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Simon Johnson: "Barack Obama, Like Louis XIV Before Him, Knows Exactly What is Going On" - Washingtons Blog

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Simon Johnson: "Barack Obama, Like Louis XIV Before Him, Knows Exactly What is Going On"

Many people assume that Obama doesn't understand that his economic team - Summers, Geithner, Bernanke, Gensler and the boys - are preserving the status quo, and failing to make the fundamental reforms needed to stabilize the economy.

They assume that the economy is a mysterious subject for experts, and that Obama innocently thinks his team is doing good for the American people.

But professor of economics and former chief IMF economist Simon Johnson isn't buying it.

As Johnson and James Kwak write today in the Washington Post:

During the reign of Louis XIV, when the common people complained of some oppressive government policy, they would say, "If only the king knew . . . ." Occasionally people will make similar statements about Barack Obama, blaming the policies they don't like on his lieutenants.

But Barack Obama, like Louis XIV before him, knows exactly what is going on.
If Obama doesn't institute fundamental reforms now, Simon will blame him - and not just his advisors or the the lobbyists.


  1. Obama is either naive, a moron, or part of the problem. If he is any of those, he doesn't have what it takes to be a prez. But, you see, he really is quite qualified to be prez. He, like most probably the two before him, is a sociopath. That is the only way to describe people who know better, but have no moral compass.

    Let's not forget that less than a month into his term, he became a "made man", by ordering the killing of innocent civilians by drone attack. Make no mistake, just like a mob hit, he is guilty of cold blooded murder. Does that sound strong? Well get over it. You try it, and see what happens to you.

    No, Obama is just like the rest of the office boys that are in the service of our rulers. They do as they're told. If he had a mind of his own, he wouldn't be prez. Look at the "leadership" in both parties. These people are smart? Give me a break.

    If the American people had any brains, which they don't, they'd be focused on only one issue --- HR 1207. First we need to know about the $23.7 TRILLION that the Fed created out of thin air and the serfs are on the hook for. Only then could they end the unconstitutional wars, and try to rebuild the country in the Founders vision.

    But I'm not holding my breath. The MSM has done their assignment too well. They've demonized the good guys and sanctified the dogs.

  2. Of course, Obama knows what is going on. He is part of Versalles and understands village-speak. The name of the game is continuing US supremacy and this is effected through not only military power but also economic power. The chief economic power of the US is no longer manufacturing or even technological innovation. It is finance. Thus, in village-speak, protecting US finance is a top priority with respect to national security.

    Got it?

  3. The only reason Obama is where he's at is because the powers that be believe he will further their interests. If he doesn't dance to their tune he'll be way or another. Ask the Kennedys. If he had the best inerest of the people, he could maybe be elected dog catcher.

  4. How long will it take, how many abuses must be suffered, how many must die?

    When are people going to realize that whatever color shirt they wear, whatever mantra they espouse, whatever promises are made and broken, whatever fingers are pointed to the left or the right, that all we get are liars, thieves, and murderers.

    Americans are the dumbest, most self centered, completely ignorant fools to ever walk the face of the earth. They will trust these criminals on one hand, distrust on the other, yet never do a thing about it except whine, complain, and cry about their situation.

    It is a shame I have to call most my countrymen. There are very few who are worthy of the sacrifice, the suffering, and the deaths of so many before us.

  5. The presumption that anyone knows what is going on -is philosophically quite vulgar.

    And trust me about it. You can take that notion to the bank.

    The best any of us can do to describe it, -is to tell a long enough lie, and convoluted enough lie, that it puts most people to sleep.

    At that point, nudge the the sleepers, -and say, "Right?"

    Most people will agree -then.

  6. No! I do NOT agree! My response to the usurper who nudges me and winks "ain't that right...?" is to come fully awake (surprise!) with a weapon of any sort, put my face in theirs and forcefully go " WRONG! I'm the wrong one to f*ck with..." and watch as they back away, horror dawning (i love this part) on their fugly mugs realizing that all along, I was faking! Think I'm gonna roll over? Guess again! I certainly hope this is what will happen, but given the lackadaisical manner in which my countrymen are behaving, I fear we will end up playing the (unwanted) part of the skank whore whose pimp has burned everyone else, and everyone else, realizing that the prossy has a few good rounds left in her will arrive as hungry wolves, demanding payment, and the whore, having lost everything else, will recognize her plight, and just want to "get it over with, and move on" not realizing that this IS the last time. And we will go down in history as a self-fulfilling prophecy of a whimper, a beacon to others, not of what to emulate, but of what to avoid.

  7. Gee, 'Anonymous', we aren't the least bit cynical, now are we?

    Watch the video, join the movement. Or whine, like 'Anonymous' here. That always works.

  8. Peeps, you must watch The Zeitgeist Movie(s) and research the Venus Project. Once these thieves are drummed out, we need a sane path to the future.

  9. George, you are right on target. In the campaign, Obama stood for nothing in particular but everything in general. He benefited from the best opponent anyone could have, the worst president ever. The minute he named Geithner and Summers, the game was obvious. Obama can't be both intelligent and so naive that he'd appoint those two not knowing. Until the summer, those who were hoping for a Hail Mary would say, 'Oh, he has such pressures, he has to work his way inside to pull off the big 'change.'" Nonsense.

    From a continuation of the bailout to perpetual war, he's on target keep the ball rolling for the props of empire that have now become the rationale - voracious international finance and military spending. The G-20 performance is the capper. That's no status quo, it's the foundation for an even greater raid on the public and the poor around the world. They want more and, damn it, they're going to take more.

    We need to divorce ourselves from the politics of personality and focus only on issues. I don't care about Obama or any other politician as a charming, nice, cranky, etc. guy. I care what politicians do. Make them all wear NBA jerseys with numbers and refer to them only by that moniker.

    Obama will be gone, the congressional Democrats are already exposed for what they are, and the Republicans are an abomination. There will be chaos and then maybe we'll get a break and some competent governance.

  10. Let the sheeple continue to scream obaaaaaama and they will be lead to the slaughter!!


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