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Thursday, February 11, 2010

U.S. Bond Auctions Are Starting to Fail

Both long and short U.S. bond auctions are starting to fail. See this, this, this and this.

Tyler Durden concludes:

China is finally coming through on its Bond boycott promises.
For background, see this.


  1. Thanks for your reporting, friend.

    I'm documenting this as well.


    China is finally coming through on its Bond boycott promises.

  2. And the moron Clinton continues her efforts to piss them off.

  3. Question? Why would China anything do to devaluate the Dollar and their assets?

    I think that this is another Goldman Sachs trip.

  4. My guess is that you don't know anything about t-bills. If you did, you would realize that if they really wanted to sell them, they would raise the yield.

  5. China should STFU and be happy that the President doesn't inform that that they are right and we should be more financially prudent. Therefore, we are bringing all our manufacturing home and putting a 35% tariff on all Chinese goods.

    Or, we could just demand that they let their artificially low currency float against the dollar or else we'll impose a 35% Tariff on their goods.

    Sure it hurts both but, really it hurts them more.


  6. Hi GW,

    Could you explain this in a manner that a mere mortal economist like myself could easily understand?

  7. to Anonymous who said:
    "bringing all our manufacturing home" and "we should be more financially prudent"

    wow, you sure know how to say meaningless statments. The manufacturing left because it was too expensive to pay USA workers. it is NEVER coming back to USA.
    More financially prudent? I'd like to see how USA will accomplish that when it is running 3 wars right now and preparing for more. USA borrows 2.6 billion dollars every single day; sure mr Change will freeze ALL spending but NOT military of course.
    Please rry to say something that has meaning next time OK? And dont be Anonymous; put a name, even a fake one. This way your words might carry some actual weight.


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