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The GOP's Real Strategy Behind the Limbaugh-Steele Drama - Washingtons Blog

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The GOP's Real Strategy Behind the Limbaugh-Steele Drama

It is easy to laugh at the whole Limbaugh-Steele drama and assume that it is a complete meltdown of the Republican party.

But I think it could instead be a devious choreographed play to mobilize racists for the Republican party.

Think about it. No big political plays happen unless they are crafted in advance by Karl Rove or some other political strategist.

Here, if you look below the surface, what is really being played out?

At the most basic emotional level, what is happening is a black man is having to apologize to - and being belittled by - a white man.

For all of the racists who are horrified that a black man - Obama - has been elected to the most powerful office in the world, this is a great thing. The black guy put in charge of the GOP (Steele) is being shellacked by the self-appointed voice for the common white guy (Limbaugh).

Do you get it? Its an attempt to channel all of the anger of the racists into support for the GOP.

Does this sound too crazy and disgusting to be real? Maybe . . . but I've got 2 words for you: Karl Rove.

I don't know if this is what's going on. I'm simply putting out a hypothesis.


  1. Wouldn't it be funny if a bunch of racists were the voters that put Ron Paul in office. He's already got the libertarians, the anarcocapitalists, and the stoners votes. If he can put Obama on the wrong side of the war issue, I like his chances.

  2. Limbaugh et al. are multiculturalists, just as they are paid to be. No, there is no secret mobilization of White racists or anything like that; the GOP and their cheerleaders all over the AM dial are social liberals and deeply despise White patriots. Steele is simply a stereotypical stupid angry black man, that's all.

  3. A bunch of racists a bunch of racists a bunch of racists...keep saying it, liberals, and click your heels together, and maybe it will come true.

    I am a racist. Most conservatives are not racists. But the problem is you liberals are so frightened at concepts like personal responsibility that you reflexively yell racism! because it's a magic word that attracts attention and stops critical thinking.

    I hate to end my comment with bad feelings. So all of you take a nap or sober up or something. Get help, and get over your paranoia. There is no Republican or Rush Limbaugh conspiracy.

  4. Most conservatives are not racists! I think that is true, but most racists are conservative.

    Give me a break the racists are now and will always be under the GOP tent.

  5. "The black guy put in charge of the GOP (Steele) is being shellacked by the self-appointed voice for the common white guy (Limbaugh)."

    First— Steele was put in charge BY the GOP.
    He seems to have "shellacked" first, if you will.
    Second— Rushbough thinks higher than that poor little "common white guy" you refer to. He is a "private-jet" Republican of the first rate. That's no "common white guy" thing in my book.


    I meant to say:

    He is a "private-jet" Republican of the first rate with a gallon can of shellac in his hand.



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