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Did the Egyptian Military Just Oust Mubarak? - Washingtons Blog

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Did the Egyptian Military Just Oust Mubarak?

Live feed from Cairo show the biggest and most electrifying protests yet:


Al Jazeera's live blog shows why it is likely that Mubarak will step down tonight:

9:56pm: There has been a significant change in editorial tone of Egypt's state TV in the past few hours - no longer hiding protests, but showing the masses gathered in Tahrir Square. Presenter and guest openly criticising former ministers - by name - accusing them of corruption, greed and misuse of power


6:49pm: Alan Fisher, Al Jazeera correspondent, notes the military's Supreme Council has only ever held three open sessions in its history. 1967, 1973 - and today.


6:37pm: White House says situation in Egypt is 'fluid'.

6:36pm: State TV reports Mubarak will address the country tonight.


6:19pm: Al-Arabiya reports Mubarak is on his way to the red sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh with chief of staff. No immediate confirmation.

6:15pm: NDP chief reportedly stopped Mubarak making speech, handing power to VP Suleiman.


6:00pm: The CIA chief reportedly says there is a "strong likelihood" Mubarak will step down tonight.

5:39pm: Huge chant, Tahrir Square seemingly in unison, shouting: "The army and the people in one hand - the army and the people are united."

5:35pm: Ayman Mohyeldin, Al Jazeera's correspondent, reports: "Now, for the first time, we are getting the sense that senior military officers are discussing 'national issues', which is a very significant development indeed."

5:30pm: "Ambiguous" statement from military confirms its “commitment and responsibility to safeguard the people and to protect the interests of the nation, and its duty to protect the riches and assets of the people and of Egypt”. Mentioned the demands of the people are “lawful and legitimate”. Understood the military council met separately from Mubarak.

Live updates as they occur.

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  1. George. Thanks for all your coverage on this topic. Thanks to everyone else for spreading this information and affecting your sphere of influence.


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