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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weiner Random Headline Generator

The situation is so inherently funny that - not only can liberals and conservatives alike laugh about it - but even a random headline generator could come up with something good (if adolescent).

Just combine any of the following words:

  • Weiner
  • Probe
  • Member (as in member of Congress)
  • Inside the Beltway
  • Can he keep his seat?

Indeed, this reminds me of what is widely reputed to be the funniest headline gaffe of all time.
Specifically, a small football team's star quarterback had the last name of Peters. A few days before the big game, he injured his leg during a practice scrimmage and was told he would be unable to play in the game of the year. The college paper planned to announce the sad news with the headline, "Team Will Play Without Peters."

However, several people caught the gaffe, and demanded that the paper change the headline. The story, as actually run, read: "Team Will Play With Peters Out."

And see last year's headline from Reuters.

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