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Mainstream Media Is A Cheerleader for Fear - Washingtons Blog

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mainstream Media Is A Cheerleader for Fear

Painting by Anthony Freda:

For facts documenting the unfortunate truth behind this image, see
this and this.

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  1. The TSA is a sham, a device to further implement the police state on the sheep, that's you and I, brother.

    Want proof?

    There are 38,000 commercial flights originating in the US, every single day.

    That makes almost 14 million flight originating from US airports every year.

    So the math says there have been 139 million flights originating in the US in the 10 years since 9/11.

    If you agree there would conservatively be 50 passengers average on every flight, that means since 9/11 there have been almost 7 BILLION passengers going through US airports since 9/11, all without one single terrorist, or on single bomb being detected by the TSA, and without one single terrorist action either.

    And now the TSA is rolling out additional "deterrents" in Boston, directly engaging random passengers in conversation to flush out the terrorists among us, who DO NOT EXIST!


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