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U.S. Counterterrorism Officials Insisted that Crotch Bomber Be Let Into Country - Washingtons Blog

Friday, February 5, 2010

U.S. Counterterrorism Officials Insisted that Crotch Bomber Be Let Into Country

Undersecretary for management at the State Department, Patrick F. Kennedy, told Congress that the State Department wanted to keep crotch bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab out of the U.S., but that intelligence agencies insisted that Abdulmutallab be let into the country.

Specifically, on January 27th, Kennedy told the House Committee on Homeland Security that intelligence agencies blocked revocation of Abdulmutallab's visa because it would have foiled a "larger investigation" into Al Qaeda.

As noted by The Detroit News:
The State Department didn't revoke the visa of foiled terrorism suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab because federal counterterrorism officials had begged off revocation, a top State Department official revealed Wednesday.

Patrick F. Kennedy, an undersecretary for management at the State Department, said Abdulmutallab's visa wasn't taken away because intelligence officials asked his agency not to deny a visa to the suspected terrorist over concerns that a denial would've foiled a larger investigation into al-Qaida threats against the United States.

"Revocation action would've disclosed what they were doing," Kennedy said in testimony before the House Committee on Homeland Security. Allowing Adbulmutallab to keep the visa increased chances federal investigators would be able to get closer to apprehending the terror network he is accused of working with, "rather than simply knocking out one solider in that effort."

This is eerily similar to 9/11:

  • One of al-Qaeda’s top trainers in terrorism and how to hijack airplanes, who was a very close associate of Bin Laden, was an American citizen who was an operative for the FBI, the CIA, and the Army (see this article from the San Francisco Chronicle and this article from the Globe and Mail). Indeed, while he was acting as an FBI informant, he smuggled Bin Laden in and out of Afghanistan, helped plan the attacks on US embassies in Africa, and apparently played a pivotal role in planning 9/11.
According to a 1995 Boston Globe report, his entry into the country was made possible by “clandestine CIA sponsorship.” According to West Point's Combatting Terrorism Center, the terrorist was:
Given a visa waiver under a “little known visa waiver program that allows the CIA and other security agencies to bring valuable agents into the country, bypassing the usual immigration formalities.” While perhaps “little known,” this authority was granted to the Director of National Intelligence by the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949 and codified in 50 U.S.C. §403h, which states that if “the admission of a particular alien into the United States for permanent residence is in the interest of national security or essential to the furtherance of the national intelligence mission, such alien and his immediate family shall be admitted to the United States for permanent residence without regard to their inadmissibility under the immigration or any other laws and regulations….”


  • An Al Qaeda operative very close to one of the top Al Qaeda leaders was a CIA informant

And U.S. and allied intelligence services had penetrated the highest levels of Al Qaeda prior to 9/11. For example:

In addition, U.S. and allied intelligence services followed the hijacker's every move:
Moreover, the U.S. intercepted many high-level Al Qaeda phone calls:
Moreover, the financiers for Al Qaeda were not mysterious and unknown before 9/11:
Other facts point towards penetration of the highest levels of Al Qaeda:
Did 9/11 - like the crotch bombing - also involve U.S. intelligence services letting smaller terrorists into the U.S. so that they could catch the "big fish"?

If so, this would be ironic, since the U.S. could have killed Bin Laden in 2001 and again in 2007, but chose not to do so.


  1. Don't call it a comeback! He was never gone.

  2. L I H O P

    ... or worse, if that wasn't bad enough

  3. I'm glad to see this. I think it's really important to keep stating the facts about 9/11! So sick of the glib political lies that Americans have believed from the very first day.

  4. 09/11/2001 = INSIDE JOB

  5. All your posted facts are miss-leaders.No Al-Queadia exists and no Arabs were envolved in the 911 attacks. The hound dogs have been distracted and lost the scent--Israel Firsters.
    The author could at least asked--why was the panty Bomber allowed to end up in Detriot,instead of being arrested and sent for interagation in some far away black hole.
    It smells :^/

  6. Wait a minute. If the intelligence agency insisted that the bomber be allowed to enter the country, it must have known that his bomb was a fizz; otherwise it would have been complicit in blowing up an airplane. Something fishy here; very fishy.

  7. This is a clear inside job.


    This would reveal inside assistance in all of this.

    Just like 911, there is NO VIDEO OF HIJACKERS boarding the actual HIJACK flights. The video of ATTA boarding the flight is from his EARLIER CONNECTING FLIGHT OUT OF BOSTON and NOT THE HIJACKED ONE.

    This was allowed to happen for a numerous amount of reasons, like the patriot act and assistance with yemen/saudi side in their current civil war.

    Even yemeni officials indicate that there is ONLY 200 "al qaeda", whatever that means.

    There IS NO THREAT from al qaeda, there are over 13 million flights in the united states a year, over 100 million in the world and yet NOT ONE HIJACKING IN OVER 9 years????

    How's that possible?

    In iraq there are car bombs everyday, we can't stop them, however here we HAVE NOT HAD ONE ATTACK IN 9 years.

    Despite, 10 million muslims living here, 1 million illegals crossing the border and we have killed millions of muslims(more motivation for an attack). NOT ONE ATTACK.

    You have been duped!

  8. The answers are out there. Please download and read this free book which they have banned from publication! Must be something they did not want you to know.....


  9. Joe Boss does a real funny skit on underware bombs



  10. Bingo John Kozy. They proved themselves false flaggers here. And the guy filming him the entire flight only backs up this claim. PETN would be their craze word for the hype, knowing all along PETN is not incendiary without a blasting cap (which in practical application has now been proven twice - by CrotchBomber and ShoeBomber). The stuff requires among a myriad of things - electrical current. Would a terror group such as 'Al Qaeda' train and equip its minions minus the all-important means of executing its lethal act? Of course not. So the gig is up.

  11. Maybe they let him in purposefully, but then why wasn't he searched like all hell before letting him board a plane? Were they afraid to admit to doing Muslim Ideological Profiling because he had a rich daddy who could sue, or maybe because of fear of the PC press? Celebrate history's unforgettable moments of Islam's long history of being underestimated free online with the Historyscoper and arm your mind against what's to come, click http://go.to/islamhistory

  12. Now...I think the folks believe this story.

    Brought to you by the spin factory...

  13. Folks, al queda is a generic term indicating any group, sub-group, cell, or even individual that wants to kill or destroy anything or anybody having to do with the west or any non islamic creed. The US and much of the west does not want to say islam because they are afraid of offending someone. So they say al queda to have one term covering all. Most islamics are jihaadists. And most of the jihaadists groups call themselves hundreds of different names other than al queda. And hardly any of them look to bin ladin for leadership. Any fanatic spouting jihaad is their leader. And what is their purpose? Just kill and be killed, and destroy. That's it. You got it.


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