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Corporate Media Admit They Censor Candidates Who Challenge the Status Quo - Washingtons Blog

Monday, August 15, 2011

Corporate Media Admit They Censor Candidates Who Challenge the Status Quo

Preface: Liberals shouldn't ignore the media's censoring of Ron Paul's popularity in straw polls because he's "on the right". Many progressive candidates have been shut out of political races by the big corporate media.

Corporate Media Admit They Censor Ron Paul

CNN and Politico admit that the mainstream media is in the business of picking candidates:

The big media simply delete Ron Paul from their polls, even though Paul scored very highly in the Ames Iowa straw poll - and virtually every poll taken recently.

Indeed, CNN noted in May that Paul had the best chance of any Republican of beating Obama.

"Not Electable" Is Code for "Challenges the Powers-That-Be"

The pundits claim they are only censoring candidates who are "not electable". But just as "not politically feasible" is code for "the powers-that-be don't want it", "not electable" simply means that the candidate would champion the interests of the little guy, and challenge the powers-that-be: the large defense contractors, the giant banks, big pharma or the mega-energy producers.

As Kara Miller notes, the media won't cover Ron Paul:

because he doesn't fit the media narrative. He's anti-war and pro-small government .... Heavily influenced by each other, media outlets have sidelined Paul and embraced Bachmann ....

Corporate Media Always Serves the Rich and Powerful, And Acts As A Booster for War

In fact, the corporate media have long been presstitutes for the rich and powerful, and knee-jerk in supporters of all wars.

They have always shut out candidates from either the left or right who challenge America's imperial wars, America's imbalanced policy towards Israel, the perpetual bailouts of the giant banks, Federal Reserve policy, or the inherent right of big corporations to do get all of the benefits of corporate personhood, without any of the responsibilities of being a person.

The corporate media is owned by a handful of giant defense contractors. As I've previously noted:

The government has allowed tremendous consolidation in ownership of the airwaves during the past decade.

Dan Rather has slammed media consolidation:

Likening media consolidation to that of the banking industry, Rather claimed that “roughly 80 percent” of the media is controlled by no more than six, and possibly as few as four, corporations.

This is documented by the following must-see charts prepared by:

And check out this list of interlocking directorates of big media companies from Fairness and Accuracy in Media, and this resource from the Columbia Journalism Review to research a particular company.

This image gives a sense of the decline in diversity in media ownership over the last couple of decades:

Big Media Promotes Those Who Sound Empathic ... But Will Serve the Status Quo

These handful of giant corporations wield enormous power. Just think Rupert Murdoch.
The last thing they want is a candidate who will shake things up.

The people's wishes? They are wholly irrelevant to these media behemoths. Indeed, these big companies have a vested interest in picking candidates who are good at acting like they care about the little guy, but who actually couldn't care less about the average American, and have no problem picking his pocket at the first opportunity.


  1. Another extraordinarily powerful article.

    It truly is shocking knowing and reading what has and what will happen (to the 'free world') if such issues persist.

    "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

  2. I`m getting very tired of hearing about the Media,and how corrupt they are.
    If anyone thinks an American will do anything to change that is a fool.
    Americans don`t even know what is going on in their own country,and don`t really give a damn.

  3. As a Canadian I find it repugnant and anti democratic that any candidate that places second
    is not given an even keel chance in the media.

    The media in effect is putting a block on Freedom

    It's quite apparent that the media is trying to incite a riot in America.

    The media has no business deciding who is electable.That is way above their pay rate.
    I can only conclude that the media is anti freedom.
    If the stench of US anti freedom can be smelled way up here in Canada ,Americans must be reeling in the streets.If Americans are anything like their Founding Fathers I imagine they view the media as a Benedict Arnold of sorts.

  4. Ron Paul has committed the unforgiveable sin: He wants to end our commitment to be international policeman and the transfer our wealth to the rest of the world, Israel included.

  5. Other comments not tollerated:
    Comments that disparage Isreal or US financial and military commitments to Israel.

  6. I can probably deliver over 4 million people screaming for RP. Few if any want to hear that there relatives died or were grievouslym injured while committing criminal acts (as in illegal wars??). But Hud says that we have at least 9 million people in "underwater houses"
    Here is a free market solution to this problem:

    Do you think that if RP was promoting this, that he would have a lot of people actively campaigning for him?

    The banks also benefit from this.

    And it undermines the federal reserve.

  7. Who is this obnoxious cunt Stephanie? Stephanie, you idiot, Ron Paul doesn't have a chance not because the people don't want him, it's because the Power Elites and the mainstream media don't want him. Stephanie, your intellect is totally rank amateur. Nuff said!


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