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Poll: Should Geithner, Summers and Bernanke Be Fired? - Washingtons Blog

Monday, March 9, 2009

Poll: Should Geithner, Summers and Bernanke Be Fired?

The calls to fire Geithner are growing.

I think Summers and Bernanke must be fired too.

What do you think (I've posted a poll on the right margin; and feel free to comment below).

Update: Here are the poll results:

Should Geithner, Summers and Bernanke Be Fired?


  1. Just fired? They should be brought up on charges.

  2. Geithner and Bernanke should both be fired and then renditioned somewhere for a while.

  3. Absolutely - all 3 of them. Then the search for replacements should be limited to economists who predicted this mess and had nothing whatever to do with our getting into it.

  4. Those three should be tarred and feathered in addition to firing. More importantly, the federal reserve system, totally unconstitutional, should be abolished, its assets seized and used to pay off the national debt. Only then will we see a strong economy. The FRB and the Fed. Gov. are the parasites destroying everything.

  5. Of course they should be fired. Tarred and feathered. However, Paulson shouldn't be left out of the festivities and neither should Bush. Hmmm, we'd better include most of Congress, Wall Street, and Rupert the Murdock simply for being an ass.

  6. And what, may I ask are your qualifications for coming to such a well thought out position?

    I am asking so I will know exactly how much weight to give to your position.

  7. Yes, but first they get tarred, feathered and hung in a public place.

  8. How's about lining up the whole bunch of them (boosh, kindasleazy-rice, dead-eye-dick, & all the other dicks) in a looonnng stockade on The Mall for a couple weeks to allow time for the good citizens of this nation to come with their rotten GMO eggs & tomatoes for a good tossing session? Let the boys appreciate up-front-&-personal what we Really think of them. Then we can get around to the tar & feathers.

  9. hmmm - I don't think the government can fire executives of private corporations - I mean banks. Geither, maybe as Treasurer - but not as CEO of the New York Fed - that's a private company...


  10. No wonder my neo-fascist brother touted the brilliance of the Geithner and Summers selections a while back...they are merely Bush incompetence redux!

    Geithner should be replaced with Krugman...the Fed should be shut down and Bernanke indicted...Paulson should be indicted.


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