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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Happy Kwanza, Good Atheists Day - Washingtons Blog

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Happy Kwanza, Good Atheists Day

Happy holidays.


  1. And a happy festivus to you too!

    I have been enjoying your blog for a month or two, and look forward to visiting here for good analysis of many topics in the new year.
    Thanks for the good work you do.

  2. Don't forget Festivus....its for the rest of us ;)

  3. I'm offended. You left me out. I celebrate the Winter Solstice - the holiday that all religious end of December holidays are derivative of. Happy Solstice!


  4. love your blog! one of the best around!

    much love, and many thanks for all the info.


  5. So much of our common, current and colloquial sentiment, -our personal theory of the universe and ourselves- revolves around some phony assent to a purely faulty notion of political correctness. No one really believes any of it!

    This cyber-greeting-card placed here by the publisher of this blog can be used as an example -that will enlighten many here -by standing it on edge to provide a point of attack against some of the myths we commonly accept as we plod and slog our way through an utterly obfuscated existence.

    If we (I) do not know what we (I) are doing, then we (I) likely are not doing what we (I) think we (I) are doing.

    That is the basic truth so few can come to grips with as they run their mouths -or- busy their fingertips on their computer keyboards.

    Don't educate your children that way, -PLEASE!

    There are a seemingly endless number of wholly fabricated categories necessary to give birth to the fantasy-grid upon which all of the nearly endless, contradictory notions of -the political- may be placed.

    These cultural fabrications, (sort of a Goldbergian view of social responsibility) amount to nothing more than obfuscation.

    These obfuscations give each of us some sense of a cogent (but clearly faulty) map of our surroundings, our existence, and our moral relationship with every other being on the planet -be it the next door neighbor, -Harry the Lecherous-Drunk-, or the many billions of common yeast bacteria living in each of our guts -and- who actually allow us to live by helping to digest our food...

    Wishing you each the best in holiday greetings!

    Huh? Did I miss something ethical -while I was in the bathroom?

    It is NOT improper to utter a racist sentiment, (though it may not be worth the effort).

    We DO NOT have to bow and curtsy to every ethnic and social group, (though it may behoove each of us to blend in with the crowd and wear our pigtails to our knees!)

    We don't have to like anyone to be moral. That's not part of the moral deal.

    We don't have to like anyone, nor do we have to tolerate them in any fashion whatsoever.

    End of story, on that moral front.

    The contrary is no less absurd than believing if we say that we do not like Lima Beans, -and we refuse to put them on our plates- that we have committed an anti-vegetable blaspheme.

    WE DO HOWEVER have a nearly absolute moral responsibility to protect diversity, -for diversity is something that makes the world a worthwhile living space.

    Wars of genocide are clearly morally out, (even against Harry and his kind). We need the diversity to maintain the variety of the place, -->>for the future!

    So, folks, if we eradicate racial bigotry, we also will immorally destroy our ethnic diversity.

    Being a -melting pot- or entering into a cross-cultural-or-interracial marriage -might get your rocks off-, (which will make you feel good for a very short period of time) but you should also consider that you are destroying some racial diversity as you create those hybrid children, Mrs. Obama.

    These aren't absolutes in the moral field of course. But they are good guidelines for a better understanding what is a moral course.

    I've seen predictions of the future world inhabited only by oriental-looking-mulattoes.

    While some of those girls with that genetic make-up are pretty darn good looking today, it would would be a shame to reduce the today's diversity of women upon whom all men feast their eyes, -and vice-versa of course!- ladies.

    So, get over it. Grow up. Learn what being moral is all about, -do not learn just the latest trends in the politically Chic.

    You will likely -too soon- go out of fashion, Archie Bunker, or worse- you might help justify something that is truly immoral by your obfuscation of our social reality.

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