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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Web Design Help

I purchased Gabfire's Newspaper Wordpress theme. This is the demo of the theme.

I'm trying to redesign my site to look like the demo (but with blue, not red, accents).

Ideally, a very wide and clean layout, like this.

Can a kind web designer help me move the ball downfield?


  1. Not a web designer, but looks like yer goin for a newspaper layout.

    Seems too busy . . . what are your goals and desires to shape your blog? I DO have journo, layout, pr, marketing, n com studies background . . .

    I can only suggest you have to have a vision of what it is you want . . . so, if ya do, what IS that vision?

    Read you often, daily sometimes . . . never comment . . .

    What is it you want to migrate to n why?

    Why change? Need money? Need to put up a site that can GET donations to support it?

    Want to increase readership? Hold new hits to yer site longer because of layout? Think yer LOSING readership or new hits because of the layout?

    Me, I read yer stuff . . . it's good, informed, linked, and seems solid as are yer points of view . .

    That keeps MY interest . . . I don't NEED a redesign to keep reading.

    But I have no money to contribute . . . you DO have many loyal readers who cite you at FDL and other places I cruise thru.

    If your re design is to launch a donor program, increase revenue, increase traffic, well . . . . that's hard stuff to do.

    In closing, good luck n thanks for all the work you put in, I DO enjoy it and reference to it often.

    laruepork@netzero.com if ya got any questions or thoughts ya wanna bounce.

    Best to you n yers . . .

  2. I'm a web developer and I've got some WordPress experience. I took a look at the demo page and your example site and I don't think it would be all that difficult to get your site to a similar look and feel.

    I've been a fan of the blog for quite a while and often see your articles cross-referenced at Prison Planet, Zerohedge, What Really Happened, and a whole host of others. If there's anything I can do to help out, I'm at joegreensticks [at] gmail [.] com.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. If all you need is color changes, you'll be looking in the style.css file(s). There should be one main style file and then maybe another one for browsers like IE6 which don't follow web standards.

    Before you make any changes BACK UP the original. Make only ONE change at a time and then test that change before you move onto the next thing.

    Hint: for changing the Title colors you can look for H1 through H6 in the style.css file. The colors are probably coded in hexadecimal. Search google for a hex color chart - there are several good ones on the web to give you an idea of what color is which number. Don't forget the "#" before the number.

    You've a great blog here, I hope this helps a bit. If I can help further just drop me a note...

  4. The unique content of Washington's blog is the separator between itself and Huffington Post, USA today, et.al. Washington's daily missive produces substantial valuable thought-provoking dialogue. The same cannot be said for the newspaper types with their form.

    Having no idea of your identity beyond believing that you've inhabited high places, your experience lends tremendous insight into topics customarily presented with a political bent by the newspaper types. Seldom does Washington's theses deviate from the apolitical. Often Washington's presents intelligent, substance-driven, thought-provoking arguments and historical perspective such to challenge the reader to dig deeper as opposed to reaching a premature political reaction.

    Therefore, Washington's is really the arbiter. Is the transformational undertaking form or substance? Will Washington's imitate Business Insider or remain unique? Should substance prevail, is it possible to expand into a niche collection of highly-placed, high value collaborations through cross pollination of content? And if so, are there sufficient promotional channels to engender expanding targeted reader support? Perhaps you know a McKinsey guy willing and able to collaborate in strategically sorting through various models such that you, dear Washington, may realize your dream objective.

    Washington's form already sets itself apart. And I believe that substance is the undertaking to set ones self apart unless you're Rupert Murdoch.

  5. The demos shown, if used, will show you how little content you have and just how much more filler junk you'll need to fill up all those sections. Since you're just a blog with about 3-4 short topics a day, I can't see where you'll find all the other junk. Probably better off just staying as it is.


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