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Further Proof of Ongoing Nuclear Chain Reactions at Fukushima: Metallic Taste In the Mouth? - Washingtons Blog

Monday, June 13, 2011

Further Proof of Ongoing Nuclear Chain Reactions at Fukushima: Metallic Taste In the Mouth?

The Russian scientists and firefighters who fought the Chernobyl fire reported a "metallic taste" in their mouth. That taste was from radioactive iodine. (It is well known that all iodine has a metallic taste.)

For example, Colonel Grebeniouk - who led the Russian troops in charge of controlling the situation - said:

There was a metallic taste in our mouths, an acidity. They say radiation has no taste. It was only later we realized it was the taste of radioactive iodine.

There is substantial evidence of ongoing nuclear chain reactions. Another piece of evidence - as pointed out by nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen - is that there are widespread anecdotal reports of people in Japan and the West Coast of the United States reporting a metallic taste in their mouths:

Hot Particles From Japan to Seattle Virtually Undetectable when Inhaled or Swallowed from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.

Note 1: Iodine 131 decays to xenon 131, a non-radioactive form of xenon. Therefore, it is unlikely that a non-radioactive form of iodine would be in the air.

Note 2: There are, of course, other sources of "metallic tastes".


  1. Just a suggestion, ,things are getting very very messed up, or am I the only one who notices?


  2. You're not the only one.

    First they steal the money (savings, dollar value), then they dose you with radiation.

    And that's just for two of the latest (hardly!).

  3. I've just read your comment rules - they are especially well written. In my opinion they would do well as general comment rules for all forums. Excellent.

    And the Japanese situation frightens the life out of me and I am living in Scotland. I get the impression that this type of thing has never happened and no-one has any idea of what happens when molten plutonium is let loose with no controls. This is all crazy.

  4. All of this contamination was by design. Design by GE, Westinghouse, and the A.E.C. under the Johnson and Nixon administrations, with George H.W. Bush ambassador to the U.N. and the Bohemia Grove eugenics crowd. Know that military intelligence has been fully aware of jet stream and prevailing wind patterns for ages (jet stream fo about 100 years). Realize also that it only takes a tiny minority of the military blindly following orders to depopulate the earth, and only slightly more to wage war in the middle east when the mewling poltroon congress is allowing mercenaries and private for profit logistical support OFF THE REGULAR DEFENSE BUDGET WITH YOU PAYING THE BILLS WITH NO OBJECTIVE IN MIND except profiteering. And remember how you voted like you were taking a dump behind a log on a camping trip. Now taste the radioactive Iodine in your mouth. It's not nice to abuse mother nature.
    And to 'ever', this is not "crazy". This is the work of stupid, self-indulgent finger-in-the-butt satanists trying to cause chaos on earth and stage a big show to prove their self-indulgence and destruction rules. Cowboy up and study these screwballs and tell the lazy selfrighteous boobs that surround you to turn off their CFR controlled TV sets and report for duty. Or we are all sunk. When your mama told you that you were perfect and safe, she lied. Those days never existed. I repeat. She lied. Those days never existed. Reality was denied. Mothers do that. Everywhere.

  5. No you are not the only one to notice. The rapid acceleration of events is what gets my attention. These are the best of times, these are the worst of times!

  6. there are widespread anecdotal reports of people in Japan and the West Coast of the United States reporting a metallic taste in their mouths:
    Jct: Canada's West coast bore the brunt of the radiation plume and they're not reporting any metallic taste in their mouths... yet.

  7. A metallic taste in the mouth can also be caused by a zinc deficiency.

  8. A couple of commenters noticed that everything seems to be going wrong at once. Endless war, economic collapse, and all of the crime and famine that can be expected to accompany it. A couple new super-bugs killing people, and a nuclear meltdown quartet playing a death march in Japan.

    That everything is going wrong at once is part of the plan. The intended result is that the targeted population (which seems to be much of the human race this time) will be weakened and weary of war, poverty, famine, disease, crime, and violence that they will all too willingly submit to a "New World Order" without any resistance just to get a rest from it all.

    They're trying to break down your psychological ability to resist. That's why everything is happening at once, and that's why it's becoming even more important that you get off the internet, and start organizing small "survival committees" (for lack of a better term)in the real world so your support group can't disappear with the flick of a switch, leaving you all alone, and completely discouraged and hopeless. If you don't know anyone you can talk to about this stuff contact your local militia group, because they're likely to be an organization who both knows what's going on, and has a plan to deal with it. They need the help of a lot of non-combatant volunteers. Naturally, they're all infiltrated, but the spies will come out in the wash, and until then, don't say anything that you don't want to hear repeated in court.

    Now....for the real question.... is there one entity or group of people who collectively can cause all these things to go wrong at once?

    Think about it.... there is such a group, and they're the only possible culprits, because they're the only ones with the means.

    How have you been, Mr. Washington?

  9. I thought it might be from the medication. Interesting, and actually I am feeling a lot better, although I can't climb walls yet.
    It could also be from exposure to natural cadmium in the environment, most likely the drinking water. Where I live, that is.

  10. The endless denialism has been fascinating to watch. For example, 'progressive' blog sites (I'm thinking of FDL) boosted warmly reassuring and highly technical sounding assessments that everything was really ok (even though it was bad, but still basically ok), when all you really had to do was look at the pictures of the reactors to see that what had ALREADY happened to that point was truly devastating. Now, months later, we find out that what basic sense told you if you just eyeballed the photos was true (multiple meltdowns, nuclear explosions), and that means that probably more is also true. Now we hear about rising infant death rates on the West Coast which - if it's true - clearly contradicts all the happy talk about how the radiation wouldn't affect us.

    In other words, when anyone if an official capacity, or echoing what has been said by those in an official capacity, and that includes universities, etc., talks, just assume that they are lying. Use your basic sense and your critical thinking. When you see photos of multiple nuclear facilities pretty much wrecked, don't believe any of the happy talk. When you hear that all the gulf oil is gone, don't believe it. When you hear that the depression never really was a depression, and anyway, it's over, don't believe it. When you hear that the TSA is for your protection, don't believe it.


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