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Friday, December 4, 2009

Dollar Up, Gold Down ...

I have previously predicted that the dollar would rally at some point in the short-term, and that the dollar's rise would be correlated with a correction in gold.

Today, the dollar index rose from around 74.7 to 75.934:

And gold plunged about 4%:

However, the Dow was up 23 today.

Does that mean that the inverse correlation between the dollar and Dow was broken? One day does not destroy a trend ... it is simply too early to tell.


  1. Look- with 80% of the trades on the stock market being Goldman Sachs -high-speed stunts-, we should better assume 80% of the trades on the commodity's market in Gold -and- 80% of the trades in the Dollar on the currency markets are also Goldman Sachs. Right? (Don't just nod your empty head!)

    So, when someone on Capitol Hill at one of these show-hearings concerning Mr. Bernanke's re-confirmation says, Ben Bernanke isn't doing a good job on the economy, -they either cannot know what they are talking about, or they are reading from a Goldman Sachs/Ben Bernanke prepared head-fake -script-.

    Ben Bernanke and Goldman Sachs are -after all- about 80% of the economy, -which if you think about it with enough mental clarity, -says-, the only trend that means anything is what Ben and Goldman decide is going to happen at any given moment going forward.

    It's a heck of a way to prepare for a future hell-bent on what it appears to be hell-bent upon. And this -stunningly clear reality- should pop any analyst's bubble they might have floating about their head concerning some surely imagined prophetic ability to technically assess market trends.

    That delusion is just what Ben and Goldman want you to think.

    To paint a better description of reality, -the whole economy is rigged and booby-trapped top to bottom.

    It's an old concept -deftly called, -economic imperialism-, for those here new to the concept.

    Admittedly, it's being played at a new level of intensity -for recent times-, but it's the same sort of thing that precipitated the Second World War, the Civil War and a host of other wars on the continent too.

    All these wars are like the Jubilee days of old, (when all debt was canceled). Our wars are meant to affect a re-balance in the world's credit economy, -the credit economy that is so profitable for those oligarchs in powerful economic imperialist countries, like Goldman Sachs and Ben Bernanke.

    No one gets rich in the stock market picking trends. They get rich selling books telling fools how to pick trends.

    The reality -wild card- this time around though, is that science itself is -faltering and collapsing- having been perverted and subverted by the same human nature forces that have perverted and subverted our empirical form of representative government.

    No one voted for any of -this-. Who in their right mind would vote for this?

    If you want to pick a trend, say something credible, like Ben Bernanke's re-confirmation is just another foregone conclusion in this avalanche of human tragedy we call an economic depression, for want of a better understanding.

  2. Is it just a conincidence that the beleaguered USD rallied just when Ben was facing headwinds is his task of being reappointed head chef for the financial oligarchy?


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