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Hillary Clinton: We'll Still Be In Afghanistan in 50 or 60 Years - Washingtons Blog

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hillary Clinton: We'll Still Be In Afghanistan in 50 or 60 Years

On December 1st, President Obama talked about withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan within 18 months.

Everyone now knows that there is no firm withdrawal date from Afghanistan. See this and this.

But in testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee on December 2nd, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton actually gave a much longer horizon for the presence of U.S. troops in America:

Senator UDALL.— So, in an ideal world, we would get the job done militarily in the short term; in the medium and long term, we would have a presence in the region, economically, diplomacy, and politically.

Secretary CLINTON. Well, as we have with so many other countries— obviously, we have troops in a limited number of countries around the world; some have been there for 50, 60 years, but we have long-term economic assistance and development programs in many others. And we think that’s a likely outcome in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, that we would be there with a long-term commitment.

Does this mean that U.S. troops will be in Afghanistan in 50 year?

On the surface, Clinton's statement could be interpreted to mean that troops will leave sooner, but that America will have long-term economic assistance and development programs in Afghanistan for many decades to come.

However, U.S. charities working in Afghanistan report that they are subject to Pentagon sponsorship and control, and so the Afghani people view them as part of the U.S. military (which hampers their aid work).

Therefore, whether or not troops will remain in Afghanistan for a half century or more, the Afghani people and the rest of the world may consider it a permanent occupation.

Remember also that - while the U.S. government has promised to withdraw by December 31, 2011 from Iraq - the U.S. is building numerous permanent military bases in that country. (see this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this). So talk is cheap.


  1. They use depleted uranium weapons.

  2. The real topic is who is making money off our being there??? Follow the money!!!

  3. Hillary Clinton, while a candidate, promised she would have all troops out of the Mideast within one year on more than a hundred occasions. In one debate, minutes later, Obama refused to be pinned down to a year, 18 months, and then TWO years at which point the moderator gave up. The Secretary of State serves at the order of the President, and takes her orders directly from him. She is communicating OBAMA'S war pig view of Afghanistan, NOT her own had she been elected President.

  4. If you want to see the effects of US's crimes please visit my website:

    there click on victims of DU or this link:


    So they want to stay there for 50-60 years, I tell them dream on the Russians were dreaming as well

    Miraki, PhD

  5. Let's figure out what these traitors are up to....

    Why Is Obama Sending 30000 More Unaffordable Troops to Afghanistan? – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)


  6. The US will run out of cash long before then.
    Europe wont support you much longer, anyway, within the next 40-50 years Europe will have a very much larger proportion of Muslims than now. They wont be happy to fund the US 'premptive' wars.

  7. Yeah, Hillary, have you spoken with, ahh, let's see, Alexander the Great, Queen Victoria, the former Soviet Union's leaders folks that they could subdue Afghanistan. HA, HA, HAAAAAA, Hillary you really are a card. Why don't you and your Lesbo lover just go away...


  9. No military base is permanent, including those in Korea or Germany. The Iraqi bases may be there even longer. The reason for the invasion seems very complicated, since different factions had different motives such as greed, ideology, or fear. Putting aside the more exotic conspiracy theories such as the control of a stargate left from the ancient Sumerians, this is just a response to the shifting center of gravity of the global financial system from west to east. Ultimate, this is meant to protect the interest of the wealthiest Americans at the expense of the "hoi polloi".

  10. 50 years. Yeah sure. The US government will will bankrupt within the next few years and there will be no more American Empire and no more money to keep these suckers, I mean soldiers, killing and dying to make rick people richer.

  11. Politicians count on the public have an extremely poor memory. Fortunately the internet has become a communal data-base which we can draw from, and contribute to, thus by-passing the mainstream media's monopoly and tabloid approach to the world.

    No wonder that Rockefeller senator recently said that "the internet might have been a bad idea." It goes to show you that all their talk of democracy is just a facade meant to fool & pacify the populace, while the ultra-wealthy 1% keep sucking up more & more disproportionate sums of money.

  12. Foreign wars (being in Afghanistan 50+ yrs & Iraq) on a continual basis is what forced colonist to fight King George III when England went broke. History does repeat itself & this will 'come around' & back to America when we are broke unless Americans stop it & read their history books.

    Finally, someone just wrote a great book on the 2nd American Revolution & it's due to the continual foreign wars & high taxes. It's history repeating itself again & again. It's a powerful book of todays problems & a must read.

  13. The US will run out of cash long before then!!! hehehe like soon Amerikkka will vanish like dust in the wind!

  14. 60 more years..gee what a surprise. How long have we been in Japan and Germany? How long will we be in Iraq...forever...The only way we will leave Iraq or Afghanistan is when the USA private armies can do the job...

  15. Depends on what the definition of "we" is.

  16. This is all about the poppy fields and the us governments role in making money off of the fields.NO BULL

  17. Hillary Clinton,is one of the most ignorant individuals I have ever had the displeasure of listening to. I used to be left in my political persuasian. No more. Why?, Becaue the conservatives are so correct or moral about things? No, not at all. Politics is not about morality and don't let anyone tell you it is. Where I see the conservatives as being more honest than the leftist liberals is the fact that they admit to greed as a human factor in society and economics, and human motivation in general. The leftists argue against greed and all the rest, and yet when I see what they practice, they are the most vile hypocrits imaginable. We've seen it over and over, in Al Gore and the Hollywood elite, for example. During this Christmas season, I didn't notice any of the Hollywood liberals giving back the enormous amounts of money they saved from the evil George Bush Jr.'s 'tax cuts". Nope, this was true,whether it was Gore, or Barbara Streisand, or Michael Moore,etc. YOU LEFTIST HYPOCRITS ARE SICKENING, AND APPARENTLY NOW THAT A LEFITIST IS PRESIDENT, WAR IS "JUST FINE WITH YOU."

  18. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Sky-News-Archive/Article/20080641311597

    Even if the American infantry pulls back, NATO has dedicated itself to a long-term presence in Afghanistan. So there's no question that these war-crazed dinosaurs want a military stronghold in Central Asia for many decades to come.

    But will we allow them?

  19. Well, for me I go for Hillary Clinton's advice and proposal. It is much safer for the country Afghanistan if the U.S. troops will continue staying with them.

  20. the thing your missing here is..."america" will be broke within the next few years...but what your failing to see is...the "american people" will be broke...not the 1% thats been stealing from us...their the ones funding the NWO and its militant objectives...so we'll be broke and powerless...while they wreck the world with their war machine that we so blindly funded


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