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Two Million March in Cairo, Egypt - Washingtons Blog

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Two Million March in Cairo, Egypt

Al Jazeera puts the number protesting in downtown Cairo at over 2 million:

These are the latest pictures from Cairo's Tahrir Square where over two million people from all walks of live are protesting against Mubarak...


(Click images for larger version)

Al Jazeera also notes that hundreds of thousands are marching in smaller cities across Egypt.

Of course, these are not official estimates, and the numbers may be revised downwards or upwards in the future.


  1. We need this feeling to spread all over the world. We need even handedness not vested interests.

  2. I wonder how long Americans will watch this event like a TV show - Never to realize that now is the time to hit the streets and demand an end to our Banking-Corporate backed "Government"....

  3. Agreed. We need a march on Wall Street.

  4. If there really are 2 million, the vast majority aren't in the square. From counting the people on the edges and multiplying, I estimate about 2500 in the lower shot and about 25,000 in the upper shot. from Google Maps, I estimate the total area of the square at 60,000 square meters, which at the density seen would put the number at a best estimate of 200,000, certainly less than 450,000. The crowd would have to cover 5-10x the area of the square to reach 2M.

  5. Hilarious Tourist T-shirt for Cairo


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