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Friday, November 7, 2008

What Obama Should Ask His CIA Briefers

As President-elect, Obama is already receiving daily briefings from the CIA.

There are many important questions which Obama could ask about, and which "normal" Senators and congress people wouldn't have the power or the security clearance to get answers to.

But I believe the most important question is whether the continuity of government plans implemented on 9/11 are still in effect.

Because - if they are - Obama would not be sworn in on January 20, 2009 as President of the constitutional American government, but rather as the powerless figurehead of an unconstitutional shadow government.

Wouldn't that little difference make it important to find out one way or the other? Wouldn't Obama want to know if he would be the leader of the Executive Branch, or whether Paulson, or Cheney, or Pelosi or somebody else is really calling the shots because they were anointed under COG emergency measures?

Remember, the White House has specifically refused to share information about Continuity of Government plans with the Homeland Security Committee of the U.S. Congress, even though that Committee has proper security clearance to hear the full details of all COG plans.

Obama might be the only person who can find out whether or not COG government is still in effect.

Some might argue that this issue is moot, because Obama will just cancel all unconstitutional activities after he is sworn in. However, if he doesn't get to the bottom of the COG issue, shadowy forces outside of his field of vision may still control events during his Presidency.

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  1. You are of course quite correct, this is a very important issue. But I'd argue that whether or not we're "officially" still under COG, it would take 8 years at least to rid Washington of the shadow infrastructure Bush/Cheney built during their tenure (having themselves extended the already considerable shadow infrastructure that already existed when they took office).


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