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Sick To My Stomach, I Have A Duty To Report On the Torture of Children - Washingtons Blog

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sick To My Stomach, I Have A Duty To Report On the Torture of Children

As I wrote almost a year ago, the United States has apparently been torturing children.

Thinking about this, let alone writing about it, makes me sick to my stomach. But it is my moral duty to help expose this monstrous truth so that it is less likely to happen again.

Since I wrote the essay, respected political scientist Michael Haas has confirmed that children were tortured, and Raw Story has explained that the newly-release Bush torture memos may corroborate claims that at least some detainees' children were tortured using insects.

The number two man at the State Department, Colonel Lawrence B. Wilkerson, said that many of those tortured at Guantanamo Bay were innocent, but that the Bush administration did not really care whether they were innocent or not.

But children are - by definition - innocent.

Torturing children is not only a war crime, it is a crime against humanity and the most barbaric action of all.

And the torture was not the act of a couple of "bad apples", but was approved by Bush's top advisors. It was, in other words, a policy of monstrous wrongdoing.


  1. I hope you are not surprised about this! US troops tortured children (waterboarding, rape, and who knows what else) in Vietnam.

    America is not what it claims to be.


  2. Great Article George!! I sent to my email list along with this message "As animals we can easily get conditioned or socialized to accept awful conditions, but as humans we need to fight against this tendency and never allow war or torture to become acceptable aspects of our everyday lives."

    Thanks for this post and for inspiring a higher perspective to your readers. Peace bro.

  3. Are you kidding me. The article is totally unsubstantiated. It is irresponsible of you to take it as proof. Very lame. Read it carefully.

  4. Alternative title:
    Obama bans prosecuting the torture of children.

  5. Animals are innocent too, but people still kill and eat them.

  6. Go away Greg repug troll.

  7. Little late to the party, but...

    you consider having ants crawl on your legs torture? So by that definition, going to a picnic is torture.

  8. Oh right. Restrained children forced into a dark box with ants crawling over them is just like being at a picnic.

  9. "you consider having ants crawl on your legs torture? So by that definition, going to a picnic is torture."

    A-holes like you should be locked in boxes with fire ants until you admit its torture. And if you don't agree, then why not keep your miserable worthless excuse for a human being locked up

    Torture is wrong. Figure it out.

  10. torturing children in front of fathers and mothers works great. See Dr. Afia who was kidnapped from Pakistan with her three kids. Two of the kids are missing while she has gone mad. At Bagram she would scream through the night and the other prisoners heard it.

    The missing children are Maryum who was 4 and Suleman, who was only 6 months when kidnapped. The children were tortured in front of their of Dr. Aafia (their mother). Consequently Dr. Aafia went mad seeing her children tortured in front of her.

    http://www.draafia. org/2009/ 05/14/update- on-dr-aafiabroth er-speaks- at-civil- rights-event/

  11. the correct link to Dr Aafia and her tortured children is

    Robert Reckmeyer;
    The New World Order involves a Corporate Super State, controlled by an Elite few, who want and lust for Full Spectrum Power and Control. They have privatized the Perpetual War Doctrine and seek Profit from Pain. They already have all the money (Modern Feudal System) and now they seek total, complete control of Planet Earth and ALL its inhabitants.

    We can turn this madness is not okay for a super minority of men to dictate a perpetual war doctrine on the rest of hue-man-ity so they might satisfy their lust for power.

    I encourage all good people of the world to stand up and voice their dis-approval. We must throw off the frequency of fear and assert our hue-man sovereignty.

    Hue-man-ity seeks peace, love, compassion and a new civilization based on the Brotherhood of Man. We seek clean food and clean water, we seek a warm bed to sleep in, we seek to share some love and affection with our significant other and our children. We reject a fear based model and rather embrace in-spirit-a-tion (Inspiration).

    We reject violence and killing. We reject a perpetual war doctrine. We reject the current model based on lack and rather embrace abundance. We absolutely reject a Corporate Super State that seeks profit from pain.

    Peace-Good Will-Non-Violence-Love -Compassion,
    Robert Reckmeyer


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