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The Guy Who Stole All Our Money Now Wants to Steal Our Paycheck, Too - Washingtons Blog

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Guy Who Stole All Our Money Now Wants to Steal Our Paycheck, Too

Ben Bernanke has funneled trillions of dollars worth of bailouts, guarantees and sweetheart deals to U.S. (and foreign - and see this) banks.

This money was pickpocketed from you and me, directly (through government spending) and indirectly (increasing debt costs, future inflation, etc).

Bernanke is now calling for tax increases and raising the possibility of reductions in entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security.

Tax increases means we keep less from each paycheck. Reduction in services means that money we've already paid to the government (through social security, etc.) will now instead be paid to the bankers to service the U.S. debt.

Isn't that like a guy who stole our money now trying to steal our paycheck, too?

As JR writes:

We now have the unbelievable spectacle of the banker as the taxman—Volcker, the banker calling for a VAT tax; Bernanke calling for a tax hike and the possibility of reductions in Medicare and Social Security.

At last, the pretense is gone. First these bankers, posing as national leaders with a mission to rein in inflation, steal the money from the treasury, debase the currency, game the debt, and, now, take the lead in asking for more.


  1. Why not just get rid of the FED and start printing debt free money? Kennedy's Executive Order 11110 has never been repealed. We the people did not vote for bailouts, wars, fascist encroachments on our rights with sweet sounding names. The Federal Deficit is not the people's responsibility. The Fed has been running out fiscal policy; throw the criminals out and liquidate their assets and personal fortunes and pay what foreign debts we can with these resources. Most of the national debt is interest owed the Fed for the paper money they have been creating out of thin air to loan to the government. If the "money" was created out of thin air, then let the debt it fostered vanish into the same thin air.

  2. The central function of government is the looting of the governed and central banks are the primary mechanism through which this is achieved.

  3. And WHO was it that reappointed Bernanke?

    Why the same person who appointed Turbo Tax Cheat Timmy, the same person who brought in Larry (foot in his mouth) Summers. The same who has the corrupt Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff.

    Does anyone detect a theme here?

    Obama is a PUPPET for the ultra wealthy elite that own the US in every way.

    Obama sold himself to the highest bidder just as a prostitute does.

  4. That's libertarian capitalism right? Theft is legal as long as you are big enough to buy yourself a government and legal system. (Psssst... Libertarian Capitalism leads to communism and slavery of the common man)

  5. The cuts should start with the congressional legacy costs. Why do the citizens need to pay retirement to millionaires who are employed as lobbyists, tv hosts etc... there should be a reduction in pension pay just like the citizens experience with social security payments. Seems a conflicting rule that we pay retirement after 6 years as a senator and it doesnt matter if they are a multimillionaire or not... Something smells in this system

  6. Arrest and prosecute everyone involved with the Federal Reserve with criminal fraud, seize all of the assets and property (globally) that the Fed has acquired since 1913, return all the wealth to the States treasury's, fire everyone in Washington DC and start over with a new congress. Publicly hang everyone convicted of fraud and leave their bodies to rot until there nothing left but their skeletons.

  7. We need to find an alternative system to "employment" and government-controlled (or Federal Reserve controlled) money. Maybe an "energy system" where we barter and trade actual items of tangible physical worth and labour of tangible value in a manner that requires no paperwork or electronic tracking so there is no record for the government to access. When we are able to live independently in a REAL free economy without from govern-mental interference and control, then, only then will be be free.

  8. The FED from the People.

    What is right about that?

  9. It's OK to vote but remember this...Your VOTE only counts if it hasn't been deleted from the records.

  10. the fed's are political terrorists. we need to take back our country...

  11. print a gold backed currency forget about the federal reserve note.Just dont recognize it anymore like the confederate dollars.

  12. All these posters that say" we should do this or that" need to understand the very laws they want to change are made by the wealthy elite who are never going to pass laws that will limit their power. They will never allow a law which puts power in the hands of the people. Some day a revolution of some sort will be needed.

  13. The people of america wont take much more of this...washington is beating a dead horse...except, that horse belongs to the headless horseman...and that horseman is coming for you washington! your day is coming very soon!

  14. Maybe someday we'll be so fed up that we'll do the things we say we should do.

  15. Its time for a US military officer to lead the people into rebellion and remove these buzzards of corruption.....who would this man be?

  16. why get all worked up,obma will free us poor people he's gonna put money and free health care and free housing. I say we should tax all that make over 125,000 by 50% or 60% so everyone has a good life. we need more elected leaders like him to make things fair.

  17. The financial parasite class should be treated the same as drug dealers and other antisocial criminals.

    Their ill gotten gains should be seized and they should be thrown into forced labor camps.

  18. I think we should get rid of currency altogether.It would save our country money and lower the national crime rate.


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