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Monday, April 13, 2009

Spread the Word

I've posted a script allowing translation on the right (under "Followers"). If you click on the flag of any country, you will obtain an automatic translation in that country's language. This works for the main page or individual essays.

Take it for a spin . . . it works pretty well (if you see question marks, it is because you do not have that particular language enabled on your computer).

Please feel free to post foreign language translations of the site or any of my essays (just credit the blog) to help spread the word in foreign languages. The same is true for the original English versions - please post and distribute widely, just credit Washington's Blog.


  1. Thanks, because you've had many articles I would like to publish in our blog in Spanish: http://paisciego.blogspot.com. I can refine the automatic Spanish translation and republish. I will let you know when I do so. We publish from Puerto Rico but have readers in all the Spanish speaking countries.


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