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Torture Is Continuing Under the Obama Administration, Creating More Terrorists and Further Destabilizing the Economy - Washingtons Blog

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Torture Is Continuing Under the Obama Administration, Creating More Terrorists and Further Destabilizing the Economy

As I pointed out in May 2008:

The U.S. has imprisoned 2,500 children since 9/11 as "enemy combatants", in violation of the Geneva Convention against classifying children as POWs ...

Pulitzer-prize winning reporter Seymour Hersh says that the U.S. Government has videotapes of boys being raped at Abu Ghraib prison (and see this; see also this - General Taguba discusses the sexual humiliation of a father with his son - see this and this).

This doesn't come as a complete surprise, given that assistant deputy Attorney General John Yoo has publicly argued that the president can order the torture of a child of a suspect in custody – including by crushing that child’s testicles.

In April 2009, I noted:

Respected political scientist Michael Haas has confirmed that children were tortured, and Raw Story has explained that the newly-release Bush torture memos may corroborate claims that at least some detainees' children were tortured using insects.

The number two man at the State Department, Colonel Lawrence B. Wilkerson, said that many of those tortured at Guantanamo Bay were innocent, but that the Bush administration did not really care whether they were innocent or not.

Last December, I wrote:

Many reporters have said that the Bagram prison facility in Afghanistan is worse than Guantanamo ever was. Moreover, abuse is apparently still occurring there.

As Spiegel wrote on September 21, 2009, in an article entitled "Prisoner Abuse Continues at Bagram Prison in Afghanistan":

US President Barack Obama has spoken out against CIA prisoner abuse and wants to close Guantanamo. But he tolerates the existence of Bagram military prison in Afghanistan, where more than 600 people are being held without charge. The facility makes Guantanamo look like a "nice hotel," in the words of one military prosecutor...

Bagram is "the forgotten second Guantanamo," says American military law expert Eugene Fidell, a professor at Yale Law School. "But apparently there is a continuing need for this sort of place even under the Obama administration.

"From the beginning, "Bagram was worse than Guantanamo," says New York-based attorney Tina Foster, who has argued several cases on behalf of detainee rights in US courts. "Bagram has always been a torture chamber."

And what does Obama say? Nothing. He never so much as mentions Bagram in any of his speeches. When discussing America's mistreatment of detainees, he only refers to Guantanamo...

From the beginning, Bagram was notorious for the brutal forms of torture employed there. Former inmates report incidents of sleep deprivation, beatings and various forms of sexual humiliation [and rape with sticks]...

At least two men died during imprisonment. One of them, a 22-year-old taxi driver named Dilawar, was suspended by his hands from the ceiling for four days, during which US military personnel repeatedly beat his legs. Dilawar died on Dec. 10, 2002. In the autopsy report, a military doctor wrote that the tissue on his legs had basically been "pulpified." As it happens, his interrogators had already known -- and later testified -- that there was no evidence against Dilawar...

However attorney Tina Foster feels that the new initiative is just a cosmetic measure. "There is absolutely no difference between the Bush administration and the Obama administration's position with respect to Bagram detainees' rights," she says during an interview with SPIEGEL in her office in the New York borough of Queens.

And see this.

Moreover, Obama is still apparently allowing "rendition flights" - where prisoners are flown to countries which freely torture - to continue...

Finally, Jeremy Scahill - the reporter who broke most of the stories on Blackwater - says that some forms of torture at Guantanamo have continued under Obama, and may even have gotten worse. For example, Scahill points out that:

The Center for Constitutional Rights released a report titled "Conditions of Confinement at Guantánamo: Still In Violation of the Law," which found that abuses continued. In fact, one Guantanamo lawyer, Ahmed Ghappour, said that his clients were reporting "a ramping up in abuse" since Obama was elected.
Now, reports are circulating that boys were tortured last year - after Obama was sworn in as President - at the Bagram prison in Afghanistan:

As the Washington Post reported Friday:

The U.S. military has begun investigating allegations that two Afghan teenagers were beaten and humiliated by guards while in American custody last year at a secret detention center at Bagram air base, according to U.S. and Afghan officials.

U.S. military officials took statements from the teenagers last month and are contacting others who say they were held at what Afghans call Bagram's "black prison," a detention center run by U.S. Special Operations forces. This classified facility is separate from the main prison at Bagram, which holds about 700 detainees.

The allegations of physical violence and sexual humiliation.

And see this:


Not much ...

Way to create more terrorists and to further disrupt the civilian economy, Obama administration.


  1. George, flex some boycott muscle... google Governor Ventura walking off the Opie and Anthony show for youtube and watch him goaded and harrassed by a total POS. Put it out there to boycott Sirius radio and cancel subscriptions... here is an email address and number for your readers to tell XM they are cancelling due to the horribly disrespectful treatment of Governor Ventura: Hillary Schupf - 212-901-6739

  2. Obama is GWB's third term. Hope and change has metastasized into Oh No Not Again.

  3. GW I very much like your insights but I feel on the issue of the massacre in Afghanistan of kids who were handcuffed, you dropped the ball. You clearly and emphatically declared the US military was the culprit, when it is impossible to say so conclusively at the moment. This article digs deeper (as I wish you did) and explores the shadow army in Afghanistan.

    There IS a difference between this shadow army and our military. This is the real story in Afghanistan and you miss it by failing to dig deeper.

    - Steak

  4. I wonder just what difference we could document between the regular army and the shadow army both would appear to have bent moral compasses that were and maybe still are being bent by their leadership , some of whom are willing to crush testicles of children to get their fathers to talk. Beautiful, just beautiful.

    There are at least 1 contractor body per soldier deployed in the ME battlefield , that adds up to 500,000 boots on the ground and were winning what???

    But in the meantime let's torture the crap out of who ever we want...I'm ashamed.

  5. Well here is the real reason we are hated in the world..The CIA has been doing such as this for a very long time around the world and in America..I just got through posting the proof about the CIA and their torture garbage on my blog Phoenix Rising yesterday. When the solders do such as this it is a clear sign that the leadership is FUBARED and requires replacing.
    There is NO justification for Torturing children!That is an abomination!

  6. It's worse than you know. The tactics used in East Germany have come to America.

    Check this out if you have the time.

  7. "General John Yoo has publicly argued that the president can order the torture of a child of a suspect in custody – including by crushing that child’s testicles." -

    - political and military gangsters !!!

  8. GW, I read you regularly on ZH and appreciate that you are try to shed light on government abuses. However, two criticisms of this post:
    1. American soldiers are extremely unlikely to commit atrocities, both because of they come from a (basically) decent society and because the military will punish them. There are more "wanna be" mass murderers on college campuses than in the military (I know because I spent 25 years in a non-combatant military role).
    2. "Torture" is not the reason jihadist hate us. They may use any so-called "torture" for propoganda purposes but it we released every jihanist from GETMO and arrested the entire Bush Administration (and the FBI/CIA/etc.) they would still want to kill us because we are a free, secular, successful (relatively) society.
    PS. If you want to know what real torture is, ask John McCain. Inflicting some pain to get essential information is unsavorary but it is not "torture." Inflicting life-threatening, excuriating pain simply because you want to is torture. The jihadists (and the communists)are the primary torturers in the modern world.


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