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Thursday, April 16, 2009 Being Inundated With Spam is being inundated with spam.

For example, 133,000 blog postings on the Blogger service - - have been hit with a spam advertisement which contains the words "wow gold".

Well over 43,000 blog postings have been hit with spam containing asian characters.

Can't Google lift a finger to have one of its programmers stop this attack of the spammers?


  1. .....containing asian characters = including he..but I'm not Spammer and really hate with spam...coz I dont know...what is a Spam?

  2. BTW...thought I would post this.. I made the mistake of watching Jon Stewart yesterday. I used to love Jon Stewart! loved how he went after bush and cheney...!


    the asshole actually went after the tea partiers.. well guess what? I was one of THOSE AMERICANS -- NOT a DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN, AN AMERICAN! who skipped worked to protest agn the govt (first under Bush, now under Obama) taking our money and bailing out very freaking failing bank!

    I cannot believe that asshole Stewart thinks this was all republicans, yes, there were many republicans, but I was surprised to see so many dems, and indies like myself.


    I am done with Stewart! Doesn't have the balls to go after Obama, yet goes after moms and dads and just average americans who are fighting to correct the wrong turn this country has taken and they are mocked and insulted for it!

  3. You mean the way so many military families (like mine) who protested the war the bankrupted the country and misused our military?
    As a person with a degree in law enforcement, I really didn't appreciate being called a "communist" and "unAmerican" so welcome to the sorry you don't like the abuse. We didn't either.


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