Egyptian Protesters Did in 2 1/2 Weeks What the American Military Could Not Do in 9 Years of War ... Bring Democracy to the Middle East → Washingtons Blog
Egyptian Protesters Did in 2 1/2 Weeks What the American Military Could Not Do in 9 Years of War ... Bring Democracy to the Middle East - Washingtons Blog

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Egyptian Protesters Did in 2 1/2 Weeks What the American Military Could Not Do in 9 Years of War ... Bring Democracy to the Middle East

I've previously noted that the Egyptian revolution shows that the us-versus-them narrative of the war on terror is false.

The events in Egypt also prove that democracy does not come from the barrel of a gun.

The fact that the Egyptian protesters have made more strides away from tyranny and towards democracy in 2 and 1/2 weeks than the American military has been able to do in 9 years if Afghanistan and 7 years in Iraq proves it.

Obviously, there is a long way to go. The military has to hand over power and let elections take place. But Egyptian people have taken a giant step in the right direction, while America's offensive military campaigns have caused more harm than good, destabilized the region and created new terrorists.


  1. Soon America will be there to undo what Egyptians have done in 2 1/2 weeks. Poor Egyptians, they haven't realized they've one choice to make out of the two options: elect another puppet, or face bloody false-flag terror attacks.

  2. To the writer of this post: You might want to read the article from the following link

  3. The CIA and ZIONIST TERROR STATE usurpation should NOT be considered premature victory.

    The "solution" was a foregone comclusion that the ZIONIST TERROR STATE gave its approval for, and the central bank of Egypt is STILL IN CONTROL OF THE ECONOMY. What "victory" have they gained?

  4. @ ksdrover -There is no evidence of CIA or Israeli involvement - if there was you could post it. The fact that there is still a central bank? Give these people a break for God's sake. I highly doubt an 'end the fed' mentality is the only thing on the minds of a population that just overthrew 30yrs of regime that went for the head long before it cared what was in their wallet.

    A third world dictatorship's central bank does not play the identical role you are familiar with and would like to assume.

  5. Ok, why is anyone espousing that the US Government wants "democracy"....the only democracy the US Government wants is one they can corrupt absolutely so it "appears" fair to sheep - just like the one we have here in the good 'ole USA. The USA corruption model is just stupendous don't ya think? Institutionalized, "standard operating procedure", corruption to the bone - ya that's right.....Ah of money and power instead of a "clean house".....which would be Earth and she dirty cause of humanity right now. Dirty as a ghetto house with chirrin's running round with dirty diapers and no food. And no - there ain't no "color" to this ghetto house - all colors living ghetto mainly. All. Where is the Universe's Department of Children and Families? Where is that? We need to call the police of the Universe!

  6. Egypt is not in the Middle East.

  7. @6D

    Suleiman is a CIA asset, the ZIONIST TERROR STATE had to give its approval of Mubarak leaving and the central bank issues policy for every nation on the face of the planet and the "national" central bank is accountable for carrying out 'policy'. How much more evidence do you need?

    @amy, Yessum we all in da ghetto now an ther ain no cullah here derz jus poverty and hopen you don get a knock on da door frum da man lookin to make sure you aint thinkin nuthin improper.

    I'd love to give the people a great hurrah but there isn't going to be REAL freedom any time in the near future.

    "overthrew 30 years of regime"? Who the hell do you think istituted the 30 years and gave Mubarak power? Zionists killed Sadat, America swoops in with its bankrolls and the CIA, and it's business as usual. Read up on South and Central America and the CIA/American influence buddy. Now we can start the clock to see how long it takes for their "new found freedom" to deteriorate to chaos or at the very least business as usual.....again.


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