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A Higher Percentage of Americans Believed in King George During the Revolutionary War than Believe in Congress Today - Washingtons Blog

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Higher Percentage of Americans Believed in King George During the Revolutionary War than Believe in Congress Today

Influential Harvard and Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig noted in a must-watch speech last week that polls show that only 11% of the American people have confidence in Congress.

He notes that more people believed in King George at the time of the Revolutionary War than believe in congress today.

He's right.

Historians have estimated that between 15 and 20% of the white population of the colonies were Loyalists


Why do so few Americans today believe in our government? Because the government is serving the giant corporations and the ultra-wealthy, and not Main Street and the common American. And see this.


  1. That is a great video and a great talk! Thanks for sharing it.

    Now I hope Professor Lessig or someone will follow up with another one spelling out what it means today to strike at the root. Where are the roots, and what is the most effective way to strike at them?

  2. History is different depending on which side of the Atlantic you come from http://www.redcoat.me.uk/ Who know which is right?

  3. @ Charles D

    YES, what are the roots? Do we change our tax withholdings to give state extra and fed zero?

  4. That is a very important video, most Americans are educated well enough to understand our Heritage but shockingly, there are many younger Americans who do not have a clear understanding of a Representative Democratic Republic government “of, for and by the People”.

    Attacking the root of the problem begins with individual COMMITMENT to our just cause which is 90% of the battle; the remaining 10% is strategy and engagement with the enemy. The battle today is for your mind and your will to fight for our just cause determines if “We the People” win or lose later on the battle field.

    By being united in our just cause we march forward faithfully as Americans to reclaim our Representative Democratic Republic, first as individuals, than in groups.

    Americans are unique because of our individual personalities, thanks to our upbringing in a society of Freedom and Liberty; we are all “lone wolves” feared by the enemy.

    As individuals, each one of us must act with what ability we have within the situation that we live in. For instance, it may be a simple act like a little old lady explaining to her adult son, who has a substandard public education; what the difference is between our Representative Democratic Republic and government rule by multinational corporate Fascist.

    Totalitarians always use bribery, corruption, extortion, mass propaganda and brute force to maintain their position of power and they are insane, heartless and coldblooded murderers; they are coming for us with the government powers that were stolen from us.

    If you are uncommitted and unprepared to fight for your Freedom, Independence and Democracy, the enemy will divide and conquer America and round everyone up like cattle. The idea is to stand united and push back today in our unified cause and bring the criminals to Justice, one way or another, before violent revolution begins.


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