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Saturday, August 29, 2009

National Debt Clock


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  2. Subject: National Debt

    I have studied this subject very deeply. Even Macro economic Professors are confused. The general gist of the situation is that at this point and for quite a while it doesn't matter what party is in power. The financial state of the US is in the hands of private individuals that control the federal reserve. The plan is to continue to inflate the economy until the system is at the brink of collapse. Then then the UN in the form of European banking will step in and offer us a solution that we cant refuse. That is to join the one world economy. They will issue Ameros, American currency at equal value as the Euro. Everyone with think Oh what a saving grace! But it will be a knife in the back because then we will be controlled economically by a power that is not our own. It will bleed it's way into the social structures and the laws and before you know it we have world wide pseudo-socialism. Unfortunately this is not conspiracy theory. I wish it was.

    About the only economic alternative would be for us "the US" to:

    1) Take ownership and control of the Federal Reserve
    2) Cancel all debt owed to the federal reserve ( a reduction of 45% of deficits)
    3) Hunt down the corporations that have profited from this exploitation and take ownership of them.
    4) Pay down the remaining debt with the proceeds obtained.

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