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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Former High-Ranking Intelligence Officer: Cheney Responsible for 9/11

David Steele is a former 20-year Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer, the second-ranking civilian in U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence, and former CIA clandestine services case officer.

Steele has previously written that "9/11 was at a minimum allowed to happen as a pretext for war".

This month, Steele went further, writing:

Pakistan briefed Cheney [about the plans for the terrorist attacks ahead of time] …nations also got wind of this and warned the CIA. We also had two walk-ins to the FBI, one in Orlando, one in Newark, that were dismissed by the FBI because the names were all virgins and not in the FBI data base—the arrogance of stupid bureaucracy.

Cheney saw an opportunity for what Bush called his trifecta, and gave it to him by giving the go-ahead to ISI and Al Qaeda, and ordering up a terrorism exercise that allowed him to send all relevant close-in air defense strip alert craft away from the target areas, and to disable the NORTHCOM normal response to flight path diversion.

While the details might be open to debate, many other very high-level intelligence officers have said the "official" explanation for 9/11 makes no sense. And see this and this.


  1. Excellent job Mr.Washington, Thank U for being a part of the Truth and not being silent.
    Yes 9/11 was an inside job and thermite residue was discovered in the dust of the trade centers .It was a scientific peer reviewed paper that proved it.
    We KNOW we have been lied to and despite all the propaganda and CoIntel to the contrar We The People have not been fooled. Bless U sir for writing the truth and helping us all.We must never forget 9/11.

  2. Oh please! Is there any proof, ANYWHERE? A rambling, incoherent statement by someone with no inside knowledge trying to make a few shekels off his supposed past career.

  3. Just explain the first hour on the incident , the deviation from routine actions on a suspected hi jack and while your at it explain the missing Boston control tower tape ( you might ask how many other tapes have disappeared like this one). It might be impossible to pin it on one guy but it's not impossible to pin it on at least an incompetent government intelligence agency and the whole emergency response system. Like Katrina just another example of a incompetent Bush administration.

  4. Anonymous....what planet are you living on? There is proof that 9/11 was in inside job all over the place. All you have to do is be open-minded enough to check it out. The easiest way is to google: therminte and 9/11. It's been independently proven that the high explosive thermite was used to turn the WTC buildings into dust. How would someone in the mountains in Afghanistan have access to thermite, and then get access to the WTC buildings to plant the therminte? Further, thermite was created in 1993-4 by a company called Dresser Mining (the CEO was no less than Paul Bremer, remember him and Iraq?) and Dresser Mining later merged with Halliburton around 1997. And Halliburton's CEO at that time was a guy named Dick Cheney. Remember him? There is a link right there between the thermite that brought down the WTC towers and the Bush administratin. None of this is rocket-science. Just look at how the WTC buildings came down. Free-fall. Planned demolition is the only way that could happen. There has never been a fire on the planet that has ever been capable of bringing buildings down like that, free-fall. Just open your mind and do a little research and you'll see overwhelming evidence that the Bush administration was deeply involved in 9/11. If you're not willing to do that, than you might want to see a shrink because you are living in some very serious denial about what's real and what's fantasy....Unquestionably, 9/11 was an inside job.

  5. and thermite is mentioned in an official report where? What person that was an official investigator of the WTC collapse has come out in a whistleblower suit to let us know that thermite took down the building? Where are the hundreds of contractors that would have been required to drill holes in beams, run thousands of miles of wire and place shaped charges on beams up and down the WTC? Sure all those reqular guys who lost friends in the collapse just are shutting up.

    Sometimes it is soothing for people to attribute incompetence to conspiracy. Makes the world seem a little safer thinking that some invisible hand is behind such horror and evil.

    BTW, I understand that Bremmer is only 9 steps removed from Kevin Bacon. It's my theory that he put Kevin up to making that crappy Footloose movie.

  6. I am a former intelligence officer and trial attorney. As an informed observer said to me once, 911 is an intelligence test, the evidence is so clear that the US government was involved, anyone who denies it fails.

  7. Thank you Mr. Steele and thank you Washington Blog.
    Mr. Steele is one very intelligent hombre.

  8. Cheney is a moron and the movement he and the other neo-cons had in the 1990's proves they wanted another "Pearl Harbor" like event to take place to get the American people behind their cause.
    The "Project for a New American Century" was the cause and a few years later... September 11 happens and everybody is supporting Bush & Cheney... go figure!

  9. Dear anonymous eggplant:

    I have seen many reports from REAL scientists that claim to have proof of nano-thermite usage. Scientists, engineers, and even POLITICIANS, not only from the US, but from all over the world, are in general agreement that the incidents of 9/11 are NOT as explained by the 9/11 Commission Report.
    Bet you are all for the 'Cap and Trade' lie, as well? After all, AlGore says global warming is true...

  10. Hey Anon, you are a fool. Please. So, two planes hit. Three building free fall. Simple math jack ass. Do it. And go to hell while your at it. You know what's up. So do we.

  11. People who have been traumatized by a horrible event often need a conspiracy theory to help them with their trauma. They will cling to it no matter what the facts are. Pearl Harbor had its conspiracy folks as did the assasination of JFK. Its human nature. It helps people who feel helpless with events that seem out of control to have their own "knowlege" of the event.

  12. Sometimes it's convenient for people to believe that 19 guys with a couple of knives collapsed three buildings at free-fall speed with two planes instead of facing the fact that elements in governments have stage terror for economic, political, and personal gain throughout history.

    Why do demolition experts even bother spending weeks rigging buildings with explosives (Nano-thermite can be sprayed onto surfaces as a liquid by the way, quick and easy.) when they could just set a random fire inside and wait for the entire building to tear itself apart in eight seconds in a perfectly symmetrical "collapse" into its own footprint.

    Anyone who can't see how 9/11 was a complete inside job has not looked at ANY evidence. I would rather know the truth than live my life in a delusional state of denial.

    If you want to see just how much evidence there is to completely dismantle the government's conspiracy theory, watch this. (It's about the Pentagon attack and there is no denying this hardcore evidence if your a rational human being). Peace and love people!

  13. From one anonymous to another - maybe you should watch more European TV. Because you sure as hell aren't getting the same TV programmes they do


    There's your thermite report. Go there. Read it.

    Fuckwit. If you can't manage a little basic Google-fu, please stop wasting everyone else's bandwidth.

  15. "What person that was an official investigator of the WTC collapse has come out in a whistleblower suit to let us know that thermite took down the building?" none have claimed thermite however several on the commission and one who stepped down claimed it was sham. what ever the cause there are serious flaws in the official account including conflicting accounts in official reports from the comissions report to the NIST report, falsified testimoney and much more. If fire lead to the collapse then those buildings toppel not pancake look at the film you can see the top of the tower coming off and then it just disinigrates into nothingness. You don't have to be a tinfoil madhatter to get that things are not as we were told. Also this idea that "we want these fantastic ideas to be true because it provides some type of psych-candy or ego bait is stupid" No it wouldnt need hundreds of people to pull this off only access to a small team in the eleavator shaft and this is quite feasible. There is no evidense of wire, blast caps, there is photographic evidense of cut beams and nano-thermite in the dust from a peer reviewed journal. Mocking or making light of is ones psychological response to the cognitive dissonance felt by reviewing the 9/11 evidense.

  16. What is with the obsession with thermite? You can make thermite with some steel wool and aluminium powder. It's not exactly high tech stuff. A thermite reaction is any reaction of a metal powder and metal oxide. It's wasn't "created in 1993-4 by a company called Dresser Mining," it was invented in 1893 and has been used ever since for welding and other applications. It's not surprising to me that you'd find all sorts of stuff in the dust from two gigantic buildings, including some aluminium oxide. In fact, with all the heat in the building itself (from everything burning), you'd probably get all sorts of oxides forming, releasing even more heat.

  17. Dear anonymous,

    you deny everything which is already proven, so you are just trolling. good for you.

    if somebody doubts in discussions the high possibility of an inside job, I just say: what happened with Building 7?

    there is even live footage of a news reporter reporting that building 7 is also destroyed, even though it was at this moment still standing intact right behind the news lady. bad timing of the co-conspirators.

    building 7 is in my opinion the best proof.

    Btw. I am following the dscussion about health insurance and there are a lot of voices, like yours, denial and stupidity while facing the ugly truth.

    you us-americans won't be the world leaders of tomorrow. most of your citizens are just plain stupid. sry, for the harsh words.


    There is your proof of thermite

  19. basement floors of both towers were closed for 2 weeks prior to the "attack" due to "wiring renovations"

  20. I'm going to stay out of the debate other than to say it wasn't the intelligence agencies' finest hour.

    Also, I don't mean to stick my head in the lion's mouth but thermite is neither rare nor difficult to produce:

  21. I always knew something was not right. All you have to do is watch videos of building 7 going straight down as it collapsed, and that building was not hit by a plane......interesting..

  22. do some of your own research before jumping to a conclusion. look into WTC tower 7 and the damage done to the pentagon. just that alone raises tons of questions. the victims and their families are crying out for another investigation. i think they deserve it and so do the rest of us Americans whose freedoms have been stripped after this event.

  23. The official report is a tool for making people not question what happened. The entire report is invalidated by a single sentence: this is a sneaky lawyer and political trick that the common person rarely catches and usually expresses disbelief in. But it's true. What the sentence says is that the report officially concludes that they did not determine what made the towers fall and was unsuccessful in demonstrating why the towers fell in the manner they did. Everything else is unimportant, as that's the only factual statement in the whole report. The rest is only, and strictly, failed theory.

  24. I don't think termites had anything to do with 9/11.

  25. Be fair. Footloose was a great movie!

  26. just an asshole would believe that the wtf was an act of a "terrorist organization" called al qaeda, that even BBC say never existed. Just see the buildings collapsing vertically, a clear implosion signature.

  27. @anonymous said
    Do you think the moon landing was faked as well?
    Where is a guy in the mountains going to get thermite, probably anywhere in America.
    9/11 was not an inside job
    muslim extremists pulled it off
    that information was established i think an hour after the planes hit the buildings

  28. Thermite isn't a high explosive. it just burns at a very high temperature. It's a mixture of Iron and Aluminum and iron-oxide. It's used in the construction of Rail Ways to fuse two sections of rail together.

    It's really not that hard to come by, anyone with a basic education in Chemistry could whip some up.

    and though I haven't looked yet for the source of this comment. I'm guessing that any fire that generated temperatures as high as those that were generated in the WTC, would melt metal in a way that could look like thermite.

    I really don't understand why people think that a jumbo jet plane crashing into a building, and then burning all of it's available jet fuel isn't enough to weaken the structure to the point of collapse and need to seek out some other reasons.

    While I'm not convinced that Bush and his advisers didn't have anything to do with 9-11, I doubt very strongly that anyone helped the WTC towers fall. Simply crashing the planes into the buildings and the pentagon was enough pretense for the war that followed.

  29. > Further, thermite was created in 1993-4 by a company called Dresser Mining

    Uh... that's off by 100 years. It was discovered in 1893.

  30. Do you think Obama or anyone in his administration will do a damn thing about this? No. And here's why

    Short clip
    Obama and Business International Corporation

    Long version
    Full speech on the US Empire and hope for a better future

  31. I love it when agents argue with themselves to discredit dangerous ideas

  32. And Elvis is still alive, I seen 'im.

  33. Careful Anonymous who posted at September 1, 2009 2:39 pm, you are commiting a ridiculous error or are being intellectually dishonest.

    If is it true that 9/11 was an inside job, it would follow that the official story is NOT true, and in order to be a diligent researcher you would have to consider their points from this perspective.

    You are basically guilty of "circulus in probando", a fallacy wherein you assume that a proposition which requires proof (e.g. the official report is valid) is assumed without proof.

    Person A: "9/11 was an inside job." The implicit point here is that the official report is not valid.

    Person B: "That's hogwash. Why isn't that information in the official report?"

    Person A: "Because the official report is not valid."

    Person B: "Well where is the proof? Where are the hundreds of contractors required to pull such a job?"

    Person B: "They were there weeks and months prior to the destruction of the buildings."

    Person A: "Bologna. I read the 9/11 Commission Report. You're living in a fantasy world."

    Person B: "But that's just it...the Commission Report is not valid."

    Person A: "You're delusional. I bet the world feels far safer thinking some invisible hand is behind such horror and evil."

    Person B: "I could say exactly the same to you about thinking that the invisible hand that is behind such horror and evil is a group called Al Quaeda (literally 'the crapper') which was created by the CIA."

    Person A: "If that were true it would have been in the report."

    Person B: "Of course. Oh, geez, look at the time."

  34. Thermite is just aluminum dust with a magnesium strip to start the burn. No magic to it, doesn't even require chemistry. "Thermite residue" just means aluminum dust.

    Planes are made of thermite residue. I'm not taking sides, just wanted to clear that up.

  35. @ the anon mentioning thermite:


    1 part ground Iron rust by volume
    1 part ground aluminum by volume


    DONE. (ok, so the 50-50 mix by volume isn't EXACTLY right, but it's close enough that it works. 10 seconds on google will give you the exact proportions.

    It's not hard at all. mix with clay or playdoh to shape it. It needs a lot of heat to go, magnesium can set it off.

    All this is available all over the place. Hell, I had everything for it at a scout camp in the woods, let alone in my house.

    I admit there is quite a bit of persuasive evidence that 911 was an "inside job", but most of that evidence is unfortunately circumstantial at best.

    Don't use flawed arguments (Thermite is WIDELY AVAILABLE AND EASY TO PRODUCE.) It just undermines your point of view, and makes you look like "just another crazy"

  36. The above post made my brain hurt so much that I needed to post. First of all, do you even know what thermite is? *drumroll* Iron oxide and aluminum. Wow. Thermite was not created in 1993. It was actually discovered in 1893 by a German Chemist ( they used it back then to tie rail road tracks together.

    Your complete lack of understanding basic concepts and fact checking has already made your point look like that of a child (you probably are). I'd say quit while your ahead but that's impossible now.

    Oh and if you want proof that a gas fire is hot enough to compromise and collapse a structure then (,2933,269118,00.html) A steel rebar structure was heated enough until it gave way.

    Hmm...Seems familiar.

    Alright, I'm done destroying this tool.

  37. I don't doubt that Cheney had something to do with 9/11, but do not use thermite as a proof. First, the statement that it was invented by a company in 1993 is false. It has been known and used for the last 70 years in repairs and manufacture, esp., with railroads (as a method of quick welding tracks). It is also not especially explosive. It does burn at a high temp, but needs other explosive materials to blow up. It can be used as a fuse.

    The "thermite residue" is also bogus. The residue will be Aluminum or another highly reactive metal oxide plus elementary lesser reactive metals (such as elemental iron). These residues can be left at any high temperature fire.

  38. it was spray on thermite like paint

  39. you don't need to be an insider or a genius to know that 9/11 is as fake as pro wrestling.

  40. "Of course the orders still stand-have you heard anything to the contrary?". When Cheney uttered those words of treason and betrayal to the United States of America to the young aide on the morning of 9/11, his stand down orders allowed the Pentagon to get hit and the World Trade Center Towers also took two hits earlier that morning with NORAD in complete stand down mode in full compliance with Cheney's direct stand down orders.

  41. By logic, anon, Kevin Bacon did the towers, too. Has anyone bothered to go talk to Bacon about this?

  42. Guys-I am totally open to the idea that Bush and Cheney were in this up to their elbows, but if you're going to throw talk of thermite around, you should at least know what it is.

    Thermite is nothing more than a mixture of iron oxide (rust) and aluminum dust. It's been around for ever, and is commonly used in industrial applications.

    It is not high explosive. Once you get it lit, it just burns really, really hot--hot enough that if you put a flower pot full of thermite on the hood of a car, the melted iron and aluminum will make a hole in the engine block of the car--but it won't blow up the flower pot. You can see videos of this on youtube, and you can buy it or even make it yourself.

  43. "How would someone in the mountains in Afghanistan have access to thermite,..."
    Well, I don't know which kind of thermite you are talking about, but the only type I know is neither high explosive nor is it very hard to obtain (see

  44. I am suspicious of the the 9/11 incidents but if you want to question things, don't throw easily disputable crap out there. The whole connection to thermite and Cheney is wrong. You lose a lot of merit when you can chip away at so many other facts. Loose Change makes the same mistake.


    A thermite reaction using Iron(III) OxideThe thermite (thermit) reaction was discovered in 1893 and patented in 1895 by German chemist Hans Goldschmidt. Consequently, the reaction is sometimes called the "Goldschmidt reaction" or "Goldschmidt process". Dr. Goldschmidt was originally interested in producing very pure metals by avoiding the use of carbon in smelting, but he soon realized the value in welding.

    The first commercial application was the welding of tram tracks in Essen, in 1899. Evonik, formerly Degussa, a corporate descendant of Goldschmidt's firm, is still today one of the world's largest producers of welding thermite.

  45. Anonymous, noble.
    Anyway,you all have that same bs rhetoric.How can thousands of people keep a secret,where are the shape charges,etc.
    Well how about the hundreds of 1st responders that heard explosions and bombs going off whose recorded witnessed accounts were not allowed to be released until family lawyers sued under the Freedom of Information Act and won the suit to get them released.They posed in the NY Times after the lawsuit victory.But no other mainstream media reported this. How about the use of Superthermite,military grade,that can be painted on.There were people seen going in and out during odd hours and powerdowns. How about the scientific proof of red/grey chips and nanothermite discovered by a panel of scientists, physists,etc?
    Btw, Robert Steele is a legit intel figure:


  46. Folks:

    Nothing that happened on 9-11 is beyond the capability of a few motivated religious nut jobs.

    What this article is point out, is that Cheney may have known about it, and did nothing, allowing the terrorist act to take place to further his geopolitical agenda.

    It is a HUGE leap to conclude, from this, that the government "staged" the attacks, that this lends any credence whatsoever to these thermite and demolition theories.

    It IS reasonable to conclude that data was ignored on purpose by a privileged few individuals including Cheney.

  47. Sorry to interject facts here - thermite has been around for over 100 years. Plop me in a remote corner of Whereverstan and I bet I can scrounge the materials for some within a few hours. Real exotic stuff - powdered aluminum and rust. Oh, and it's not explosive, just reacts very fast with high heat. The "evidence" for a thermite reaction? Aluminum oxide and molten iron, pretty much what you'd expect from a burning aircraft and office building.

  48. I can't help but realize that the comments quickly devolved into discussing thermite rather than the fact that Cheney knew in advance about the attacks (which frankly seems a bit more important and relevant to the topic at hand). Rather than arguing about HOW the towers fell why don't we discuss the WHO in this equation. HOW is reasonably unimportant now.

  49. I can tell you this much - my brother served in a prison underneath an airforce base in Afghanistan - an old Russian airbase/tourture camp.
    At night while on duty, a prisoner told him that his brother-in-law died and that they broke Geneva convention by arresting him a the funeral. He said his brother-in-law was Osama Bin Laden.
    Every night my brother had to file a report on what happened that night - so he wrote down what that prisoner told him. The following day my brother was requested by his boss for a meeting with a CIA and an NSA officer where they asked him to talk about what happened last night and for him to tell his story verbatim as it was told to him. He was then asked who else knew - at the time no one.
    Then they admitted that it was true and went on to tell him that Osama Bin Laden died of natural causes. Then they said that this info needs to be kept silent and that the "War on Terror" needed a face in order to generate the funding.
    I believe his story more than anything else - and his version of everything has an extra perspective added in - real life war.

  50. While I may agree that 9/11 was an inside job, gGet your facts straight. Thermite was not invented in 1993-4, but rather the reaction was discovered in the late 19th century. Additionally, what a stupid slippery slope you're on saying that because x, knew y and y knew z, x is therefore in cahoots with z.

  51. and thermite is mentioned in an official report where?

    REALLY?? Official cover up report didnt include thermite. no shit! anybody who knows anything knows that the 9/11 commission report was a huge whitewash. Dont look for whats in the that pile of diversion, look to what was left out BUT SHOULD have been included. Some people are so naive.

  52. I'm all for a serious investigation. I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if the Bush administration had been passive in allowing such an event to take place.

    "Look, Dick. We need to show the enemy we're not... 'dicking around' here. We're going to try you for treason and execute you at gunpoint. We're just using the Bush Doctrine of preemptive strike to prevent future attacks here."

  53. In what world do foreign agencies involve the vice president first in any discussion of terrorist threats?

    Cheney is an easy person to hate...but, please, if someone had actionable intelligence - there is no way in the world they take it to the VP first.

  54. There were many reports of people working inside the building (who survived or didn't go to work that day) that clearly indicate suspicious activity, loud noises, closed floors, and disabled security systems in the days before the attack. This would explain how the effort to plant the explosives was carried out.

  55. btw, pretty much anyone can make thermite, even someone living in the mountains of Afghanistan.

    What proof is there that there was any thermite? How would anyone have been able to plant enough of it on the support beams to do a controlled demolition? It does seem odd to me that both buildings came straight down - but it also seems odd to me to think someone could plant enough explosives in both builds to bring them down and no one would notice them doing it.

  56. I'm sorry Truthers, but you should get a grasp of how explosives, thermite, and general physics before you start claiming anything. I used to be a "truther" but very skeptical at first.

    Over my years of experience within chemistry and furthermore explosives and other incendiaries, I find it completely impossible and implausible for it to be an inside job.

    Get a better grasp on explosives reality here...

    Now, I do distrust the government, and especially the Bush Administration. I don't doubt they wanted war with Iraq even before coming into office, but 9/11 being an inside job with explosives... extremely unlikely.

    I'm sure there were ways Cheney and his cronies had ways to make money off of 9/11, but no explosives or thermite (they are different, but sure you don't know that) in those buildings.

  57. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth presentation covering thermite and other anomalies.

  58. i don't really care much about this anymore, we'll probably never know the full truth. but you have to admit, the whole thing was very fishy, not the buildings falling per-say, but the non-response from NORAD or whoever was responsible (although they could be why the one plane crashed in a field). shady business all around, could have been a cover up, or it could have been a mass f***up by our gov. who knows...

  59. Yes, completely foolish, no account people such as the member of the FORBES family who testified at length in loosechange911.

    Perhaps you should listen to him detail the bizarre total shutdown that occurred the weekend prior to 911.
    The entire security system was disabled. No keycard tracking of access for the full 48 hours. The building tenants had to shut down such things as the server room that Forbes kept there. All electricity was off. This was labeled a "networking cable upgrade".
    That monday for the first time since the attempted bombing under Clinton the bomb sniffing dogs were removed and no longer used on 911.

    This is a solid fact. You can listen to any murder trial and find holes where the prosecution is off base. That is why we weight the details and use a preponderance of evidence.

    Dick Cheney scheduled the bizarre training that deprived us of our defense at NORAD. He also scheduled the Specific incident that had FEMA in downtown Manhatten on Monday night for a planned "excerise" tuesday that involved a terrorist flying a plane into a major building.

    This was not the responsibly of his office whatsoever until GWB specifically issued executive order making it so.

    These two incidents alone are interesting. Combined with a flat refusal to testify under oath by either man and them demanding to be questioned only together is becomes something not one president has ever done under such circumstances.

    You by far are the odd one out ruling them innocent and therefore not assessing the evidence out of hand.

  60. Update: The US Government’s Usage of Atomic Bombs - Domestic - WTC
    By Ed Ward, MD

    March 05, 2007

    The Mysterious Craters:

    A thorough examination the debris of the World Trade Center (WTC) buildings reveals further evidence of massive power and heat - a thermonuclear blast. WTC 6 was 8 stories high. The total height of its central debris of the crater was about 30 to 50 feet below sea level and about 120 feet wide. Eight stories of building collapses and leaves a hole at least 30 feet deep.

    Light Detection and Ranging - LIDAR displays from NOAA - Dark Green = 0 to -30 feet.

    Another LIDAR map shows the central portion depth of WTC 6 in the range of -35 to -55 feet. Besides the crater in WTC 6, note the two craters that surround WTC 1 (perimeters are 30 feet deep and 250 to 300 feet wide) and WTC 2 (perimeters are 30 feet deep and more than 300 feet wide - some overlapping of the explosions). WTC 1 - 110 stories tall - debris pile 6 stories with a 30 feet crater surrounding it. WTC 2 - 110 stories tall - debris pile 6 stories high with a 30 feet crater surrounding it. WTC 3 (Marriott) - 22 stories tall - debris pile 3 stories. WTC 4 - 9 stories tall - debris pile 3 stories (the only building that is even close to its correct debris height). WTC 6 - 8 stories tall - debris pile MINUS 3 stories. WTC 7 - 47 stories tall - debris pile 7 stories. The New York times has a crude interactive map placing the crater depth at -30 feet. According to the official story, beams from WTC 1 collapsed the building. However, the collapse did not make a debris pile. It made a debris hole. (BTW, no supposed unspecified vague ‘scalar’ weapon can make these massive craters beneath intact debris.)

  61. World Trade Center 7... ignore the online shit... people will always doubt it, stick with hard evidence. You can go to the WTCs and see the footprint of 7... which wasn't hit by planes or debris yet came down.

  62. Watch the collapse of WT7.

    Note that two small fires brought down a 47 story, steel frame building (the kind that has never collapsed due to a fire at any other time in history, though many have burned for several days, some still occupied) at the rate of free fall? Really?

    Fire does not does not cause a sudden collapse of steel. The mass below the portion of the building that is damaged needs to be moved out of the way for the entire "collapsing mass" of the building to fall at the rate of gravity. Anyone who has ever had a decent study of classical physics knows this. And anyone with half a brain that watches WT7 come down knows that fire had nothing to do with it.

    Now the question is, if WT7 was rigged for demolition, is it so wild to believe that the other two towers were as well?

    Also consider the twin tower buildings were only holding 10% of their full capacity load, meaning that an instant collapse of steel (which at the temperature of a hydrocarbon fueled fire, that we see in both buildings hit by planes, could simply not occur) at the locations that the planes hit at would most certainly not cause the onset of collapse into its own footprint. It was designed to be able to support 9 times what it was supporting to begin with!

    Is it safer for you to believe that this is a "conspiracy theory" and not a scientific argument than to accept the possibility that this event could have happened differently than was presented to the public?

    Such nano-thermite Dr. Jones and see the peer reviewed evidence.

    Look at the scientific evidence presented and it is a one sided argument....

  63. Cheney was part of the neo-con agenda including Project for a New American Century... in which they explain that in order to get the American people behind their cause, a catastrophic event needed to take place "a new Pearl Harbor" type event.
    That is fact, look it up.
    9/11 happened shortly after Bush & CHENEY took office.
    Enough said.

  64. The main and most simplest question, for those who do not believe, is do you believe in physics?

    Physics states that if you have two identical object and you hit them differently. They will not fall the same.

  65. "...and thermite is mentioned in an official report where?"

    Give your head a shake. If... 911 was an inside job do you think that fact would appear in the official report?

  66. Actually, the thermite (thermit) reaction was discovered in 1893 and patented in 1895 by German chemist Hans Goldschmidt. Your stark inaccuracy sheds darkness on your other 'facts.'

  67. proof is there was NO FORENSIC analysis of trade center ruble - for instance planes are gathered up piece by piece to be put back together for analysis and yet the trade centers ruble was whisked off to oblivion - is that no proof enough ?

  68. Exactly. If this was a planned 'demolition', it would have taken weeks(perhaps months) to implant the 'thermite'. I would be more apt to believe they allowed it to happen, than actually being involved in the demolition.

    Also, National geographic did a 2 hour TV show in this. Check the channel as it is running all week.

  69. When we lift the veil and confront our demons we will rise up on wings of eagles and see the evil done in our name. We have only to look under the rug and open the closet to our inner self to reveal the shadow.

    The 911 conspiracy theory that the government proposes and promotes to the world is false; it is not supported by the facts or the evidence, plain and simple. The Conspiracy Truth that is supported by the facts and the evidence is quit clear when one takes responsibility for the information and does their own research. 911 was a false flag operation, a Psy/Op, perpetrated on the American people involving numerous people, including but not limited to Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda network, and orchestrated and directed by our intelligence apparatus, therefore a conspiracy at the highest level of our government and our intelligence services. The evidence shows beyond a reasonable doubt that the government’s simple conspiracy theory is not supported by facts or the evidence. The only way this operation could have been carried out was with the knowledge and support of rough elements within our intelligence services and with the complicity of our political establishment.

    False flag operations are nothing new in the world and go back literally to the dawn of civilization. The 911 incident was a classic example of a false flag operation, an orchestrated Psychological/Operation, very similar to others in our more recent collective experience. The Kennedy Assassination is a perfect example. When one takes the Governments line, at face value, and accepts the lone gunman theory, not a conspiracy, then from the start, one has already thrown out multiple possible conspiracy theories. If a conspiracy theory is proposed, with little support of the facts, then it is a conspiracy theory and nothing more. If on the other hand the overwhelming evidence shows a conspiracy was involved then it is about uncovering the known facts and uncovering the conspiracy truth.

    Deception is never easy to accept. It hurts when we uncover something hidden and many times we are unable to face the truth. It speaks to the shadow side of our experience. All of us have our shadow side on an individual and a collective basis. We wear a mask in public and many times it is the person we project to the world. Both are a true aspect of our character. Our shadow side is one side of our polarity, the ying and the yang is the other side of who we are. Many times we fail to face our shadow side and it stays hidden, not only from the public but more importantly from ourselves. We do this individually and collectively. When we fail to confront our collective shadow we fail all of humanity.

    This same reality works on a micro and a MACRO level. The 911 conspiracy, both the false story and the truth speaks to our collective shadow. When one is confronted with the 911 conspiracy and does their own research, it can act as a trigger to face the shadow within, both on an individual and collective basis. Many fail to see the deception because they are not ready to look within and confront the shadow side of their personality and experience.

    The 911 Psy/Op can be the triggering event to awaken us from a very bad situation, i.e. a criminal group with an agenda to take over the world through the manipulation of our American system. I would suggest, as tough as it may be, to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Don’t allow your fear to hold you back from the truth and keep you from facing what is really taking place in the world. We either wake up now or in a short while it may be too late………

    Robert Reckmeyer

  70. The most likely explanation is YES, terrorists did do 9/11, but their handlers were intelligence agents and the young idealistic muslims did not know they were actually working for CIA agents.
    Thats why they never got caught even though they were suspicious from the moment they arrived in the USA.

  71. According to Wikipedia, thermite was invented in 1893 and patented in 1895 by German chemist Hans Goldschmidt. The first commercial application was the welding of tram tracks in Essen, in 1899. Evonik, formerly Degussa, a corporate descendant of Goldschmidt's firm, is still today one of the world's largest producers of welding thermite.

  72. I watched the infamous military stand down out here on the prairie. I also witnessed Atta and company ask for a copy of "The Anarchist's Cookbook" from a bookstore that had just won a landmark case forbidding government trolling in bookstore records. (the "Anarchists Cookbook" was bomb making for giggly teen boys, much too unsophisticated for those guys-they were high tech) That receipt was reported to be in Atta's "lost" luggage and was presumably used to help pass the Patriot Act that (guess what?) lets the government troll in bookstore and library records. Do you think that a bunch of Saudi "terrorists" care about whether we pass the Patriot Act? That was a smug, arrogant act. Our leaders are kissy-kissy with the Saudis since the Saudis linked the dollar to oil, keeping it up when it should be down. We are horribly entwined in the Middle East. Bin Laudin and Atta money came through Dubai and we were denied access to records? Our defense contractors funnel funds through Dubai. Cheney's Halliburton is now a Dubai company. Remember the big deal about the Dubai Ports and all the lost airline luggage? That is because I approached Congress and the media the day before with all this and they did their usual smoke screen. The Dubai Ports deal was a tiny footnote. Last I heard, they still have the ports. Elizabeth Vargus looked like a deer in the headlights reporting this nonsense. Of course, 911 was an inside job. Unless you do controlled demolition, a building doesn't come down in it's tracks. Duh. Absolutely everybody knows all this. Nothing I have said is a secret. Even Alan Greenspan said that Iraq was about oil. No big glory story about fighting terrorists. No WMD. We have spy satellites that can read the newspaper in your hands. Do you think we wouldn't have known what, where, why and who? Afganistan was originally a potential pipeline for oil from the other 'stans. Georgia is a potential staging area for a move against Iran. It is all about peak oil. The stuff is running out. But, dumb Americans will believe anything... until they don't. Disinfo agents need to remember the lessons of WWII. Following orders is ultimately no excuse. Torture investigation is only the beginning.

  73. The paper Bin Laden determined to attack the U.S. not only gave the info that it would be by plane and gave the time of the year and also the possible targets. When Bush was in Florida shortly before, he managed to put anti-aircraft weapons on the roof of the building he stayed in. The Bush administration may not have planned it, but it was pure negligence on their part.

  74. Nist actually refused to test for explosives residues, and the official reports do not cover some of the more interesting questions.

    Where are the hundreds of contractors, hmm, first guess there is, back in Israel? "By way of deception" et cetera? Or ask Eric Prince maybe?

    Cheney obviously prevented the routine threat response that morning, just google on "do the orders still stand". Placed in charge of training and planning exercises four months prior, with hijack drills running while the attacks were happening. List of deviations from normal routine,

  75. Two points about thermite that have to be understood: iron spheres were discovered in the wtc dust, and the nano thermite grains discovered were not burnt.

    Iron spheres means molten iron, which contradicts the reports saying fires weren't hot enough.

    Unburned grains of iron oxide and aluminium can not be formed by fires involving building materials.

    I mean think about it, the counter claim there is that aluminium facade and steel girders somehow combined in the fire to create layered grains of un-burned combustible material. Complete gap in logic but I have seen that argument in more than one place.

  76. The real tragedy of 9/11, beyond the needless and horrific death toll, is not in the distinction between a scheduled and intentional plot or a complete incompetence. The question for me is, despite the causes, "why is our government so unwilling to do anything to investigate in a serious way?" Are we the people and our wants so insignificant to the powers that be that they wont even listen to us? Who is holding the reigns here? All that should be required for the investigation to go further is enough public support. And yet even in the face of screaming crowds the government does nothing. The real tragedy of 9/11 for me is the undeniable proof that our government never cared for us. It was only ever a veil of supposed interest that was lifted that day.

  77. Here is a link with real evidence. Watch the video and pass it on:

  78. This was not your father's thermite....

  79. Let me get this straight, Kevin Bacon was in on it with Cheney?

  80. Who cares when and why thermite was created. The fact is that thermite is used in many demolitions in which lighter than normal charges have to be used to bring down a building.

  81. Gotta have a patsy don't ya now....also?....too?

    Shortly after September 11, several US news outlets reported that Saeed Alghamdi named as taking part in the hijacking of United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in western Pennsylvania Alghamdi had taken courses at the Defense Language Institute, the US military's primary foreign language facility, where Butler was a leading officer overseeing students (essentially, dean of students).

    Alghamdi, a 41-year-old Saudi national, was one of several alleged hijackers, including accused ringleader Mohamed Atta, who reportedly trained at US military facilities, according to a series of articles published between September 15 and 17 in the Washington Post, Newsweek magazine, the New York Times and several other newspapers.

  82. If superthermite is in the dust it would be naive to think that Russian and Chinese intelligence were not examining samples of it. If it is true, the truth will come out. The obfuscation of shills is irrelevant.

  83. NORTHCOM was not created until 2002!!

    Epic fail!

  84. If it's on the "Internets" it must be true! Cheney, the Bush government and you conspiracy theorists are all fucking nuts!

  85. Much ill-informed talk about thermite here. The substance found (in surprisingly large quantities) in the Twin Towers dust was very special indeed. It was nothing like regular thermite in appearance; the aluminum/iron oxide grains were too small to be resolved with optical microscopes. The chemical composition was first identified by spectroscopy, and then the grain structure and size confirmed by electron microscope. This was an experimental compound in 2001, first mentioned in scientific literature only three or four years previously, and not commercially available even today. It is not something you can mix up in the kitchen, it requires advanced manufacturing techniques even to produce the grains. There are only a few facilities in the world with the capability, and they are all government operations or military contractors. If it became known who they are and in what countries they are located... Ah, but that would be telling.

    I'm not a "truther", I'm a scientist. I like to understand things. When an explanation is offered that doesn't agree with the observed facts, I question it. When the authority offering the explanation ignores or denies the observed facts, I cry foul. When a bunch of religious maniacs (for that is what they appear to be) appears on the scene to shout down every attempt to investigate further, I'm reminded of Galileo and the Inquisition and, uh, which of them turned out to be right.

  86. the fact that the culprits/story were "known with hours" is NOT support of the official story. In fact, it is the opposite. They put out a "cover story" after a black op. to work on the public perception...get the fingers pointing in the direction they want them pointing. This is how the CIA works. oh btw, there is ALSO a compound called "ThermAte"... FACE IT AMERICA...THEY LIED TO YOU...BETTER DEAL WITH IT!!!!!

  87. It's impossible to "prove" anything that happened in the past. The best you can do is to use critical judgment based on available facts, and come to your own conclusion.

    But those who think any conspiracy would require hundreds of "insiders," consider this possibility:

    After the 1993 bombing, someone responsible for security realizes that if another bombing were to take place, it might be neccesary to have a controlled demolition of either building to save lives. If the buildings were damaged enough, a non-controlled breakup would surely be far more deadly and damaging then a controlled demolition.

    So, with complete loyalty to the nation, a team secretly installs demolition charges. They know they must keep the secret to prevent frightening people.
    After the airliners strike, someone decides at some point ( with prodding from higher authority ) that the buildings must "be pulled," lest even more people die.

    The best secret is the one that is done in the name of national security. If there was a domestic conspiracy, most active participants did things in the belief that they were working on behalf of the nation, and will keep the secret out of patriotism. Only a few people in charge need understand the "true" goal.

  88. why did Bush sit there reading for 8 minutes after told his country was being attacked? Is this the way you would expect the president to act? ....why weren't military planes immediately scrambled to intercept coomercial airliners that have deviated from the course? ...isnt this standard procedure? ...why did hundreds of witnesses say the heard secondary explosions on low levels of the towers? ...why did tower 7 collapse in its own footprint? ...why was flight 93 initially reported to have landed in cleveland...why was there no visible plane wreckage ANYWHERE, at any of the crash sights? ...why did the Bush adm stiff-arm attempts at investigate the attack for over a year? ...and why did they lie about recieving threats that an attack was imminent? the months prior why were high ranking govt officials told not to fly on commercial airliners? (as reported on CBSnews)... why were bin ladin family members in the US secretly flown out of the country, even while US airspace was still shut down? ...these are just a few of MY questions...meanwhile, two wars and trillions of dollars of debt later, questions remain unanswered. Phony wars drag on endlessly, the treasury is drained, markets in turmoil, and the fed printing worthless dollars unceasingly...anyone starting to see a theme? They'll never answer these questions because the answers are more than most people can handle. The answers would cause the whole system to collapse under the weight of all the lies and corruption.

  89. Bin Laden has a huge family and not one got waterboarded.

  90. RIP America....anyone know the NEW reason why this is called the land of the free?? answer: where else could an obvious traitor and murderer like Dick Cheney cause so much damage to his country and walk away FREE ?????

  91. If the take out two get one free thing work in the twin tower event, we need to learn how to do this in other lines of work. Just think of the saving of labor and money if you called a tree service to take out three trees and they only had to cut two of them for three to fall. Building 7 confirms an inside job for me. I was at home that day and recorded the whole thing from after the first plane hit.

  92. BTW: Kennedy was killed by the CIA.

    Wake up!


    Watch 911 MISSING LINKS (Pandora's box is opening) Google:

    During the time that Rabbi Dov Zakheim was Comptroller (chief money manager) at the Pentagon, $2.3 trillion in allocations went "missing" according to Donald Rumsfeld who made this announcement September 10, 2001--the day before 9/11. Rumsfeld said that this matter could be "a matter of life or death".

    Rabbi Dov Zakheim's private industry involvement in remote controls for aircraft and flight termination systems provides MEANS.

    The Jewish crime network had MOTIVE to commit the "false flags" attack of 9/11: bring to bear US military might against its regional enemies; make out like bandits loaning money for war and rebuilding; consolidate control on populations through revision of constitutions and gutting of US Constitutional protections of our liberties and freedoms.

    Google JewishCrimeNetworkDid911 and see the names of the planners and orchestrators of 9/11 and the subsequent coverup. This network has a high priority on covering up their crimes. Soros, Murdoch and other mogul members are doggedly determined to postpone the awakening of Americans and so give us 'bread and circuses' on the mass media. Their media monopolies should be seized and divested IMMEDIATELY.

    "A martial artist can redirect the energy of an attacker to defeat him.
    Israel has created a huge amount of anger against Muslims by its
    9/11 false flag operation and, when people learn the truth, that
    anger can be redirected against its proper target: Israel."

    Kalid Shiek Mohammed may as well be named "Lee Harvey Muslim". The Jewish Criminal Syndicate are not good religious Jews, they are evil, despicable, beguiling filth who hide behind Judasim. Some of that filth is here operating as trolls to confuse, distract, ridicule and slink around to avoid the light that increasingly exposes their heinous criminality.

  94. Conspiracy Theories- and John Wilkes Booth shot John F Kennedy!!!!!

  95. all of you do your homework....Blueprint for Truth, Richard Gage, AE911ruth, Highly engineered NANO THERMITE...not regular thermite...highly explosive and confirmed by independent scientists...Bentham Open Journal, get with it, this is our chance to save America or submit to tyranny.

  96. Various parties can argue all day long about whether the towers were brought down by demolition or by those nasty terrorists. Visual proof is the key.

    There is a great video production that analyzes footage, in slow motion, and draws attention not to the obvious and dramatic destruction up at the top of the towers as the collapses start, but at mid and lower sections. Small explosive bursts can be seen well before the towers each start their rapid collapse. These are "squibs" - explosive charges used in common building demolitions that weaken or break key points in a building so it will fall as designed. The video goes on to examine girders lying in the debris piles which clearly show the angular cut marks made by the squibs and demolition prep. It also explains that during the year preceding the attacks, whole business offices in the towers were repeatedly forced to move by the Port Authority and sections of the building were cordoned off for months. Office workers reported hearing much construction work but never saw contractors come and go. And at that time, building occupancy was down, which made it easier to move company offices around.

    That video production is currently unavailable because of a "copyright dispute" (highly doubtful) but if anyone wants to follow up, go to the distributor's website, Avatar Products, and enter "911 Mysteries" in the search window. Supposedly a new, updated production is in the works. (Let's hope so.)

    As far as motive: We can go back to the first tower attack in 1993, with the huge explosion in the basement. If I recall correctly, once the terrorist was arrested, his stated intent was to bring down the building, to destabilize and cause it to fall across several city blocks. The damage to the building and the deaths of the people inside would have been bad enough, but the destruction wrought on neighboring businesses and the public on the street would have been equally horrific. Consider that the Port Authority also became concerned about this possibility in the future. Let us also consider that, quite aside from any foreknowledge of 9/11, the PA decided to rig the buildings, quietly and secretly, in the event of a future attack, such that if necessary the buildings could be brought down in as small a footprint as possible. Note that after the attacks, the Port Authority would not surrender the blueprints for the buildings unless they were indemnified (given immunity) against lawsuit. Note also that other WTC building were similarly rigged with such preparation and that Building 7 came down perfectly with relatively minor secondary fires and NO terrorist attack.

    And so, the day comes of the attacks. Being pre-rigged facilitated a beautiful opportunity when the time came. The buildings were not rigged specifically for 9/11. It would take too much time to do this on short notice. But they WERE rigged for the most mundane of business reasons - to protect the Port Authority in case of massive lawsuits due to future building destruction by terrorists. There were also insurance issues to consider.

    The loss of WTC 1 and 2 represented a confluence of perfect opportunity and provided the impetus for a war to seize Iraq's oil assets that was nearly 20 years in planning by neo-cons, defense industry cronies, and corporate oil. Let us not forget that the Bush Admin cheekily and flagrantly termed the first stage of the Iraq war "Operation Iraqi Liberation" - OIL. The promulgators of this war are still laughing all the way to the bank. Anyone who is blinded by patriotism has failed in their responsibility as an American to see this for what it is. Wars are sold to the masses on ideology, but are always economic. The working and middle classes unwittingly surrender the lives of their sons and daughters to serve the lies and deceit of the uber wealthy. Just follow the money. That's what brought down the towers.

  97. If you really want to sink into the world of paranoia, and if you really believe that someone is good enough to pull of this sort of thing and keep it secret...

    .... well, you're mad. But let's go with it.

    If that's the case, there's merit in a structural argument about lying to people, with a conclusion that if there really is a shenanigan on this topic, then the perps would start their own conspiracy theory to dissuade people from looking in certain uncomfortable directions.

  98. Heh heh. Quoted from above:

    "Oh, and it's not explosive, just reacts very fast with high heat."

    That's pretty much a definition of "explosive".


  99. well its all very well and good writing comments about it, but what are we all going to do about being lied to, by the people whose wages we pay???

    i'm sick of all the bull*hit about new world order dudes wrecking the world for the rest of us... what are we going to do, can we have a revolution to remove these muppetss from power??

  100. only ppl living inside the US-MSM Bubble think 911 was done by 19 "terrorists"..:-)

  101. Concise Briefing: Past/Present Global Tyranny – Basic Proof, ID, and Remedy = Proven 9-11 Nukes + Included Links

    Proven 9-11 Nukes = US Government Involvement

    ’9-11 Fake Video’ Stars – The JSTAR Clones Why Covert Ops Must Have ‘Fake’ Video

    Dr. Ed Ward, MD – DEWD

    Ed Ward MD’s Weblog of Tyranny

    German High Court Outlaws Electronic Voting
    Wednesday, 21 October 2009, 9:45 am

    Hacking Democracy – 90 minutes of proof the vote is fixed on multiple levels.

    City of New Orleans, LA & 36 Other State’s Elections Fixed?



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