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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yet Another Congressman Questions 9/11

Congressman Jason Chafetz just said that we need to be vigilant and continue to investigate 9/11.

A nutjob, right?


But he joins quite a few other Congressmen:

  • Former U.S. Republican Congressman and senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, and who served six years as the Chairman of the Military Research and Development Subcommittee Curt Weldon has shown that the U.S. tracked hijackers before 9/11, is open to hearing information about explosives in the Twin Towers, and is open to the possibility that 9/11 was an inside job
And 9/11 Commissioners:
  • And the Senior Counsel to the 9/11 Commission (John Farmer) - who led the 9/11 staff's inquiry - recently said "At some level of the government, at some point in time...there was an agreement not to tell the truth about what happened". He also said "I was shocked at how different the truth was from the way it was described .... The tapes told a radically different story from what had been told to us and the public for two years.... This is not spin. This is not true."
And senior intelligence officers:
  • Former military analyst and famed whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg recently said that the case of a certain 9/11 whistleblower is "far more explosive than the Pentagon Papers". He also said that the government is ordering the media to cover up her allegations about 9/11. And he said that some of the claims concerning government involvement in 9/11 are credible, that "very serious questions have been raised about what they [U.S. government officials] knew beforehand and how much involvement there might have been", that engineering 9/11 would not be humanly or psychologically beyond the scope of the current administration, and that there's enough evidence to justify a new, "hard-hitting" investigation into 9/11 with subpoenas and testimony taken under oath.
  • A 27-year CIA veteran, who chaired National Intelligence Estimates and personally delivered intelligence briefings to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, their Vice Presidents, Secretaries of State, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and many other senior government officials (Raymond McGovern) said “I think at simplest terms, there’s a cover-up. The 9/11 Report is a joke”, and is open to the possibility that 9/11 was an inside job.
  • 20-year Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer, the second-ranking civilian in U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence, and former CIA clandestine services case officer (David Steele) stated that "9/11 was at a minimum allowed to happen as a pretext for war", and it was probably an inside job (scroll down to Customer Review dated October 7, 2006).
  • A decorated 20-year CIA veteran, who Pulitzer-Prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh called "perhaps the best on-the-ground field officer in the Middle East”, and whose astounding career formed the script for the Academy Award winning motion picture Syriana (Robert Baer) said that "the evidence points at" 9/11 having had aspects of being an inside job
  • Professor of History and International Relations, University of Maryland. Former Executive Assistant to the Director of the National Security Agency, former military attaché in China, with a 21-year career in U.S. Army Intelligence (Major John M. Newman, PhD, U.S. Army) questions the government's version of the events of 9/11.
And other government officials:
  • Former Deputy Secretary for Intelligence and Warning under Nixon, Ford, and Carter (Morton Goulder), former Deputy Director to the White House Task Force on Terrorism (Edward L. Peck), and former US Department of State Foreign Service Officer (J. Michael Springmann), as well as a who's who of liberals and independents) jointly call for a new investigation into 9/11
  • President of the U.S. Air Force Accident Investigation Board, who also served as Pentagon Weapons Requirement Officer and as a member of the Pentagon's Quadrennial Defense Review, and who was awarded Distinguished Flying Crosses for Heroism, four Air Medals, four Meritorious Service Medals, and nine Aerial Achievement Medals (Lt. Col. Jeff Latas) is a member of a group which doubts the government's version of 9/11
  • Director of the U.S. "Star Wars" space defense program in both Republican and Democratic administrations, who was a senior air force colonel who flew 101 combat missions (Col. Robert Bowman) stated: "If our government had merely [done] nothing, and I say that as an old interceptor pilot—I know the drill, I know what it takes, I know how long it takes, I know what the procedures are, I know what they were, and I know what they’ve changed them to—if our government had merely done nothing, and allowed normal procedures to happen on that morning of 9/11, the Twin Towers would still be standing and thousands of dead Americans would still be alive. [T]hat is treason!"
If he's nuts, Congressman Chafetz is in good company. And see this and this.


  1. I gotta say, I think your blog is the one out of all of them that I agree the most with EXCEPT for these 9/11 truther type posts. I strongly strongly believe any coverups were to brush under the rug embarassing decisionmaking under President Bush, NOT causing or aiding 9/11 as a pretext to grab political power.

  2. To commenter "Irrational Doomsday" (above) I would say "Get a clue, you have no idea what you're talking about!" BUT....the clues are everywhere and have been around for 9 years now. Surely "Irrational Doomsday" has read at least one of them? Hundreds of questions about what happened on 9/11 with NO reasonable answers. I doubt "Irrational Doomsday" could answer any of them either.

    As a side note: People like to quote Occam's Razor, but they never get it right. (Paraphrasing), it's NOT "The most likely scenario is probably right." It's "AFTER all of the evidence has been presented and examined, THEN the most logical answer is the likely scenario." It helps to read it in the original Latin.

    We haven't had all the evidence presented or examined.

    We're still waiting.

  3. Most of the people don't endorse the claim it was "an inside job." In fact, you've omitted the only one who actually did, racist kook Cynthia McKinney

  4. The psychopaths are in control. The only way they control the rest of us is through fear and intimidation. 911 was part of the whole scheme because we would not be afraid of every little thing before WTC was blown to bits.

    The ONLY way we are going to get the truth is if we get rid of the psychopaths in office and replace them with people like the above mentioned individuals. People who want the truth, not the current administration and congress critters, who would like nothing more than to shove it all under the rug to keep their perceived power.

    Now that corporations have been given "personal" status, it's going to be very difficult to remove them.

  5. Thank you for your ongoing reporting, GW. Your bright light of comprehensive factual accounting reveals what we need to see. I just added this link to my article on this subject, and want you to know that even though my investment in time to comment is sporadic, my admiration and appreciation of your work and love for humanity is continuous.

    Enjoy the day :)

  6. People are changing ... I was shocked yesterday when the wife of our contractor told me she thinks the tsunami, New Orleans and Haiti were manufactured by world government to cull the population.

    OMG! These are Rush Limbaugh clones - it plays in there office all day every day... then Hannity.

    This was not someone I would have expected this to come out of.

    there is hope for America.

  7. Hey Jason, when did you first suspect something was fishy? I thought something was up when two planes hit and three buildings fell. Day late and dollar short bud.

  8. Excellent work Mr.Washington.
    George Bush and Dick Cheney sold us "We the People " a irrational conspiracy theory as the "truth?" in regards to 9/11. People started questioning the"official conspiracy theory" because it just did not make sense.
    Irrational Doomsday said:
    "I strongly strongly believe any cover ups were to brush under the rug embarrassing decision making under President Bush, NOT causing or aiding 9/11 as a pretext to grab political power."

    Well grabbing political power is exactly what happened isn't it?
    George Bush and the others in government handed up our Constitution for sacrifice for a never ending war on terror..... Which by the way always seems to rear it's ugly head on our soil or Bin -Laden will raise himself from the dead to make a tape... around the time the Congress has to vote on reestablishing the official State of Emergency. How convenient.
    As for covering up George Bush and his cronies "embarrassing failures and bad decision making policies" That would be a conspiracy wouldn't it? That is also criminal.
    Let us not forget about Dick Cheney's war crimes . Dick is such a perfect name for him.
    It would be really sweet if that level of criminal activity was all there was to 9/11 but the facts point out something completely different. The facts of 9/11 point to an inside job of some kind. It would only take a few people in charge knowing about it, planning it,or planning around events that were going to happen to accomplish it.The rest of the people would not know their involvement because it would have been like a boss at work telling an employee what to do with out telling said employee all about the companies business. That kind of stuff happens everyday in any companies workplace. A perfect example of this is.... Does a factory worker know who all the clients and companies are that he or she is making the products for? Not normally.. they just do their job. They get told about the companies inside business on a need to know basis. A handful of bosses ordering employees to do certain things, is all it would have taken for 9/11 to have been an inside job.
    What you believe Mr.Irrational Doomsday is your choice...but the facts of 9/11 do not agree with your opinion. I applaud those people who refuse to go along with the official conspiracy theory just because it is "convenient" to do so.I applaud those who are willing to risk everything just to stand for what they know is the right thing to do.
    Mr.Washington I applaud you for standing up for the Truth. No matter how controversial it is.

  9. Google for "A Key British Official Reminds Us of the Forgotten Anthrax Attack". There is ongoing British inquiry with interesting connections to 9/11.

  10. "Irrational Doomsday" thinks 'Bush made embarassing decisions, inadvertently leaving a narrow window for the attack to happen just as the confirmed liars say it happened on the same day FEMA was doing a hijacking scrimmage in NYC. And fire vaporzes steel. Then Bush accidentally(?) grabbed more power and invaded 2 countries his handlers had long before decided would be invaded and signed legislation contrary to the specific intentions of our Founders.'

    And Cynthia McKinney, 1000+ architects & engineers, hundreds of pilots, every nation's intelligence community, the father of Reaganomics, and the rest of us are anti-American kooks. Wow. Just wow.

  11. "9/11 Commissioner Bob Kerrey said that "There are ample reasons to suspect that there may be some alternative to what we outlined in our version . . . "
    These Commissioners are cowards - why did they not all stand up and voice these concerns during the 'investigation'? Why did they not Refuse to write a report until they had the truth? Why did they not issue a simple report saying, 'We've been lied to, and therefore cannot issue a report'? It's easy to come out after-the-fact and complain. Only Max Cleland had the audacity to speak the truth when it mattered. If they all had done this, things would be different today.

  12. yep, the day is gonna come when the majority of Americans come to grips with the laws of physics and reality...there are many minds teetering on the edge of discovering that gov't's DO have the power and WILL conspire against the People, just like "ours" did on 9-11. I think "consdemo" and "irrational"'s mindset is in the minority these days. Most people know gov'ts cant be trusted ever. But the Day WILL come, and I think it'll be within the next three prez. elections even.
    Peace, inspite of the liars who would have it otherwise.

  13. People, please be aware that there are paid people who scan the internet looking for articles about 9-11 and then post to the article with provocative comments intended to derail any intelligent conversation. Irrational Doomsday Blog is one such. Read his post carefully. Examine the grammatical structure.

  14. Yes, we need yet another Washington DC investigation! Investigate in committee until the cows come home, great idea!

    There is no good company in Washington DC. Only crooks, creeps, and kooks.

    Try not to be one of them.

  15. Excellent, excellent, excellent Mr. Washington. I'm forwarding this to everyone I know and posting it on political forums.

    BTW, how to you copy and paste with the links still attached?

    Thank you

  16. An excellent article! If any of you have not watched this video interview of Aaron Russo, please do:

    Mr. Russo was a great and honest man I believe. He basically states that the Council on Foreign Relations members knew of the event in 2000 and that it was to be blamed on bin Laden, and they would create an endless war on terror because of it. Note that CFR members are in key positions in government and intelligence agencies, such as Cheney, and Mueller in the FBI. And 6 of 9 members of the 9/11 Commission.

    What I think is that there is even more to it than that. We know that the monetary system is a Ponzi scheme of the largest order. Money is created, and interest is charged, but there is no additional money created to pay the interest. So you never have enough for everyone to do so. If the monetary velocity is high enough, you can keep going at it for a while, but as we see the total US debt has exploded to around $52T, which is about 4 times the whole money supply. Supporting that debt has become so expensive that printing money provides less and less benefit to the economy, so that most of last year there was a negative effect to adding new money, to the tune of -2% impact to the GDP. So soon things will get worse if we don't change things radically. So what do the Ponzi schemers do? Create the premise for a police state, and slowly work on getting people used to being good little serfs, restrict them and make sure they can't get out of line and ruin things for the elite jerks.

    Watch the video. They want you chipped and controlled. Personally I think such a miserable outlook on life and your fellow man will eventually cause them to defeat themselves.

  17. I think its pretty clear that 911 was an inside job either by the US government alone or with the help of the Israelis:

  18. There was an embarassing decision made, alright. All the fools who voted for W made it.

  19. OK...

    Here's where everybody gets it wrong.

    The US gov't did not fly airplanes into the WTC on 9/11.

    What the US gov't did was to create the conditions of LAX SECURITY so that a terrorist act could easily take place on American soil.

    To the point: the US gov't was beyond derelict in it's duty, IT KNOWINGLY ALLOWED A SITUATION TO EXIST THAT WOULD RESULT IN A CATASTROPHE.

    I admit this is only slightly less bad than having actually planed and carried out 9/11. But the "truthers" out there really need to start being realistic.

  20. It seems to me in light of the general MSM's departure from denial of 911 falsehoods into embracing the likelihoods of high up government involvement in 911, that the real perpetrators are trying to pin it on the US government and close the case before they get drug into it.

    "War Through Deception" their motto clearly reads.

  21. No Dave Narby, you need to be realistic. The US government did 911. That is it. It was probably done with the help of the Israelis. Does the term 5 dancing Israelis mean anything to you?

  22. Well, Jason Chafetz maybe is the newcomer in office and could be a little bit leary at this point in time. After all, maybe they are still teaching him the ropes--so to speak. But maybe it takes the "guts" of a newcomer-- just speaking off the cuff-- to get the ball rolling!

    What is the difference, you might say, whether "bombs" were used in conjunction with the planes crashing into the buildings or not? Because either way it is terrorism--isn't it?

    Well, if you look at the timeline of terrorism regarding the World Trade Center, it's total history, the very premise of using bombs has been tried on that building years ago! Didn't they catch them years ago trying to do that very thing?

    More questions:

    Why do we ignore the film footage of the World Trade Center coming down in so much dust-- at free fall speed? They show the film in slow motion right on the internet and you can isolate the little "blips of light" that are not associated with the flame of combustion of the jet fuel.

    The truth is, even if they did use bombs in conjunction with the planes, they still are terrorists all the same! But then how is it that they were able to place the explosives into the building in the first place? Was securtiy just lacking that day or just people working as an acomplise in this crime of humanity? How could it have been "timed" to coincide with the planes that crashed into the buildings?

    The fact that the government is hiding this fact from the general public , what does it say about the government or the people in charged? But it is not a conspiracy?

    Why do we ignore the statements by BYU professor Steven Jones? Why did he resign just after President Bush came to town? How can his paper, that he so diligently prepared for "all" of America, be the "one thing" that takes his very job from him at BYU?

    How many students had learned from his lectures and moved on to successful careers up until this point? How can we just blatantly disregard the information that this man tried to share with all of US? To label Professor Steven Jones as a nut-case is likened to an uninformed people of years past, believing in all sincerity --that the world was flat! If you believed differently, in that time period --you were labeled as insane or just plain "dumb!"

    I have wondered also --if Jason Chavetz is concerned with being labeled as a nut case too? What is his "take" on Professor Jones? Is that the real crux of the matter? After all,could it be that Professor Steven Jones and his lack of concern for his own position at BYU--in the writing of his paper, this very thing, may have led to his demise and losing his position at BYU!

    What do we owe the people that died in the World Trade Center disaster? What gift could you give them? That became their burial site!

    For a look at a play that deals with one man's loss of life in the World Trade Center disaster, check out the play, Just One Rose, at


  23. There is an organized movement to cover up the neocons' involvement in staging 9/11.

    Generally when there's a good article posted online about it, suddenly there's a flurry of ignorant posts saying there's nothing to see here folks, move along...

    The military calls this "psyops" ( and they're using it AGAINST US - American citizens, to delay a real investigation into this vicious act of right-wing domestic terrorism.

    The latest development is the identification of MILITARY-GRADE nano-thermite, which was used to cut the steel girders on 9/11 for a controlled demolition. This was published in a credible, peer-reviewed physics journal.

    The Democrats are part of the cover up. I vote for the Green Party now.

  24. Let's be realistic:

    How did 267 stories of concrete turn to dust as it "collapsed?"
    (World Trade Center 1,2 , and 7)

    Energy can't be used twice. If it falls, it falls. But it will not EXPLODE as it falls.

    Unless of course it's a CONTROLLED DEMOLIOTION.

    The only story that has been straight for 9 years now.

    Unless you rely on 5th grade foreign poilcy.

  25. Apparently, Congressman Jason Chafetz doesn't much care for his day job. Either that or he has cujones made of brass and isn't afraid to speak truth to power. Either way, he ought to be commended for having an open mind about the events of that day by voicing his opinion in calling for further investigation.

    The evidence of some sort of controlled demolition has been definitively demonstrated. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (among others) have thoroughly debunked the 'official' (NIST) version of events. Prof. David Ray Griffin has published (at last count) six tomes on the subject. Prof. James Fetzer created Scholars for 9/11 Truth to examine the facts of that day. Lawyers/Pilots etc. for 9/11 Truth have followed suit.

    The only independent, scholarly review of the events of that day is only occuring online and in various 'truther' forums. Congressman Chafetz's vain hope that the government would reinvestigate 9/11 to ascertain the actual causes for the collapses of WTC 1,2,and 7 is, however, naive at best.

    Given the simple fact that the Obama administration and the Justice Department have made it abundantly clear that any possible criminal malfeasance in the Buzsh administration will go unchecked doesn't bode well for any further government inquiries into 9/11.

  26. How is it that they claim that the ground samples have radioactivity to it? Do you really think that the remains of smoke detectors would be really any factor to this sort of thing?

    If that is the case , I think that we should pull all the smoke detectors out of service !! Period!


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