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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taking a Break from Writing

I'm taking a break from writing for a while.

If I were getting paid for it, or if I didn't have a full-time day job and a wife and young kids, I might be able to keep up the writing.

Moreover, while my posts and those of many other writers are cumulatively helping to spread the truth, it doesn't seem like my posts are making enough of a difference to justify the amount of time I am putting into them.

I don't know whether my break will last a day, week, month, year or decade.

But for now, I'm signing off ...

Note: Heartfelt thanks to all of my readers. I have received fantastic tips, support and insights from many good and intelligent readers. I haven't had time to respond to most of the emails I have received, but I have read and appreciated them all.

Godspeed to all of the writers, radio and tv hosts, activists fighting daily to reveal what's really going on, the few dedicated people working in the belly of the beast on the Hill, and whistleblowers in the military and intelligence sectors, Wall Street, and elsewhere.

This old info-warrior is hanging up my armor for now, but the fight for truth, justice and a sane world goes on ...

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  1. You'd be amazed the difference you've made. The psychopaths are running scared and they can't spend enough money on their propaganda efforts to cover up their corruption. Thanks for all you've done.

  2. A well deserved break, although your insight will be sorely missed. Don't worry about not making "enough" of a difference. A difference IS enough for readers like me.

  3. Come back soon. Just because you don't see the impact, doesn't mean there is no impact. The mere fact anyone read you, let alone benefited from the insight, should tell you that the work was meaningful. Well done regardless...

  4. I have always enjoyed reading your work...and at the same time, i completely understand your thinking...people have no idea how much hard work goes into presenting news on a daily basis...

    Hope you come back soon, and thanks for all your hard work...


    Publisher of The Daily Bail

  5. Thank you
    Your clear vision and powerful writing is a great help to understand and act towards truth and justice.
    The best to you and the ones you love

    Pierre from Switzerland

  6. Thank you for all your fantastic posts. Your writing always brings new clarity to every subject, whether 9/11, the financial crisis, or the recent BP disaster.

  7. Thanks for your efforts. You have had a tremendous impact. Best wishes!

  8. Well, it is sad that you are retiring (for a bit hopefully). I have learned a lot from you about what's happening and about blogging itself. I have also relayed the messages to many others.

    I think you have indeed made a great difference. Lately the tide has really been turning I believe. You may not see any concrete evidence in front of you, but cumulatively it's huge and you have played your part.

    Perhaps you are discouraged, because you are an American patriot and you're seeing your nation decimated, but when you look at the world impartially, things are actually improving. Which is why the battle is intensifying and we need every single aware mind on the front line. If you find the time and energy, your contribution is always welcome and invaluable.

    ~cyberseer of www.cyberseer.org

  9. You have made a difference. Sometimes it is not possible to see outside of yourself, so take it from the others who have commented here that you are making a diffference.

    It is important to not burn out so enjoy your time off.

    Personally, I have found that an areobic exercize routine does wonders to recharge the batteries. Ditto a sound diet and vitamins.

  10. I cannot BEGIN to tell you how much you'll be missed. While fully understanding your position and need, I beg you to return when the situation permits. One of our few weapons is information that leads to clarity of understanding. Though never having previously commented here before, on a daily basis I check in at your site.

    All the best to you and your family.

  11. I will miss your posts very much. I think they are among the best on the web and I follow them daily. I especially value your use of embedded citations (links).

    I can appreciate how much time goes into writing these posts and understand the need for a break. I will check back periodically in the hope that your writing resumes. They make a difference for me! Best Wishes!

  12. Thank you so much. Enjoy your break. You made more of a difference than you realize. That is how true creation and energy flows. If you and your readers want to follow another blogger who is following the oil issue. This is one that is good also: http://monkeyfister.blogspot.com/
    We are all "tired" right now.

  13. God speed, thanks for the work, come back when you can.

    Until then, http://tiny.cc/AtTheHeartOfTheProblem

  14. I do not think the site has had an impact. You are right to abandon it. You short conscious stay on this small planet, accompanied by your wife and children -will fly by. Waste not that time, -for it is far too precious in a way that can only be learned, -and not simply told-.

    Trust me on that-


    Take your children for a walk outside. Cherish those moments -ever so infinitely.

    Talk, if you must, to the people you meet there.

    But -be cautious not to bias the sample of what those people voluntarily say to you.

    It THEN will become abundantly self-evident, no difference has been made -whatsoever-.

    Reality is infinitely complex.

    Against that infinite complexity -no one- makes a difference over the long term; no saying, no discovery, no theory, no policy, no love, no art.

    We are automatons, no different from the ants or the bees. We are -indeed- ruled by fate.

    Your company and better discretion (than mine) -nonetheless- have been appreciated.

    I cannot know what you meant by any of it, nor what the birds singing-in-the-trees might mean.

    But it is life. And it is grand!


  15. For what my opinion is worth, Of all the blogs out there, I looked forward to reading your site on a daily basis. I do believe you've made a huge difference because you took your time to educate others and you cared. I wish you and your family the best in all that is to come to pass in our lifetimes however long that may be.

  16. You will be hugely missed. I check you out every day and i'd say every other post of yours I share on Facebook with a ton of people.

    You're the best blogger out there, and I know and read a LOT of them.

    I know it's easy to get burned out, I do, too.

    I hope you come back, and soon.

    You're a brilliant writer and, well, blogger! (I know it's a new term, but there are some people who are extremely gifted at it, and I count you as the best I know. The 2nd best is a fellow named Jeff Wells, and he hardly writes any more also, but has a forum )

    Man, I'll have trouble not checking this site every day.

  17. George, I know I will miss ya, but your family has probably missed you more. Your work has been excellent and will be missed. You are another real Miles Kendig. I salute you! Take care & peace.

  18. You do make a difference, so I hope you return. Maybe you need to take the Summer off. You will be missed. La lucha sigue!!

  19. You will be sorely missed. I have never commented on this blog, but I read you every day and you should know that you DO matter. Your informative and concise posts are invaluable. I cannot tell you how much I will miss this blog. Thank you for all your hard work and know that you are not taken for granted. We are all very, very thankful for your dedication.

  20. Enjoy your time off and your family. Thank you for your body of work so far. You are a wonderful dot-connector and educator. I especially like your use of links, inviting us to cross-check, verify, and learn more. But links are but little without interpretation, integration, and insight, all of which you helped provide. I've passed many of your posts along, and just started to read them daily. I will miss you greatly.

  21. You'll be sorely missed. I hope you return soon.

  22. Your blog had become required daily reading for me. The breadth of your topics and the ability to congeal numerous sources into a succinct narrative is unrivaled. I hope the batteries recharge soon -- you've done more than your share already. Peace out.

  23. You're a daily read for me. Look forward to your return.

  24. Please do take ur rest. U do need it. U did a lot of hard work and yes it made a big difference.

    Just remember that we wil be eagerly awaiting your return. Please do have mercy and don't keep us waiting for too long.

  25. The need for citizen journalists has never been greater than it is now. Families need their fathers however and I understand the need to connect with that part of your life too, but I'm glad to see the outpouring of support you've received from readers and so while your family takes precedent your "extended" family remains awaiting your return. Godspeed from us at miscellany101.wordpress.com

  26. You would be amazed to know what a "little" difference can make ! Our universe would not be around without a "little" asymmetry ;-)
    It's the little sand-corn that brings the mighty mechanism to a screeching halt...
    So take a deep breath and see you soon !

  27. Never commented before but have read you daily for last 6 months and for previous year via links from other sites. Your family is indeed your number one priority. All of what you have written does matter and has made a difference... to me. If I matter at all in the grand scheme (I choose to believe I do or why bother about anything (in reference to somewhat hopeless comments made by another reader)) then I'm sure your efforts have helped others to crystallize their thinking too. Take time to restructure your priorities and I'm sure that readers of other blogs would appreciate hearing from you from time to time via comments. I read Naked Capitalism and Daily Bell and your blog until now unfailingly. Class act...Godspeed!

  28. Reading this post gave me the chills -- much like when Paul Craig Roberts recently signed off for good. Best of luck to you, sir! I read your blog daily, and can say that you've made a big difference in how I view the world.

  29. I appreciate your great contribution to society with the information and thoughtfulness that most modern news lacks. I have told many people of this site and will continue to urge people to receive better insight. I feel that you have made this decision after much consideration as you do with your posts. We should all be able to agree that family always comes first. Best of Luck with your future endeavors.

  30. hopefully this is not a final farewell, but if so, good luck in your future endeavors, and good on you for stopping to enjoy a breath of fresh air every now and again!!

  31. Thanks for an interesting take on things. Focusing on your family sounds like a smarter move though, particularly whilst the kids are young.

  32. I hope it's just a short sabbatical in order to recharge your batteries.
    I sure am going to miss this part of my daily routine.

  33. Hey man, good job. Maybe consider making a documentary or writing a book sometime soon?

  34. It's totally understandable that you would need a break, but please don't be gone too long! Your writing and insight is outstanding, and I have gained so much from reading this site! Believe me, you DO make a difference - more of one than you will likely ever know.
    Hurry back...

  35. This blog has been one of my most treasured sources of news for the past year or two. You have held yourself to a higher standard than the typical international news agency, much less the typical news blogger.

    I feel your frustration with blogs and with internet activism in general. It's hard to avoid preaching to the choir because only the choir will be checking your page. Blogging (and in my opinion, quality writing in general) has to be done primarily to satisfy oneself, not to create a measured effect in the populace.

    I wish all the best for you and your family. Maybe we'll see you again when the kids are grown? The more technology diffuses into the populace, the more lively and important the internet will become, and the more people will miss true journalism.

  36. You're on my "favorite websites" list, and you're one of the most inspirational, hopeful, hardworking bloggers out there. You bet you've made a difference. Thank you for all the work you've done so far.

  37. Thanks for your efforts and hardwork.

    Bloggers do a great service to the masses trying to keep them informed of the truth. It's a lot of work, but they have the natural gift of giving - of wanting to help others and make a difference. It's inherent in their nature, in their blood.

    You were spectacular and will be sorely missed. Enjoy your respite, and come back - if and when - as soon as you are able.

  38. Thank you for your time and insight into today's problems. It's sad to see another good blog go down but as you said, it's not a paying job and it's time consuming as heck.

    Looking forward to your return if/when it happens! :)

  39. Bye, George.

    You will be very, very missed. What a sad day.

    Tanta vive!

  40. Would somebody please offer Washington a syndicated column or a TV show?

    This blog has held to a high journalistic standard, higher than most MSM columnists'.

    The perspective is radical in its dedication to commonsensical truth, and doesn't fit into the existing outdated camps. But this is the direction things are going. The old paradigms don't fit anymore.


  41. I understand your wanting to take a break but please come back soon. This blog has made me aware of a host of issues that I would have missed otherwise. You're fighting the good fight and I'm immensely grateful.

  42. I'm immensely grateful for this blog and the contribution it's made to my awareness of the real issues in the world.

    God speed and good luck

  43. I will miss your writing! Thanks for the many clear and concise articles you have written and I have enjoyed reading them for quit some time now.

    Siem, Amsterdam - The Netherlands

  44. Thank you for your work, both here and at Naked Capitalism.

    I really do appreciate your writing.

  45. Even George Washington needs a break, but please don't stop. Your site HAS made a difference. I've been referring your site to many of my friends and colleagues. I cannot tell you how much I have appreciated your insight to the truths many will never uncover. During this time off, you will be missed.

  46. dont forget that we are winning in this battle. The president has said that the internet and technology gadgets are a bad thing, and now maryland wants to make sure journalists have licenses. We are winning and making them look like fools in their response.

  47. Yours was one of my few daily stops. Love the literate writing and the expressive arguments you put forward midst the flood of mediocrity and spin. I'll be trying to carry the torch on my blog on similar topics.


  48. You have NOT made little difference to the world. Your concise judgements and explanations of what is going on are invaluable. I have been reading your reports for a year and have greatly valued them; especially your explanations and opinions on subjects that I was completely ignorant about.

    The Black Dogs of depression come sometimes,as I well know myself, but for God's sake don't let a quack prescribe anything for you.

    You have a family and children; devote some time to them. They deserve it.

    One thing you could try (it worked for me many years ago)- write, or dictate, or record tales for your children during your 'blogging hour' They could be standing around watching you do it, and enjoying it, and they'll treasure your stuff later in life.

    My son still likes the stuff I put in sketchbooks and cassettes in the 70s, and he's 40 now, pressing me to do the same for his own children

  49. Thanks George, yours was a much needed service to your country. I suppose if we all take turns, the work will be lighter.

    Your work will continue to make a difference. It will be relevant for a long, long time.

  50. Should I un-bookmark your site? Why don't you put up an email subscribe feature, where people can give you their email addys. When/if you decide to return, you can send out a blast and have many devoted fans back in a moment.

  51. Great work,

    I’m reading you almost every day, from Italy, and I appreciate your work very much.

    You are right, there are many others writing, but I follow only 5-10 sites, let’s say 5 every day, that I selected after a lot of hours spent in internet.
    You are one of my 5 favourite sites.

    Thanks for all

  52. Magnificent work for so long now, I visited your site every day or two. Such a wide range as well.
    You look after yourself now, and your family,
    Best wishes from dave in France

  53. You've made a huge difference. Come back soon. Possibly your mistake to try to turn out too large a VOLUME of stuff. I have always SKIMMED thru your articles rather than read every word because of the volume. Why not just do a couple of items a week - just a hundred or two hundred words and setting out the really crucial bits of information?


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