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Headlines | 3-10-09 - Washingtons Blog

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Headlines | 3-10-09

Some of the most important stories of the day:

  • The chair of the Council of Economic Advisors diplomatically slapped down Geithner and Bernanke, hinting that their approach has been wrong (background)
  • Jim Rogers recommends buying into water treatment and agricultural companies in China, and thinks China will come out of the economic crisis before the U.S. (background)
  • Catherin Austin Fitts argues that the bank bailouts are actually north of $12 trillion and climbing
  • America becoming less Christian, survey finds

This roundup will be updated periodically, so keep checking back.


  1. It's almost like some people are waking up.


  2. Re: Kelley's comment, it does seem like some people are waking up, but the majority don't want to hear it. When I tell one of my family members about the truth, she starts yelling and walks away. It's almost childish.

  3. Let's not forget to mention that North Korea plans a space launch that could potentially be a missile headed for the US.


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