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Copenhagen Police Use Force on Unarmed Protestors - Washingtons Blog

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Copenhagen Police Use Force on Unarmed Protestors

Police at the climate summit in Copenhagen are using force on unarmed protestors:

Copenhagen has turned into Chokenhagen ...

For background, see this, this, and this.


  1. Now if a scene like this were happening in Teheran or Caracas or Havana, the State Department would be whining about the lack of human rights and democracy being shown by the authoritarian government.

  2. Charles has a very good point! Not only that, but if this were happening in the US, I doubt the protestors would have even been allowed to assemble that close to the venue before being assaulted.

  3. just ten years ago, things like this were covered by CNN, ABC News, etc -

    Now our government forbids coverage of controversial subjects.


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