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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What the Fed is REALLY Trying to Hide In Fighting an Audit

75% of Americans and at least 276 Congress members and 19 Senators want to audit the Fed, but the Fed is fighting tooth and nail to keep everything hidden.

Most people assume that the Fed wants to keep secret the list of banks which received bailout money. You know, something along the lines of "we gave Goldman Sachs $100 billion".

But what the Fed is really struggling to keep hidden is the fact that the entire financial system is based on massive manipulation and fraud by the Fed and its primary dealers.

Specifically, the Fed is desperately trying to hide that many trillions of the government's bailouts have gone to inflating the stock market, buying up the U.S. government's own treasuries, and gaming the currency and gold markets.

Of course, when the New York Federal Reserve's "primary dealers" (the dealers through which the Fed carries out its open market operations in general, and its PPT, ESF, and other schemes through) get the huge sums of cash from the Fed, they place bets based on inside knowledge of where the money flows are going (they also, supposedly, skim off part of the cash, but that's for another essay).

In other words, the Fed's primary dealers engage in insider trading and frontrunning on a scale which would make your normal white collar felons look like a silver nanoparticle.

Finally, the Fed is not the only central bank engaging in manipulation. An audit would show how the Fed is playing footsie with other private central banks in an international con game.

Don't believe me? Show me the books and prove me wrong.


  1. obvious typo in last line of article he - the

  2. Good job!
    AFP had a story on audit the Fed a couple of months ago regarding Ron Paul's house proposal which has since gathered a huge following of co-sponsors.
    Those goons need to be audited. In fact, I have heard it pointed out on talk radio many times it really is no coincidence that the PRIVATE Federal Reserve was started in 1913 and guess what... the United States was involved in WWI not too long after that.
    These people are ruthless and need to be audited and if wrong doing is found, they should be arrested and put on trial just like any common criminal.

  3. A little more evidence that they are pumping the market how can you justify a 50% increase in the S and P index with a P and E of 700 to 1. Bubble pipe anyone???

  4. Bless ye! Tell it! I'll go a step further and present this idea: If you and I and our little clique of friends could manipulate/ control the money supply, could we not print a few extra million or two for our favorite campaign contributions?

    Oh we'd have to funnel it through some tax-exempt foundations, of course, such as voter registration community groups, etc. as 'philanthropy.' (We could call it that to whitewash it and ease our consciences.)

    Oh!!! Don't forget to issue some currency to control or at least influence the media, and educational institutions.

    It's great to control the loaves and fishes (even if they are counterfeit)!

  5. If you kids believe that the markets are manipulated, then you need to get your heads checked. The market is too big for any agency or institution to control for any length of time. The Feds are fighting this audit to keep their independence. Opening their books and brining to light some of the positions of other banks and major market players is too dangerous.

    @The Grey Tiger,
    You ever heard of the business cycle?? We are witnessing trough earnings and you are completely ignorant to believe the S&P has a PE ratio of 700… but hey a sucker is born every…. :D

  6. Hey Anon 7:15, the Fed *says* it is trying to manipulate the Treasury market, and if you think the gigantic debt bubble that's going to sink the old USA was an accident, *follow the money* to Wall Street, bubba. You goin' Alzheimers, man. and checks the stats, dad, this ain't my father's recession--although it might be yours

  7. The politicians like the fed because it gives them the easy money to act like Santa Claus. When this house of cards falls so will the status quo politicians of our day. It would be nice to think this might happen without a catastrophe.

  8. Let us audit the Federal Reserve. Use the old saying that they said to us about the Patriot Act. If you didn't (or don't) do anything wrong. You shouldn't worry about it. I wanna know what these scoudrels have been up to for almost one hundred years!!!!!!!!!

  9. Let's get even more specific, and here's another reason why they don't want to be audited. (By the way, I'd shut the Fed down STAT, and the people running it would wish they had never been born when I was through with them.

    A rep named Wright Patman went into a Federal Reserve Bank one day, and asked to see the bonds that the American people were paying billions of dollars of interest of on each year. They showed him the bonds. So far, so good.

    Then he asked to see their cash reserves. They had no cash. All they had were ledgers and blank checks. In other words, when they write checks to buy government bonds or any other form of debt, they have no money to back up the checks. We all know what that would be called if you or I were charged with doing such a thing -- don't we, boys and girls?

    The Fed, and the entire financial system in this country, is an organized counterfeiting operation. That's what they REALLY don't want anybody to see.

  10. audit the Fed!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Speaking of Goldman Sachs, if they were able to purchase TXU Electric (God help us all), why the hell did they need a bailout?

  12. Hey Grey Tiger, More like a CRACK PIPE! It's time to audit the FED.

  13. they know that an audit means that they'll be unplugged from the jugular veins of the population, and their ROTHSCHILDS ownership will be laid bare and fully exposed to scrutiny then.

    that's what they fear. They know that even as corrupt and non-responsive to We The People the CONgress and their filthier cohorts in the SENATE are, that this time, they risk being pitch-forked to death or hanged publically wherever a suitable tree bough can be found.

    we're looking at the end of a capitalist system that was always looney tunes fantasy world jive shit, and they blatantly use the PPT to rig the market.

    what we are seeing in the end of the U.S.S.A. by design, by the rich oligarchs of Europe who've been feeding off it's willing, compliant teats far too long.

    it's time to END THE GODDAMNED FED, not just audit it.

  14. "The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements, arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the worlds' central banks which were themselves private corporations. The growth of financial capitalism made possible a centralization of world economic control and use of this power for the direct benefit of financiers and the indirect injury of all other economic groups." - Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, 1966, p. 324. Quigley was a professor at Princeton, Harvard, and Georgetown. Bill Clinton acknowledged Quigley by name in his 1992 Acceptance Speech as the Democratic Party nominee for President. A recorded interview of Quigley: http://www.infowars.com/?p=2757 .

  15. Printing their garbage to buy up the planet and make us their slaves. F~*% I'm angry!

  16. The markets are in reality, manipulated but not to the extremes that are presented here. The FED has a lot of control, but they can't control everything. Its like trying to control the weather, at this point, mother nature is gonna do what she wants to do. Mass aggregate human behavior (ie. the markets) are the same thing. No one can really control and truly predict everything within the markets...even Goldman Sachs and the FED. Usually, those who try get burned quite bad eventually.

    What the FED is really trying to hide is the true depth of our economic problems. The entire system is riddled with debt levels never seen before. The entire system, in reality, is completely insolvent. The FED is fighting tooth and nail to save this "system". If the world know just how bad of shape we were truly in, all banks and most Governments would default tomorrow. The FED are at best, fire fighters, they can't see more than 2 days into the future. The problem is the "system" itself. It needs a total scrapping and reworking. That involves a depression of course, which we will have, one way or another. The FED can't control that. They can only continue to kick the can (and blame) further down the road.

  17. From France. Do it. We also need that for us in Europe !

  18. Ron Paul has it RIGHT....Audit the Fed. What are they afraid of? Our representatives should demand it! If they cannot withstand the scrutiny by having the light of day shine on their dubious activities, then the Fed. Reserve System (Private Corp. not elected by people) should be abolished, once and for all. Constitutionally, only the American Government has the authority to issue currency. Let the Audit the Fed Bill come out of committee and get the Senate to vote on it. Their constituants can judge them on their vote. Americans are finally waking up.

  19. I believe the extent of the “massive fraud” inherent in the Federal Reserve creation may be well concealed, yet it is right before us.

    When Congress wants to spend money it does not have, it gives the Fed securities (bills, bonds, or notes) and the Fed creates a credit on the U.S. Treasury’s account in the amount of the principal of the securities. Presto !! New money right off of the printing presses. The (unwritten ?) contract is that interest will be paid to the Fed on the securities. Payment of interest was required to be paid in gold or gold certificate at one time.

    Every “dollar” currently in circulation has been created as principal of a government security. The interest has never been created. It is impossible to culminate the contract. A contract that is impossible to complete is an act of fraud. Any contract based upon fraud is void from its inception.

    The only way to pay the current interest is to issue more securities (debt) and front-run the interest off of the value issued by the security. This reduces the value of the issued security to Congress so the actual interest rate of the issued security is higher than the published rate. Each time the security is rolled over, the front-running interest becomes greater. The interest increase is actually an exponential function that, given enough time and a constant value that is rolled over, will consume the entire value of the issue. This exponential growth is hidden by an increase in the amount of securities issued (an increase in the national debt.) A couple of years ago, the newspaper article declared the increase in the federal budget was 7.6 percent but the increase in the interest payment was 15 percent.

    A scheme is which interest for the original investors is paid by the later investors is identified as a Ponzi scheme. It is well known that any Ponzi scheme will self-destruct when purchasers of new debt cannot be found. The pundits have been writing stories revealing the Fed is now purchasing a major portion of the securities auctioned by the Treasury. Actually, the Fed already owns the securities. The Treasury is only acting as an auctioneer to make the public believe the government is selling the securities.

  20. Actually the PPT has been known to buy up stock index futures on margin and manipulate the direction of prices based on technical indicators so that arbitragrs come in and make up the difference.

    The dollar is falling as the Fed is printing more money than the delveraging that is currently occuring can offset it.

  21. The only way to audit the Feds is to make people grumble about it and say what they feel in the voting booth. Vote the criminals and cheats out or threaten them with being voted out and then they'll at least pretend to do something. The problem is that auditing the federal government requires a higher authority than the government, and only the people can supply that role. Too many people will look at the shiny new paper money offered to them (gag money) in the form of "free" money and bailouts to keep them satisfied. Americans need to demand a real plan from politicians to be responsible with our money. Who knows if that will ever happen?


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