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Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Lot To Say

I have a lot to say, but am in the middle of a huge project at work, and so will be very light on posting this weekend.

In the meantime, please read this essay by Glenn Greenwald.

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  1. Let me take advantage of the silence. Rarely finding myself at a loss for words, -I have something to say.

    The world is run by an ever more shrill decree of the immaculate conception of ideas, policies, and cult personalities, from Al Gore and Global Warming to Ben Bernanke and Monetary Easing, but no less perniciously by people like Tim Geithner and even Barack Obama, The Great White Hope of civilized humanity.

    Where did these scoundrels come from? Is the purported infallibility of the misconceived social psyche best aired by David Letterman who spouts his endless one-liners about Times Square hookers to the guffaws of his swarmy nightly audience?

    Just who is it that speaks for the supposed social psyche, -or is it just up for grabs?

    Having spent years reading about philosophic notions of what any one of us might REALLY be capable of knowing, I have come to the conclusion -that not only is the social psyche and the infallibility of its path -a fantasy-, -but also -if there is anything any individual can do to aid his fellow travelers on this Lost World, it is probably to exert some effort noting the growing breach in the walls of our existence by the barbarians of vanity.

    What is going on everywhere, -is over the top.

    A hundred years ago it was widely accepted that world government is coming. It was seen as a positive thing arising out of a more scientific society.

    I am currently reading Ernst Haeckel's "The Riddle of The Universe" 1900, Harper & Brothers, New York and London. Haeckel believes the life of a human being is predetermined by scientific laws right down to every blinking of an individual's eye.

    There is absolutely no room for free will in the scientific view of the world.

    Haeckel, like so many still selling scientific snake oil, -would have each of us become a contributing part of Scientific Humanity exactly because there is no free will or purpose to life other than to build it all up to its ultimate demise in some sort of creeping- scientific cataclysm.

    In the Chapter XVII index -Haeckel puts his finger on the problem unintentionally, when he propounded its content, saying, "Increasing Opposition between Modern Science and Christian Theology, -- The Old and The New Faith [...]"

    Yes, folks, science, empiricism, pragmatism, these are the trinity of The New Faith, each with their part in the infallibility claimed by all these pretenders to the new Papal throne at the head of this idealized global government conception.

    There is -free will-. One can only express their free will by doing what is moral -though, not by doing what is scientific. We would all -always- act morally, if we knew how.

    The scientific way is just a superstition, a deadly superstition, like -a witchcraft on steroids-.

    And that is my point here, how to act morally.

    Understand, folks, life is a party. You're meant to enjoy it. If you weren't meant to enjoy life, -all the girls would have that hideous horse-laugh like Martha Coakley.

    You do have one moral obligation, -and that is to the future.

    So, don't screw the world up scientifically, bureaucratically or by claiming to know more than you really know.

    Don't go rearranging the pictures on the walls just because you think you are some kind of genius. You're not. You are not infallible.

    And, stop building all these bureaucracies that will only plague future generations.

    And stop believing that horribly destructive myth about global government.

    There is absolutely nothing "best" about anything -government.

    These people weren't immaculately conceived. They are not infallible. They are pretenders.

    They arrange these so-called depressions.

    A depression is the best time to be stinking rich. And that's what is going on.

    The pretenders were all -already stinking rich. Today they are inflicting the rest of humanity with this depression just so they can enjoy being stinking rich -that much more.

    Is there anything more Caligula than that?


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