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Is the U.S. Looking for More Wars? - Washingtons Blog

Monday, January 25, 2010

Is the U.S. Looking for More Wars?

As I have previously argued, the government might start additional wars to distract people from the economy. See this and this.

Since then, the U.S. has started a war in Pakistan and one in Yemen (Yemen has some oil; Haiti allegedly has oil also, and some argue that explains the military nature of America's response).

Now, Congressman Ron Paul is saying that the "CIA is looking for more wars".

That's just terrific ...


  1. War and the manufacture of material to wage it are what Duhmerica is best at.

  2. We live in the Age of Stupid. Nothing can be done. Let's drink.

    We have a war in Iraq, one in Afghanistan, one in Pakistan, a naval half- war versus Somali pirates, an almost- not quite proxy war in Yemen, a proxy war between Israel and Iran, a proxy war in Georgia, another proxy war starting in Venezuela, a likely real war in Mexico ... this last bothers me since the USA hasn't actually WON a war since 1945.

    Foreign policy has become an activity, like bowling. Make mine tequilla ...

  3. They say abusive behavior runs in families, often for generations. Such a statement is far too obvious a lead-off -for where I'm going with that, so I'll abort my intention to pursue the theme directly, -right here- in favor of a detour around the obvious pothole.

    There are those fools who say of history, -if we do not learn -from it-, -we are doomed to repeat it.

    It is impossible to repeat history, which is why those fools are merely -fools-.

    Historically -the only viable solution to a depression -is seen in a -good- war.

    This ignorance must be contrasted with Mr. Bernanke's academic career made of selling the bubblegum and bee's wax approach of stuffing the banks full of public money as -a supposed solution to depression.

    Economic growth however is like organic growth.

    You do not make a child grow by stuffing him full of ten years worth of food -over a weekend!

    You do not make a garden grow by pouring ten years worth of nitrates on the ground around all the plants!

    You do not make a steer grow by opening six dozen bags of grain and pouring them on the ground in front of him either!

    Now, to return to my theme.

    Both abusive behavior and ridiculous misconceptions run in families, communities and even whole nations, -as long as the academics are allowed to exclusively qualify themselves.

    I wouldn't give anyone a nickel for the opinion of someone -from Princeton. I've been there. I was -not- impressed. It's in New Jersey!

    Today is the day to write your congressmen about this fool, Ben Bernanke.

    It should not be necessary to write anyone about him. Bernanke should withdraw his nomination on his own assessment of the job he has done -not- fighting this war against the encroaching depression. makes it easy to write your Congressmen.

    Be creative. Tell your Senators -if they vote to confirm Ben Bernanke for a continuation of this disastrous bout of the Princeton approach, -that if they vote for confirmation - when you get a chance to vote again, you will -with a steady hand -vote for their opponent, -whomever that may be.

    I asked my Senators, -the two girls- from Maine, if they were also supporting the move toward expanding the world war that has already been begun by our President's idiotic leadership into it.

    Susan Collins, who I am reliably told was an adequate baby-sitter in her youth, -has at some time indicated she would vote for Ben Bernanke's confirmation -this second time around -again.

    And I will never vote for Susan Collins again, if she does.

  4. Yes, watch this

  5. Oh where, Oh where have the bond vigilantees gone

    Oh where oh where could they be..................

  6. Yes, we are heading towards a big one. How else can you explain that compared to the global military spending of US$1.2 Trillion (2008 stats) the USA is planning to use US$708 Billion this year (2010)!

    We can fight against or be lemmings, your choice. The way against is here:

  7. Should I waste my time here or not.

    That is the question when it comes to war.

    Washington sort of knew this but not really....he was just a pretty boy who was favored by circumstance.

    So OK, you chose not to allow my earlier post. Will you allow this?

    Fair question and get this.....Washington would have known.....

  8. When all else fails, go to the guns....


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