as we are all our brothers keeper. For me, as with so many- life has its challenges- maybe it was meant to be,but i like many became divorced with the fact of my son separated by 3000 miles since he was close to two years old, i truly don’t wish this on anyone- even my enemies if i had any. so i returned to my present kingdom to regroup and continue- the sanctuary of my parents home:) a place where love from my own father and mother provided a base for my energies- i survived this entire time as a self employed master electrician-almost every penny i ever made wne to experiments- sure there were some fun times- however, without question, with a small child in mind to make a life stronger for me and my own, i struggled to find answers in order to be rewarded for deeds, and as a duty to use god given talents during a once in a lifetime event-LIFE ITSELF in present form of character and personality. i don’t want to talk about reincarnation-maybe or maybe not- the world is not ready to officially make up its mind- we have way too many other hurdles to accomplish. it has been a decade since i had health insurance as i find it unaffordable as i needed my resources for experiments. this past decade i have surely lived close to a poverty level as i continued to find answers to make a better world, i was trying.

    So last year came and i actually achieved to hand build something i have been trying to communicate with scientists for several years- i am not a phd person who speaks the language of academics- nor do i write nor care to in a fashion like a thesis paper. In a manner which on surface might seem completely arrogant i came upon the internet like an excited child with such a wonderful gift to relay- what i found quickly and harshly dashed my feelings of warmth and caring for one another.

    I was lucky to be blessed in a large ape body, over 6 feet and 220 pounds most of my life- i have found it akin to being an military tank in which no one likes to make trouble with and i had the ability to walk anywhere i wanted to, i guess man respects man when they are bigger. i have never been a bully or abusive person, i never hit anyone my whole life, i am always the first to give the smile, i am always the one who sees the positive in any situation. when i came upon the internet, i found that many people live behind screen names and carry out abusive and harsh verbal attacks against one another. i was not used to this at all. i tried to make friends in many forums, but as soon as one would say something out of line- i deleted everyone and started over again- forum after forum for over a year i try to make conversation and try to engage with persons to come together and let us force a university to replicate my experiment to verify such a finding. ITS THE ENERGY CRISIS- our soldiers fight for it- our planet dues by it- and our global economy is about to collapse from it- and i live with the full conviction in my heart that my experiment will end this crisis- i should be received with open arms. i did not find this- i find that most people do not believe anyone- faith between one another is so degraded- its hard for anything good to surface amongst so much deceit.

    Time will tell whether my science deeds are true or not, it cant stay forever a completely new way to attack the energy crisis can be left alone, but it was surely my duty to try and uncover it. magazine journals rejected me because i didn’t take the time to type and write it exactly the way they like it at elesvour or nature magazine- physics professor don’t even reply to emails as they think i am just the crazy scientists, i don’t get it. even my own friends at home don’t ask to help, even though they have asked me my whole life to fix this-and fix that as i was also blessed with that ability, and then my time came where i needed help, i asked for many to help spread the word- on the net, with friends, with concerned citizens0- i gues people dont like the way i talk,type,write,look,whatever, i am a one man show and i am trying.

    several months into my solo efforts to stimulate others to replicate my experiment, as i endured abusive comments from many, the world of god told me to speak up, i thought maybe my faith will be tested along with many others. so i began to write about my life as a follower of chrism with a full belief that if my experiment yields the truth to clean energy for our civilization, i am a messenger with words of unity and peace for the 21st century, this is a long story, one in which i have documented on the net for 10 years now. however, i always kept it to myself- one may profess being a n atheists and that is completely fine for most people, however, just tell them you are a messenger of god and watch the anger-the bewilderment - its fascinating, it makes me feel really sad for the Christ and what he must endured trying to tell people love one another as they beat and killed him.However, i was fully aware this was very sensitive subject, but i believed I earned it, i believe i was visited in spirit with authorization to speak up as a messenger. maybe just to throw it mans face as they throw whatever they want in my face as i offer the solution to the energy crisis and met with such harshness, i believe god gave me the authority to do so. while man was living his life and knocking on wood for their desires, i was asking for the sickness of any child,m all children during this past decade as my efforts intensified to find a miracle for all of us. my prayers were to god that you made me too strong physically in a world where many are sick, please god bless me with strength to find answers for mankind, give me the sickness of any child- all children, i don’t know how this cosmic balance completely works, but offer my life for others to live, all i ask ids the grace to endure and find an answer in your holy name. this is what i didi for the past decade as i lived in my sanctuary with my parents at a poverty level trying to do something for all us.

    so my writings and rhetoric became more harsh and abusive as i realized no one was helping, how come no one helps i wondered, why don’t friends care about the energy crisis, why doesn’t anyone on this internet connecting millions of people dont spread this discover, they sure do like to spread pictures of naked people and comedy jokes, what about solutions for all of us. i wasnt getting anywhere, and my writings got more abusive. i was fully aware i was going thru this period of frustration, and something was telling me good- let people know how even the good hearted ones that endure for all of us have obstacles, life is a struggle. it is meant to be this way for our growth, even in pour conception our little soldier sperm must endure amongst its many brothers and find its mate:) and to continue in life with struggle- from lifting weights to make the body strong- to studying vigorously to accelerate in academics and careers- to any endeavor in life- it is to be a struggle and man doesn’t want it any other way. look at the children, they say dont tell me what to do, i cant do that, yes yes i know this, i know that:) children are wonderful and the light of the world- you were a child once, then qe get confused with hormones and maybe some abuse by others and e are blind sided for many years if not right up to our graves without finding truth again, peace and stability with one another, with god of all nations and peoples beliefs as we all try to honor where our families go after death, man tries to honor god.

    but my writings continued and i found myself beginning to do something i never did before, scare people. i don’t like it, but there is some reality to it, talks of war and financial ruins, it is around us, it was always with us since our time upon the earth, i am sure it was far more barbaric in the old days, and i believe we get better all the time, we try.and so now here i am, talks of war and negativity and i had enough of it.

    To anyone who read anything i wrote in the past in which angered you, i am sorry, my motives were to provoke you to help in this energy crisis. to anyone in general who reads these words for the first time, I love god, i love the story of the Christ and i place my soul and spirit in complete faith and trust with such a spirit, to my fellowman, i had enough of negativity, i did so to portray even the good guys get beat up, but all is well and life is good indeed to just be alive and have still have some magic left in physical abilities, as for money and materialism, i never chased it before, i never will, i know we need enough to just live a stable life, but i followed the footsteps of the Christs, all is relative, my eyes were always focused on the sick and poor, i have been blessed my whole life, thank you god for such, i have made my peace with you last year this time, this year i make my peace with mankind. i pray my deeds of science are uncovered in a positive way to help alleviate the stress on man, if not, i sure did try, it was a struggle, i wouldn’t have it any other way.

    god bless us, everyone
    solomon azar
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    The Sam Azar Bailout plan for America
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    The Sam Azar Bailout plan for America

    They say 700 billion dollars will keep America from falling into the grips of a great depression. They say greedy wall street investors did it. Maybe all people were a little too greedy these past years,maybe we are all a little to blame for this financial crisis.

    Maybe there is some truth to the atheistic and animalistic ways man must struggle for life and dominance for his survival, maybe a little too much dog eat dog and may the better men win at any cost, maybe like a backyard squirrel many of us horded and collected so much money during boom times we stuffed so much away for ourselves-our family-our descendants for many years,maybe a little too much me me me.

    Maybe there is some truth to we are all the children of god-somehow placed on this magical and wondrous planet earth with a chance at free will and exploration to be better than before-to grow with enlightenment and prosperity for all our brothers and sisters on this ship we call earth-maybe we are all our brothers keeper- maybe there is some truth to one of the greatest of mans compassion towards one another- the Christ-the man called jesus- the entity many cherish as the symbol of a life lived and devoted for all of us in purity and love in the eyes of heaven-that in which he declared to the rich man ” GIVE IT ALL AWAY”. surely this statement is hard to believe and exercise-it seems to go against the grain of instinctive animal behavior- yet- there is logic and peace in such a statement as we are all the same family in times of need. soldiers know no color or creeds in battle-man feels the love he has with his own children-and sometimes in life we know inside this is the feeling the heavens have upon us as they watch uis during our growth upon earth- maybe there is some truth to this.

    I say the American taxpayer is now asked to shoulder the burden- i guess we will and have no say- but i say to all who are rich -whether a person or corporation with an excess- give as much as you can away- match the 700 billion like a 401k- double it- triple it- let the children of the earth know we are one together- struggling at this life with food-health care-survival-and love for our children to prosper and build a better life-

    give and match the 700 billion- maybe even a tax credit from uncle sam as a donation;)

    sincerely yours
    solomon azar-aka uncle sam to my nephews and nieces

    god bless us,everyone

    plan b- if the rich do not step up to the plate- here is plan B- the 700 billion bailout plan is equal to t boone pickens 700 billion dollars we spend on foreign oil and thus the greatest exchange of wealth in the history of mankind- THIS IS EXACTLY what has crippled America and other nations- energy has been eating at the fabric of our industrialized society for some time now- the dominoes have begun- first the financial sector- soon manufacturing and more- only a solution the energy crisis will prevent this and reignite America to greater prosperity- you want this to happen- pressure Princeton university to repeat my experiment for verification of truth- ENERGY IS THE KEY TO CIVILIZATION-dont believe me- go camping just one day in the woods and see how civilized you are
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    September 24, 2008
    Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla
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    Thank you Nikola Tesla for you contributions to mankind, of the many valuable gifts you have endeavored to find, many still hold the belief that to this day something buried in your deeds is the key to unlimited clean energy. Your Tesla coil of lightning fascination is awe inspiring.

    Thank you Albert Einstein for you contributions to mankind, of the many valuable gifts you have endeavored to find, many still hold the belief that to this day something buried in your deeds is the key to unlimited clean energy. Your simplicity to take all matter to an equation of E=mc^2 is fascinating and wonderful to contemplate in mans struggle to harness the world around us in our lives upon this beautiful blue ship called earth.

    My name is Solomon Azar, i have taken both of your deeds amongst many others in this wonderful country of the united states in which a bounty has been uncovered in recent centuries by the labors of many fine men that pursue knowledge and mastery of the elements. The ability to control high voltage and frequency by lightning proportions of the Tesla coil under the ideology of Einsteins theory of special relativity and its effect upon charged particles- a method to resonate and oscillate charges particles in a magnetic pinching environment as simple and similar to an early caveman with two sticks to make fire- but this time- two electrodes immersed in special water-

    In the year of our lord 2008, September 24, in a world crumbling by way of energy crisis-may my deeds of labor be vindicated very soon for the betterment of mankind.

    ENERGY is the key to civilization, with an infrastructure man has put in place after so many thousand years of trying to survive in nature- an opportunity to fuel this foundation with clean abundant energy.

    Time will tell
    solomon azar-noblefuse-of hydrogen to helium-of all things

    to whomever reads this story-if you want to save the world from global war and economic collapse from energy - email princeton plasma labs and force them to repeat my experiment as they are too arrogant to listen to the deed of a messenger-it will take a third party or and combined synergy of many people to convince their staff to act quickly-after 13 months of trying to instigate a society to do such- i still wait– when my system proves true to save the world of greenhouse gases and clean energy for all nations- you will say- THANK GOD–http://www.pppl.gov/-princeton labs/a>


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